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North Haledon Cooperative Nursery School, Inc.

200 Squaw Brook Road, North Haledon, NJ 07508

Mayor Donates for a Cause
June 20, 20011, North Haledon, NJ. –Mayor, Randy George, of North Haledon and owner of the North Haledon Ice Cream Bakery, generously donates ice cream for a cause! The Goldfish class collected the most Labels for Education in the whole North Haledon Cooperative Nursery School! Supported by the Mayor, the ice cream party celebrated the winning class efforts on June 13th. Labels for Education points will enable the school to purchase education supplies. Help support NHCoop. Please collect Labels for Education from Pepperidge Farm and Campbell soup products and mail to: NHCoop, 200 Squaw Brook Road, North Haledon, NJ 07508. Thank you for supporting NHCoop. And thank you to the Mayor for his generosity!
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*jpeg photo by Erin Pistone, NHCoop, “Mayor Donates for a Cause”

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