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For immediate release, May 27, 2010

Another $25,000 given to Wimauma Academy expansion effort

WIMAUMA – Efforts to expand Wimauma Academy into sixth, seventh and eighth grades received a $25,000 boost this week from the Community Foundation of Greater Sun City Center George A. Lutz Fund.

The donation was the final installment of $50,000 from the Lutz Fund to the charter school’s $2 million building campaign. The school’s owner, the non-profit Redlands Christian Migrant Association, hopes to break ground later this year.

“The Community Foundation has been so sensitive to the special challenges we’ve taken on at Wimauma Academy,” said Barbara Mainster, RCMA’s executive director. “We have students pushing to overcome disadvantages of poverty, language and migration – and improving every year they are with us. We want to keep them through middle school, and the Community Foundation has bought into that dream.”

The Community Foundation of Greater Sun City Center, with more than $22-million in assets, is an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, aiming to facilitate local philanthropy. George Lutz was one of many Community Foundation benefactors who left relatively unrestricted gifts.

RCMA, headquartered in Immokalee, FL, operates child-care centers for the rural poor in 21 Florida counties. Besides Wimauma Academy, RCMA runs a second charter school in Immokalee.

Bill Coats, RCMA Director of Communications & Marketing, (813) 376-8149 or

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