Press release for Christmas shopping with a difference, come to Kitzbühel!

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For Christmas shopping with a difference, come to Kitzbühel!

World-class shopping without the stress

Kitzbühel, 11.10.2012. Every year in the run-up to Christmas, it's the same typical scene in so many cities: department stores and shopping arcades are overcrowded, everyone is irritable, products are sold out, and the choice is uninspiring. Kitzbühel Tourism invites you to discover Christmas shopping with a difference - with relaxation and luxury too! On a short break to the most legendary sports destination in the Alps, you can combine shopping with a little pampering or some winter sports. You can shop for the perfect outfit for the festive season or gifts for family and friends - and then take advantage of Kitzbühel's many opportunities to relax. In addition to inspiring shopping, the town offers wellness facilities, fresh mountain air and delicious food as the perfect remedy for pre-Christmas stress.

Small but deluxe - world-class shopping in a compact area

Kitzbühel has the kind of shops you would expect from a world city, all in a compact space. You never have to walk far, yet there is huge choice. In the picturesque town centre with its colourful buildings you'll find many top names side by side. If you're looking for something exclusive, you'll find a range of exquisite gifts from handmade shoes to watches, jewellery and haute couture. Kitzbühel has plenty to offer fashion lovers, with a list of international names including the likes of Louis Vuitton, Prada and Hugo Boss. You will also find local designers who blend seamlessly into the high-end fashion scene. There is an original choice of gifts and souvenirs that you're sure not to find at home. As you wander through the alleys of the attractive old town, you'll discover local specialities with a typical Tyrolean character. The traditional crafts produced by local artisans range from the classic dirndl to Alpine-inspired jewellery. And when you get foot-sore, why not board a horse-drawn carriage or sledge - and perhaps you will see the first snowflakes?

Refuel on Alpine energy with wellness and winter sports

Here in Kitzbühel, shopping isn't the only way to escape the stress of the city and get in the festive mood. The snow-covered backdrop of Kitzbühel's Alps can also be enjoyed with a spa break or winter sports. From a rock salt bath to a brine pool or chocolate massage, even seasoned spa-goers will find something to delight them in Kitzbühel. Many spas are also open to day guests:

When the ski season gets underway, Kitzbühel is transformed into a winter sports paradise. But regardless of snow levels, you can still enjoy the mountain air with a relaxed winter walk or hike. If you choose to combine shopping with a short break, you'll be spoiled for choice: six 5-star hotels and three 4-star superior hotels provide all the luxury you could ask for. Or if you prefer cosy, rustic surroundings, you may prefer a mountain chalet. When it comes to eating out, the choice in Kitzbühel is equally varied. Eight local restaurants with Gault Millau toques are just the peak of a wide range of places to eat. Kitzbühel's chefs serve up hearty Tyrolean specialities and creative cuisine with an international touch, always to an award-winning standard.

About Kitzbühel:

In 2013 Kitzbühel, the most legendary sports destination in the Alps, celebrates 120 years of skiing history. On 15 March 1893, Franz Reisch became the first person to complete the descent from the Kitzbüheler Horn. In the 1950s, the famous Kitzbühel ski team including skiing legend Toni Sailer amassed a total of 52 Olympic and world championship medals. Kitzbühel is situated 95 km from Innsbruck and 125 km from Munich. The town benefits from the Nordstau weather effect, which ensures long-lasting snowfall and large amounts of new snow. The region is home to a network of 52 modern cable cars and lifts. The spacious ski area, which extends up to 2000 metres above sea level, has 60 groomed pistes of 170 km as well as 32 km of waymarked ski routes. For freeriders there are 230 sqm of off-piste terrain. The most famous descent is the breathtaking Streif run on the legendary Hahnenkamm. The world-famous Hahnenkamm Races have been held here ever since 1931. As well as skiing, Kitzbühel and its three holiday villages of Reith, Aurach and Jochberg offer numerous winter sports including cross-country skiing and snowshoe walks. One of Kitzbühel's unique attractions is the large number of international events to which the town plays host, such as the spectacular New Year fireworks and the 11th Valartis Bank Snow Polo World Cup.

Further information:

Kitzbühel Tourismus

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