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Book Report: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

By C.S. Lewis

Protagonists: The Pevensie Children: Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy

The Pevensie children each have their own special skills and personalities. Peter, the oldest, is the leader of the group. He takes charge and often has to play a fatherly role. Susan, the oldest girl, is motherly and kind. Edmund, who is younger than Susan but older then Lucy, can be a bit of a brat sometimes, but when it comes down to it, he is a good boy. Lucy, the youngest of the Pevensies, is an adventurous little girl with a big heart.

Antagonist: Jadis, the White Witch

Jadis, otherwise known as the White Witch, is the ruler of Narnia. She is jealous and mean to the creatures she controls. She will do anything to protect her power over Narnia

Problem/Conflict: Characters vs. character: The Pevensie children vs. the White Witch

In this story, the Pevensie children want nothing more than to free Narnia of the curse of the White Witch. The White Witch wants to maintain her control of Narnia, and is aware of the fact that the children can bring her rule to an end.

Setting: Narnia

The story is mainly set in the fantasy world of Narnia. Narnia is a magical land full of magical creatures, such as fawns, unicorns, and giants. Narnia also is inhabited by creatures of Earth, but in Narnia, these creatures can talk! Narnia features many places that become important to the children, such as the White Witch’s Castle, Mr. Tumnus’ cave, and the stone table. When the book begins, Narnia is under a curse, making it always winter but never Christmas. Narnia seems to be set in a time of the past comparable to medieval times on Earth.


The story begins with the Pevensie children being sent out of London to the countryside to keep them safe during the bombings that were taking place in World War. Soon after the children arrive in the countryside home of the professor with whom they will be staying, they discover a passageway in a wardrobe that leads them into the land of Narnia.

As the story continues, the youngest boy, Edmund, falls under the influence of the White Witch and leaves his siblings to join her. The other three children meet Aslan, a lion who is a leader for good in Narnia. With help from the good animals of the land, Aslan and the remaining Pevensie children agree to help free Edmund.

As the story builds to its climax, the White Witch enters Aslan’s camp with Edmund and demands to speak. She meets privately with Aslan, and they agree to something that Aslan keeps secret from the children. Edmund is freed and is allowed to return to his brother and sisters. Later that night, Aslan sneaks out of the camp. Lucy and Susan follow him to the stone table and watch him give himself up to the Witch and her minions. While the girls are hiding, they sadly watch as Aslan is killed on the stone table.

Climax: Aslan resurrects and defeats the White Witch

As dawn approaches, the White Witch and her minions leave Aslan’s body and prepare to attack his camp. Amazingly, Aslan resurrects thanks to a deep magic that protects those who sacrifice themselves for others. He and the girls roar into camp as the White Witch and her minions are about to defeat Peter and the army of good. Aslan charges the Witch and kills her. The Witch’s army scatters and the battle is won.

Denouement: The children are named rulers of Narnia and return to Earth

The story ends with Aslan appointing the Pevensie children new rulers of Narnia. The children grow into adults and live their lives in Narnia until they spot a white stag that leads them back to the entrance to Earth. When they come back to Earth, they are returned as children to the moment after they left as if they had never been gone.

Theme: Families should stick together

In this story, problems between the children have consequences. Edmund fails to stick by his family, and because he does so, he nearly loses his life on more than one occasion. When the children work together and stand by each other, they are able to defeat the greatest evil in the land. This shows that when families stick together, great things can happen!

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