Peshtigo fire "history" worksheet

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This worksheet is to give the members of Peshtigo Fire Chapter a little look into the history of the fire. Fill in the blanks and you will receive points according to your correct answers. Each answer is worth different point values.
You need not complete this worksheet to receive credit but if sent in partially completed, you will receive credit for only what you did complete if you do not want to try and complete it. If completed and there are errors, you will be told which ones were incorrect and you can then correct them if you want to. Full credit will be given when you have all of it done correctly.
A total of +50 points can be attained if completed correctly.
There is no time limit on this. Have fun!
List your Callsign, email address, and Peshtigo Fire # when sending in the worksheet. Also list your current point value.
1. List the complete date of the Peshtigo Fire. (Month, Day, & Year)

Month __________ Day _____ Year ________ (+2)

2. The Peshtigo Fire and Chicago Fire took place on the same day. Which fire

received the most recognition?

3. Name the 5 counties affected by the fire. (+1 each)




4. Where was the Governor of Wisconsin when he learned news of the Peshtigo

Fire and what was he doing? ____________________ (+2)
5. "Peshtigo" is a native Indian word that means what? _______________ (+5)

6. About how many lives were lost because of the Peshtigo Fire? __________ (+1)

7. About how many acres of forest were destroyed by the fire"? __________ (+2)
8. What basically caused the Peshtigo Fire? _______________ (+1)
9. What time of night was the town of Peshtigo burned to the ground? _____ (+1)
10. What year did the Peshtigo Fire Museum open? _____ (+5)

Peshtigo Fire Current Point Value: __________

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