Physical Education at High Storrs

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November 2013

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Physical Education at High Storrs


The team consists of 5 members of staff:

Richard Griffiths Leader in Learning for PE and Deputy Head of Science and Wellbeing faculty

Mark Bennehan PE teacher and Deputy Head of Merlin House

Fiona Cocker PE teacher

Cara Diskin PE teacher & Teacher Release Post (formerly SSCo)

Nick Mallaband PE teacher

PE ethos at High Storrs School:
The PE team values the subject as a vital part of a student’s personal development and understands the positive effects it can play in individual successes and whole school improvement. As a department we strive to develop the physical, mental and social aspects of each student regardless of their ability. We believe in delivering a broad curriculum which exposes students to a wide and varied range of experiences and roles.
We expect high standards of behaviour and effort from all students and encourage everyone within PE (students & teachers) to set themselves challenging targets. The relationships between PE teachers and students at High Storrs are very good. We work hard to understand the unique needs of every student and encourage all groups and individuals to develop a similar understanding.
PE staff at High Storrs School understand the important role that extra-curricular activities play in developing students abilities. All students are encouraged to follow up their enjoyment and success within lessons at extra-curricular clubs either for recreational reasons or for the development of skills and excellence. These clubs are run on a voluntary basis by PE staff and are seen as vital and highly rewarding aspect of our profession.

Facilities and Resources:
The team has excellent facilities and is well resourced. Facilities include:

Some use of off-site facilities also takes place.

PE kit:
At High Storrs School all students in Y7-Y11 wear a compulsory PE uniform which comprises black t-shirt, shorts / bottoms and socks. Many parents / carers purchase official High Storrs PE kit which comprises the school emblem and pupil name.

Key Stage 3

  • In Y7 and 8 all students experience 1 x 2 hour PE lessons.

  • In addition to PE lessons all pupils at KS3 experience dance as part of their Performing Arts lessons. The dance is taught by a full-time specialist dance teacher.

Key Stage 4

  • In Y9 all students experience 2 x 1 hour PE lesson.

  • In Y10 all students experience either 2 hours of core PE or 2 hours of BTEC Sport.

  • In Y11 all students experience 2 x 1 hour of PE lessons.

Key Stage 5

  • Students can opt to study AS / A2 level PE

  • In the sixth form students can opt into recreational games activities on Wednesday afternoons.

Extra-Curricular Activity:
In addition to curricular physical education lessons, the school has many extra-curricular sporting activities on offer. Pupils have the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of sports and there are regular fixtures, clubs and practices.
High Storrs has a long and successful tradition in both team and individual activities with pupils regularly involved in local, county and national competitions.
The school is also very keen to encourage links with sports clubs within the local community. Many pupils are involved with clubs such as Sheffield Eagles Rugby League Club, Hallamshire Squash and Tennis Club, Abbeydale Park Sports Club and local football clubs.
Sports available include: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Trampolining, Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Rugby, Football, Squash and Tennis.
There are many examples of individual successes and representative honours in a number of sports. These have occurred at local, regional and national level.

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