November 2007 minutes

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November 2007 MINUTES

The regular meeting of the Tinton Falls Open Space Committee was called to order at 7:36 p.m., November 12, 2007 by Vice-Chairman Frank DeVita

Present: Vice-Chairman Frank DeVita, Secretary Clare Shin, Guy Buck, Doug DeVincens, Duane Morrill (council liaison),
Absent: Chairman Herman Silbiger, Kim Barrett, John Dzieman, Tom Hayes, Andy Mayer, Elizabeth Oltman
Approval of November Agenda

- Motion for approval by Mr. Morrill and seconded by Mr. DeVincens
Approval of October Minutes

- Motion for approval by Mr. Morrill and seconded by Mr. DeVincens with correction to the name Somers in the council section
Borough Council Report presented by Mr. Morrill

- Consideration of sidewalk from Seabrook Village to new Hwy 66 outlet mall

- Somers property on East Riverdale is in process of purchase

- Mr. Morrill will be attending the League of Municipalities Convention in Atlantic City and will pick up any information that would be of interest to the Open Space Committee

Subcommittee Reports
River Trails – Guy Buck

- A Trail Heads building is necessary for the $25,000 Home of Interiors Trail Grant – the Crawford house is being recommended

- Handicap accessibility is necessary for the trail head building - The Crawford house also has fishing access

- Included in the application for the grant was a computer system for the Crawford house

- An office in the Crawford house for the Tinton Falls Open Space Committee, Environmental, and Historical committees is also recommended

- The Crawford house is in the restoration process and is currently gutted

- The trail system project must be completed 24 months from the Original application date for the trail grant

- We need a survey of all open space properties

- A trail tour needs to be scheduled for the open space committee

- A tour will be scheduled for Dec 1, 8:00 a.m., to walk the trails at Liberty II, Turtle Island, and Riverdale West. Mr. Buck will be the guide and will begin at Liberty II. Mrs. Shin will send an e-mail to the committee regarding the walking tour.

- The Liberty II trails will be worked on by an Eagle Scout

- Mrs. Shin will provide a copy of the Green Acres Program Planning Incentive Acquisition Application for the next meeting
Open Space Inventory – Doug DeVincens

- Planning Board and Council approved the Recreation and Open Space Inventory

- Mr. Hayes has officially resigned from the Open Space Committee

Open of Public Portion of meeting

- Motion to open by Mr. Buck and seconded by Mr. Morrill.
Close of Public Portion of meeting

- Motion to close by Mr. Buck and seconded by Mr. Morrill.

Old Business

- None
New Business

- Mrs. Shin recommended that the elections for the following year for committee officers take place at the December 10 committee meeting.
Next Meeting will be held on December 10, 2007.
Adjournment – Motion to adjourn at 8:50 pm by Mrs. Shin and seconded by Mr. Buck.

Respectfully Submitted,

Clare Shin

Recording Secretary

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