P. O. Box 451 Princeton, nj 08543

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Accounting and Finance Division

P. O. Box 451

Princeton, NJ 08543

Phone 609 243-2689

Fax 609 243-3520


managed by Princeton University
for the U.S. Department of Energy

Date: February 5, 2002
To: DOE Travel Managers
From: Sallie A. Meade
Subject : DOE Travel Managers’ Meeting

Princeton, NJ

April 13-15, 2003
The plans have been made for the annual DOE Travel Managers’ meeting in Princeton, New Jersey, and we look forward to seeing everyone again. Camille Gibson will be advising you on the details of the meeting agenda. Please let Camille know of any topics you would like to have discussed or presented.
Following is the information regarding registration fee, hotel accommodations, limousine service, and possible tour of Princeton:

Registration Fee

The advance Registration Fee is $ 75.00 payable to Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory no later than Friday, March 14th. Please complete the attached form and send with payment to:
Sallie A. Meade

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

P. O. Box 451

Princeton, NJ 08543

Meeting Location

The meeting will be held in the Prospect House on the Princeton University main campus. The Prospect House served as the home of the President of Princeton University for many years including the term of President Woodrow Wilson when he served as President of Princeton University. It is currently serving as the faculty and staff private dining club. The House is a five minute walk from the hotel across the beautiful main campus of Princeton University.

Hotel Accommodations

Accommodations for this meeting have been reserved at the Historic Nassau Inn in downtown Princeton. We are holding 20 rooms at the Princeton University rate of $124.00 for both single and double occupancy. The above rate is subject to State taxes of 6%. Reservations must be made on or before Thursday, March 13th. After this date, reservations will be honored based on space and rate availability. To make reservations, please telephone the hotel directly at (609) 921-7500. Please make certain that you identify yourself as part of the Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory Group. Parking facilities, which are not operated by the Hotel are available to the Hotel’s guests at a rate of $14.00 per day. Daily parking charges are the responsibility of the individual guests and are not included in the room rates. However, as a courtesy to the overnight Hotel guests, the Nassau Inn will provide guests with a parking pass that will allow them to enter and exit the parking facilities without having to pay each time. The parking costs will then be added to the guests’ individual bill and will be the responsibility of the guests when checking-out of their rooms.

Nassau Inn Hotel

10 Palmer Square

Princeton, NJ 08542

(609) 921-7500

Car Rental and Limousine Service

All major car rental agencies are located at Newark Liberty International or Philadelphia International Airports.

Newark Liberty International (45 miles) Follow signs for the NJ Turnpike South. Use exit 9, follow signs for Princeton, (Route 18 to Route 1S). Turn right on Washington Road to Nassau Street. Turn left on Nassau Street to right on Palmer Square.

Philadelphia International (50 miles) Take I-95N to US Route 1N. Follow US Route 1N to Washington Road. Use circle to turn left on Washington Road to Nassau Street. Turn left on Nassau Street to right on Palmer Square.
Ground Transportation from Newark Liberty International Airport:

The Airporter $23.00 per person ($41.00 round trip)


NJ Transit Train ~$12.00

Airport monorail to the Newark airport station

NJ Transit to Princeton Junction

New Jersey Transit

Cab to Nassau Inn (~$20.00)

ExecuCar of NJ $75.00 (mention PPPL)

Ground Transportation from Philadelphia International Airport:

ExecuCar of NJ $85.00 (mention PPPL)


A-1 Limousine $85.00

SEPTA Online

Take the Airport Express train (R-1) to 30th Street Station

Take the R7 Trenton Train to Trenton Station

Take the NJ Transit train to Princeton Junction and/ or

Take a cab to the Nassau Inn from Trenton or Princeton Junction

Tentative Schedule

Sunday, April 13th

6:00PM – 8:00PM Registration and No host Get Together

Monday, April 14th

8:00AM – 4:00PM Meeting

Tuesday, April 15th

8:00AM – 12:00Noon Meeting
You will also find a map of the Princeton area attached for reference. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please telephone me at (609) 243-2689.

Looking forward to seeing you in April!
Sallie A. Meade

Head, Travel & Relocation

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