Public Question #1 Constitutional Amendment

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2016 Candidate Filings

Public Question #1

Constitutional Amendment

Shall the Constitution of the State of Indiana be amended by adding a Section 39 to Article 1 to provide that the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife shall be forever preserved for the public good, subject only to the laws prescribed by the General Assembly and rules prescribed by virtue of the authority of the General Assembly to:

  1. Promote wildlife conservation and management; and

  2. Preserve the future of hunting and fishing?

US President & Vice President

Republican Democratic

Donald J Trump Hillary Clinton

Michael R Pence Tim Kaine


Gary Johnson

Bill Weld

United States Senator

Republican Democratic

Todd Young Evan Bayh

1913 S Eva Hill Dr Bloomington IN 47401 1142 Canterbury Sq South Apt C Indianapolis 46260


Lucy Brenton

10508 Ross Xing Fishers 46038

Governor & Lieutenant Governor

Republican Democratic

Eric Holcomb John R Gregg

8530 Silverleaf Ct Indianapolis 46728 20566 E Jericho Rd Sandborn IN 47578

Suzanne Crouch Christina Hale

12345 Browning Ln Evansville 47725 5718 Toad Hollow Ln Indianapolis 46220


Rex Bell

17059 St Rd 38 Hagerstown IN 47346

Karl (K-Tat) Tatgenhorst

758 Gadwell Ave Valparaiso 46385

Attorney General

Republican Democratic

Curtis T Hill Jr Lorenzo Arredondo

3314 E Lake Dr South Elkhart 46514 918 Cypress Pointe Dr A-11 Crown Point 46307

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Republican Democratic

Jennifer McCormick Glenda Ritz

6709 Norway Dr Muncie 47304 4303 Powderhorn Ct Carmel 46033

United States Representative, Sixth District

Republican Democratic

Luke Messer Barry Welsh

119 S Vine St Greensburg IN 47240 5927 S Micah Dr Connersville IN 47331


Rich Turvey

315 E Harris St Eaton 47338

State Representative, District 33

Greg Beumer

7160 S Huntsville Rd Modoc IN 47358

Judge of the Randolph Circuit Court, 25th Judicial Circuit


Jay L Toney

5720 W 200 N Winchester IN

Randolph County Circuit Court Clerk


Laura J Martin

8508 W 600 N Farmland

Randolph County Coroner


Tim Crawford

803 W Hickory St Union City

Randolph County Commissioner, Eastern District


Gary Girton

2521 E 800 S Lynn

Randolph County Commissioner, Middle District


Mike Wickersham

1555 S Old Highway 27 Winchester

Note: County Council at large candidates will not be voted in a straight party vote and NEED to be voted on separately, vote for three.

Randolph County Council, At-Large

Republican Democrat

Gary D Friend Sr Jennifer Price

7508 N 450W Ridgeville 7024 W 100 S Farmland

David Lenkensdofer

609 Madison Ave Union City

Ted Martin

6817 N US 27 Ridgeville

School Board

Monroe Central

Green Township Seat

Dan Pike

8759 St Rd 28W Ridgeville

Stoney Creek Township Seat

Andrew Wagner

10246 W Windsor Rd Farmland

Randolph Central

At-Large Seat

David Harris

558 E Greenville Ave Winchester

Marcia Miller

536 N Main St Winchester

Dallas G Osting

411 Westwood Dr Winchester

Ward Township Seat

Brent Campbell

277 E 500 N Winchester

Jay S Harris

6902 N US Highway 27 Ridgeville

Randolph Eastern

At-Large Seat

Bob Durbin

1602 W St Rd 28 Union City

Wendy Mae Smith

7832 E 550 N Union City

Union City Seat

Michael C Dean

637 W Hickory St Union City

Selina A Miller

808 N Columbia St Union City

Linda Aline Puccini

711 W Oak St Union City

Randolph Southern

At-Large Seat

Eric L Retter

7326 S Bloomingport Rd Lynn

Greensfork Township Seat

Patricia Tillson

5139 S Arba Pike Union City

Washington Township Seat

No Candidate Filed


East Middle At-Large Seat

Lorra D Jessup

7910 W US Hwy 36 Modoc

East Seat

Christa Ellis

4202 W 950 S Williamsburg

Middle Seat

Jeffrey K Burke

8313 W 500 S Modoc

Court of Appeals Judicial Retention Questions

Indiana Court of Appeals First District

Shall Judge Edward W Najam, Jr. be retained in office?

Indiana Court of Appeals Fourth District

Shall Judge Patricia A Riley be retained in office?

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