Robbery case solved within half an hour

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NORTH- WEST DISTT.                                                  DATED 12th  March-2010



                     PRESS RELEASE





With the arrest of a person namely Rakesh @ Kalu, aged 22 years, S/o Dharam Pal r/o Shradhanad Colony, Bhalswa Dairy, the Police of PS Bhalswa Dairy, North West District solved an armed robbery case within half an hour.  The accused was arrested while he alongwith his accomplice namely MCD robbed Rs. 500/- from one Ashok Kumar S/p Sh. Chandrika Saini, r/o Shradhanand Colony, Bhalswa Dairy.




On the night of 11.3.2010 a PCR call was received at 10.25 p.m. that two boys have snatched money from one Ashok Kumar at Pushta Road, Shardhanand Colony, Bhalswa Dairy, Delhi.  On this information immediately SI Rajender Singh alongwith Ct. Rajender rushed to the spot.  The complainant met the SI and told that the accused persons had fled away towards EE Block, Shradhanand Colony.  By taking swift action, the said team apprehended one of the accused Rakesh @ Kalu and recovered a purse containing Rs. 500/- and election voter ID card.  Accordingly a case vide FIR No. 30 dated 11.3.2010 u/s. 392/34-IPC has been registered and investigation was taken up.




Rakesh @ Kalu, aged 22 years, resident of Khasra No. 20/14, Gali No. 4 , main Pushta Road, Shradhanand Colony, Bhalswa Dairy.




During the course of interrogation the accused revealed that he is unemployed and he has to look after his family consisting of mother and younger brother and sister.  As his father has been expired he has to bear the burden of the family.  He is unable to get any job so to earn the livelihood he used to commit such robberies occasionally.





The accused is 22 years of age and residing at Pushta Road, Shradhanand Colony, Bhalswa Dairy.  His father has expired and he is living with his mother Smt. Kusum.  He is illiterate and unemployed presently. 




The accused is found involved in 4 criminals cases prior to this incident.  The details are as follows :-


1.                 FIR No. 623 dated 23.8.2005 u/s. 457/380 IPC PS S.P. Badli, Delhi.

2.                 FIR No. 144 dated 17.2.2007 u/s. 25 Arms act PS S.P. Badli, Delhi.

3.                 FIR No. 51 dated 31.10.2007 u/s. 307/34-IPC PS Swaroop Nagar, Delhi.

4.                 FIR No. 67 dated 452/506/323 IPC PS Swaroop Nagar, Delhi.




1.     Rs. 500/- robbed from the complainant.

2.     Voter Identity Card alognwith purse of the complainant.


The co-accused in this case namely MCD is still absconding and efforts

are being made to apprehend him.  Further, investigation is in progress.



     (N.S. Bundela) IPS

Dy. Commissioner of Police,

                                                                                      North West District, Delhi



NORTH- WEST DISTT.                                                     DATED 9th March-2010



                     PRESS RELEASE






With the arrest of three persons namely i) Sanjay, aged 20 years s/o Rambilas r/o Rana Park, Siras Pur originally hailed from Distt. Etta, U.P., ii) Pawan Shukla, aged 21 years s/o Santosh Shukla r/o Baghwali Gali, Village Siras Pur, Delhi and iii) one juvenile, aged 14 years,  the Police of PS Swaroop Nagar, North West District caught three robbers red handed and recovered robbed motorcycle, one country made pistol with two live cartridges.




On 10.3.2010 at about 11.20 a.m. a person namely Sant Singh had stopped his motorcycle near Swaroop Nagar bridge when three robbers came from behind and put country made pistol on his chest and robbed motorcycle from him on the gun point and fled away from the spot. In the meanwhile, SHO Swaroop Nagar Inspr. Ranbir Singh alongwith staff was on patrolling on GTK Road and passed through the complainant.  The complainant immediately approached him and narrated the incident and also told him about direction where the robbers had fled. 


Inspr. Ranbir Singh, SHO/Swaroop Nagar, without wasting time immediately chased the  robbers with complainant and after a chase of about 1 Km. the complainant identified his motorcycle and robbers.  During the chase the motorcycle slipped on the road and Police team apprehended all the accused persons and recovered robbed motorcycle from their possession.


Accordingly a case of robbery vide FIR No. 24/10 u/s. 392/398/411/34-IPC  and 27 Arms Act was registered against the accused. 










During the course of sustained interrogation all the three accused revealed that they are working as waiter in the marriage parties/functions in the area of Siraspur.  To earn extra and easy money they planned to rob the motorcycle to commit snatching and robbery.




i)                   Sanjay, aged 20 years s/o Rambilas r/o Rana Park, Siras Pur originally hailed from Distt. Etta, U.P.,


ii)                   Pawan Shukla, aged 21 years s/o Santosh Shukla r/o Baghwali Gali, Village Siras Pur, Delhi.



iii)                  One juvenile aged 14 years.




            All the three accused are new in the crime and belongs to lower middle class families.




1 One  robbed motor cycle.

2. One country made pistol with two live cartridges.




     (N.S. Bundela) IPS

Dy. Commissioner of Police,                                                                                      N


DATED 12.03.2010

A team of Special Cell, Delhi, under the supervision of Sh. Bhisham

Singh, ACP Special Cell led by Inspr. Sanjay Dutt and Inspr. Rahul
Kumar Singh has busted an international racket of human trafficking.
Two members of this racket namely a lady Chung Chung Doma Bhutia (
aged 44 years ) r/o Gandhi Vihar, New Delhi and a male Nasiruddin
@Amar ( aged 29 years ) r/o Ghaziabad, U.P have been arrested in the
case. Two fake visa stickers of Canada, 15 Indian passports and 9
Nepali Passports have been recovered from their possession.
On an information received that one Shah Sahib  a Pakistani based in
Bangkok alongwith his associates Azhar Bhatt and Sahfiq Bhat both Pak
nationals  are actively involved in human trafficking with the help of
an Indian national. Sources were deployed and information was further
developed. On 11.3.2010 on the basis of a specific information Chung
Chung Doma Bhutia originally resident of Gangtok, East Sikkim was
apprehended from her rented premises in Gandhi Vihar .Two visa
stickers of Canada, 10 Indian passports , 5 Nepali passports of
different persons were recovered from the possession of Chung Chung
Doma Bhutia.A case under the appropriate sections of law was
registered at PS Special Cell, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi.
 During her sustained interrogation Chung Chung Doma Bhutia disclosed
that she is involved in the business of human trafficking and procures
the forged visa stickers from Shah Sahib @ Sajjad Ahmed, a  Pakistani
and presently based in Bangkok, Thailand and provided the same to the
people desiring to travel abroad in lieu of handsome amount. On her
revelation her associate Nasiruddin @ Amar was arrested from Connaught
Place. 05 Indian Passports and 4 Nepali passports of different people
have been recovered from his possession. Nasiruddin disclosed that he
alongwith his above said associates managed to sent 7 persons to
Bangkok for further sending them to Canada or other European
countries.  They charged Rs. 6.5 lakhs per person and got Rs. 1 lakh
as their share in the deal.
Further investigation is in progress.



12TH MARCH 2010


With the arrest of one Ozoya Isaian aged 35 years, a Nigerian national presently residing at Greater Kailash, New Delhi, the Special Staff of Central District has busted a racket of online lottery fraud with the innocent people on the pretext of their having won a British lottery. One Laptop, two pen drives containing data of accounts, addresses and phones of targets, three mobile phones and one data card for internet access have been recovered from him.


One Naim Gaffur Sheikh s/o Gaffur Sheikh, a resident of Pune, Maharashtra reported that in the month of August 2009, he received an SMS on his mobile phone from a British mobile number that he had won a prize of British Pound 7 lac from a reputed British organization. He was then asked to communicate on a particular e-mail ID and thereafter he was further asked to deposit some amount towards service charges, customs clearance, RBI formalities etc. in three accounts of HDFC, ICICI & SBI. On their direction, the complainant deposited Rs. 20.50 lacs in the above mentioned accounts in about 15 installments but no prize money was delivered to the complainant. However, some scanned documents containing proforma of RBI, certificate of prize money etc. were sent on his mail ID to win over the faith of the complainant. When the prize money was not delivered for a considerably long time, the complainant insisted the caller to expedite prize money. On 4.3.10, the complainant was called in a Hotel at Karol Bagh where one person met him who introduced himself as Peter Smith, a representative of British Organization engaged in declaring prize money. He told the complainant that the cheque of your prize money had arrived at IGI Airport but there is some problem in the customs clearance and it can be sorted out by depositing another Rs. 3 lacs. The complainant again shelled out cash Rs. 1.5 lacs to that person who assured him that the cheque of the prize money will be delivered at his address within 2-3 days

When the complainant still did not get any cheque, he got suspicious and approached Police Station, Karol Bagh. Consequently, a special team consisting of SI Yogendra, SI Prashant (PS Karol Bagh), ASI Ashrul Haque, HC Yadram, HC Narender, HC Jai Singh, Ct Satbir, Ct Rakesh, Ct Ajay, Ct Yunus was constituted under the supervision of Inspr. Satendra Mohan I/C Special Staff and overall supervision of Shri N.S. Ghumman ACP/Operations, Central District, Delhi.
An in-depth investigation was conducted about the contents of text of SMSs and e-mails. The information about the antecedents of the alleged person was further developed with the help of technical surveillance and scientific methods. It yield results and one person was apprehended from the area of Karol Bagh. He was identified as Ozoya Isaian, a Nigerian citizen presently residing at Greater Kailash, New Delhi.


During sustained interrogation, he disclosed that due to heavy unemployment in Nigeria, he had come to India on student VISA in the year 2006 for a computer course but when he did not get any job to meet his expenses, he conceived the idea of cheating gullible people alluring them that they have won substantial money through British Lottery. He also opened some accounts in different banks on fake IDs. Whenever any person would contact him on the given mail ID, he tells them to deposit some money in the name of service charges, customs clearance, RBI formalities etc. to win their confidence. As soon as the person would deposit money in the designated accounts, he would transfer the money to different accounts so that he is not identified. He had cheated crores of rupees from a number of innocent people.

During verification of his VISA, it was found that it had expired about two years back. Further investigation is in progress to unearth the whole racket.

    1. One Laptop

    2. Two pen drives containing data of accounts, addresses and phones of targets

    3. Three mobile phones

    4. One data card for internet access


Ozoya Isaian age 35 years, a Nigerian national was presently residing at Greater Kailash, New Delhi as a tenant. He had come to India in the year 2006 on a student VISA which had already expired about two years back. He had cheated a number of innocent people and collected crores of rupees through this online fraud.




NBWs against Anil Kumar Kalra S/o Sh. Suraj Bhan R/o Paschim Vihar were received for execution. These NBWs were issued from Sh. Gyanender Singh Yadav, ACMM-III District Court, Rampura U.P. in case FIR Nos. 2B,2C,2D,2E,2H,2 I,2J,2K of 2003 and 7A and 7D of 2004 U/s 420/468/471/120(B) IPC, PS Kotwali, Rampura, U.P. respectively. NBWs were sent to PS Paschim Vihar for execution. On 10.03 2010, on the basis of secret information, the above accused was arrested from B block Paschim Vihar, Delhi. He was produced before the Hon’ble Court of Sh. Manish Yadhuvanshi, Tis Hazari, Delhi and the information was given to the concerned police officers of U.P. regarding his arrest. Subsequently a team of U.P. police has taken him to U.P. on remand.

During interrogation, it was revealed that accused and his other associates opened the Finance Companies in different names , namely, Kalra Instalments, Kalra Investments, KV Instalments and RK Instalments etc. and lured the public for investments. It was told by the staff of EOW, Lucknow that accused had cheated the innocent persons to tune of Rs. 10 Crores. It has also been gathered that reward was declared by UP Police for the arrest of above named accused in the above cases.





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