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Handout 1
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Handout 1

 Write in Is there or Are there. Go to your kitchen. Give short answers.

Yes, there is.         Yes, there are.      No, there isn't.        No, there aren't.

  1. Are there any sausages in the fridge? No, there aren't.

  2. Is there any sugar in the cupboard? Yes, there is..

  3. Are there any rolls on the table? Yes, there are.

  4. Are there any eggs in the fridge? .         Yes, there are.      

  5. Is there any jam in the fridge? No, there isn't

  6. Are there any biscuits in the cupboard? No, there aren't

Handout 2
Put  there is / there are in appropriate form.

1. Look! there is their telephone number in the letter.

2. Chester is a very old town. there are  many old buildings there.
3. Excuse me,is there a restaurant near here?
4. How many students are there in your group?
5. I was hungry but there isn`t anything to eat.
6. there was a football match on TV last night.
7. Are there many people at the meeting?
8. Look! There is an accident. Call the ambulance!
9. 24 hours in a day.
10. This box is empty there is nothing in it.
11. Will there somebody at the airport to meet you when you arrive tomorrow.
12. When we arrived at the cinema there were a lot of people outside.

Handout 3

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition: in, into, over, above, beside, on, at, front, under, inside, between, below.

1. The bike is beside the wall above the basement.

2. The sun is over the house at the Main Street in Ridgetown.

3. The people are under the table in the dining room.

4. The stairs are beside the bathroom on the second floor.

5. The bedroom is in the attic on the third floor.

6. The washing machine is beside the dryer.

7. The steps are in front of the door.

8. The tools are in the peg board.

9. The peg board is in the basement.

10. The basement is below the house.

11. The shower curtain is in the tub.

12. The cupboards are on the counter.

13. The roof is above the house.

14. The books are in the book case.

15. The dresser is on the mirror.

16. The shelf is between the washing machine and table.

17. The box is under the table in the basement.
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