Parent permission and safety agreement

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EHS Robotics Team will require you to use various tools and equipment in the Material Science Lab, Wood Shop and Computer Lab. This form will need to be signed by both the parent/guardian and the student before the student may use any equipment or tools. We will instruct students/team members in the proper use of the tools and equipment. Close supervision will be maintained. Every precaution is and will be taken to prevent accidents. Parents/guardians, we are asking your cooperation in impressing your son/daughter the importance of being careful and acting appropriately at all times. Horseplay or Bullying will NOT be tolerated. Additionally, students who intentionally damage tools or equipment will be responsible for appropriate restitution and will no longer be allowed to participate on the Robotics Team. It is mandatory that all students accept the obligation to obey the safety, school and Robotics Team rules designed to protect them and others including always using Gracious Professionalism.

Appropriate Dress: Students will be working in a classroom and a laboratory/shop environment. Various shop tools will be in use most of the time. Students must wear close-toed shoes. Additionally, the school dress code will be strictly enforced. Appropriate dress is an important part of a safe learning environment.

Computer Use: Occasionally students will use the school computer to work on Robotics activities. Students are expected to respect the equipment provided for their use. Altering computer settings, including desktop backgrounds, or intentionally damaging a computer will result in losing access to the computers, and possibly the computers throughout the school. If there is a problem with your computer, please notify the mentor immediately.
Playing games is not permitted. Downloading software or music is not permitted.
I give permission for ________________________________________to use the tools and equipment in the

Student Name, please print

Eastlake High School shops for Robotics Team.

Student Signature:__________________________________________Date:________________________
Parent/Guardian Name:_____________________________________________ Date:________________

( please print)

Parent/Guardian Signature:________________________________________Date:___________________

Phone number where Parent/Guardian can be reached during team hours (evenings):_______-_______-_________
Parent Email: ___________________________________________________
Student Email: __________________________________________________
Student Grade Level: _________
Steven Evans

EHS Robotics Team Advisor / Head Mentor


Cell Phone: 425-445-6035

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