Randcastle extrusion systems inc

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EXTRUSION SYSTEMS INC. 220 Little Falls Rd., Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

TEL:(973) 239-1150 FAX: (973) 239-0830 www.randcastle.com sales@randcastle.com

Directions to Randcastle Extrusion Systems, Inc.

220 Little Falls Rd.

Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

From Newark Airport:

-Rt. 78/24 West to Garden State Parkway

-Garden State Parkway North to Exit 145 (Rt. 280)

-Rt. 280 West to Exit 8B - Prospect Ave. (Cedar Grove)

-Go three miles and cross the intersection of Bloomfield Ave.& Prospect Ave. (Prospect Ave. becomes Rt. 23 North)

-Go about 2.0 miles. You will see an overhead railroad trestle, then on the next corner, Lazy Boy furniture where you turn right onto Little Falls Road.

-Make left into 220 complex, stay right up the hill, Randcastle is the first building on the right.
From Rt. 80: (East, NYC, G. W. Bridge)

-Rt. 80 (West) to Exit 53 (Rt.23N/US46) - Towards Wayne/Butler/Verona. Merge

onto Rt. 23 South.

From Rt. 80: (West Pa., Ohio, West)

- Rt. 80 (East) take Exit 47B to Rt. 46 East to Rt. 23 South.

-Rt. 23 South for 3 miles. You will see CVS Pharmacy on left at traffic light.

-Make next left onto Commerce Rd. Go to end.

-Make right onto Little Falls Rd., pass tennis courts, basketball court and make an immediate right into 220 complex, stay right up the hill, Randcastle is the first building on the right.
From Lincoln Tunnel:

-Rt. 3 West to end which becomes Rt. 46 West to Rt. 23 South

-Proceed as above.
From New England/New York State/North Jersey

-Tappan Zee Bridge to Rt. 287 South to Rt. 23 South

-Rt. 23 South for approximately 10 miles

-Proceed as above.

From PA, DE, points South:

-NJ Turnpike North to exit 11 (Woodbridge)- to Garden State Parkway North

-Garden State Parkway North to exit 145 (Rt. 280) West

-Proceed as above from Newark airport.


HOLIDAY INN, Rt. 46 West, Totowa, NJ (973) 785-9000

PRIME HOTELS & SUITS, Rt. 46 East, Fairfield, NJ (973) 227-9200

FAIRFIELD EXEC.INN, 216 Rt. 46 E, Fairfield, NJ (973) 575-7700

For close access to New York City:


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