Revolution and Evolution in Economic Development

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Second World Congress of Comparative Economics “1917 –2017: Revolution and Evolution in Economic Development”

June 15-17, 2017 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Regional issues C1 : Regional and Urban Development in Russia and other CIS countries: Comparative Studies II (session in collaboration with the Regional Studies Association)

June 16, 10:00—11:30, Room 170 

Chaired by: Leonid Limonov  (HSE University St. Petersburg, ICSER ‘‘Leontief Centre’’)  


Abstract title

Irina Turgel (Ural Federal University)

Local Government in Russia: Stages and Results of Reforms

Marina Nesena (ICSER "Leontief Centre", HSE University St. Petersburg), Leonid Limonov (HSE University St. Petersburg, ICSER "Leontief Centre")

The Role of Cultural and Ethnic Diversity in Social and Economic Development: Russian Regions in Comparative Perspective. Presented by: Marina Nesena, Leonid Limonov

Masaaki Kuboniwa (Hitotsubashi University)

The Impact of the Automobile Industry on Russian Regions

Natalia Vlasova (Ural State University of Economics)

Comparative Analysis of the Agglomeration Development Policy in Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhsta


Regional issues D : Regional and Urban Development in Russia and other CIS countries: Comparative Studies I (session in collaboration with the Regional Studies Association)

June 16, 17:00—18:30, Room 170 

Chaired by: Leonid Limonov (HSE University St. Petersburg, ICSER ‘‘Leontief Centre’’) 


Abstract title

Adelia Fatikhova (Lomonosov Moscow State University & RANEPA), Andrei Shastitko (Lomonosov Moscow State University & RANEPA)

The ‘‘Company Towns’’ Phenomenon: New Applications. Presented by: Adelia Fatikhova

Evgeniya Kolomak (Institute of Economics & Industrial Engineering Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences)

The Post-Soviet Evolution of the Russian Spatial Structure

Evgeny Bezhin (HSE University St. Petersburg), Aleksandr Travin (HSE University St. Petersburg)

Main Features of the Innovation Infrastructure Development Model of the Russian City: Case of St. Petersburg. Presented by: Aleksandr Travin

Stepan Zemtsov (RANEPA), Vera Barinova (RANEPA), Julia Tsareva (RANEPA)

What Regional Factors are More Important for Entrepreneurship in Russia: Institutions  or Geographical Position? Presented by: Stepan Zemtsov

Editors’ Panel

The Editors' Panel aims to provide attendees with an opportunity to meet, interact with, and hear the views of journal editors from leading international journals. This panel is targeted toward active researchers interested in learning about possible publication opportunities. Each invited editor will have an opportunity to present their journal, its aims, scope, and submission guidelines.


Ali M. Kutan

Distinguished Research Professor of Economics and Finance, Department of Economics and Finance, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; Editor, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade; Co- Editor,Economic Systems; Editor, 

Borsa Istanbul Review




Richard Frensch

Professor, Head of Department of Economics, Institute for East and Southeast European Studies, University of Regensburg; Managing Editor, Economic Systems



Josef C. Brada!

Professor Emeriti,  Economics Arizona State University; Editor, Comparative Economic Studies Eastern European Economics!

Hartmut Lehmann

Professor, Department of Economics, University of Bologna, Program Director and Visiting Research Fellow, IZA Institute of Labor Economics; Editor, IZA Journal of Development and Migration

Maxim Yu. Medvedkov

Professor, Institute of Trade Policy, Head of  the Department of Trade Policy, Higher School of Economics; Editor, Trade Policy Journal!

Alexander V. Bukhvalov

Professor of Finance, Head of Department of Finance and Accounting, Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University; Editor, Russian Management Journal

Vadim V. Radaev

First Vice-Rector, Professor, Head of the Department of Economic Sociology, Head of the Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology, Higher School of Economics (Russia); Editor-in-Chief, Economic Sociology Journal

Leonid E. Limonov

Professor, Department of Public Administration, Programme Academic Advisor, Urban Development and Governance, Higher School of Economics St. Petersburg (Russia); Director - Coordinator for Research Programmes, ICSER ‘Leontief Centre’; Editor,  Area Development and Policy Journal

Olga Popova!

Senior Researcher (PostDoc), Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS); Affiliated Postdoctoral Researcher, Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; Associate Researcher, Laboratory for Comparative Social Research, Higher School of Economics Moscow (Russia); Economics Section Editor, Südosteuropa. Journal of Politics and Society

Andrey Klimenko

Professor, Director, Institute for Public Admonistration and Governance, Head, Department of Theory and Practice of Public Administration, Head, School of Public Administration, Faculty of Social Sciences, Higher School of Economics (Russia); Member of the Editorial Board, the Public Administration Issues Journal





Download 146.32 Kb.

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