North lake middle school 2016 track and field schedule

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  • Wednesday – April 20th NLMS, Cedarcrest & Post @ Marysville Getchell

  • Wednesday – April 27th NLMS, LSMS & Haller @ Cavelero

  • Wednesday – May 11th NLMS, Centennial, Cedarcrest @ Centennial

  • Thursday – May 19th NLMS, LSMS, Monroe @ Cavelero

  • Thursday – May 26th Division Finals @ LSHS, start time 3:45pm

  • Picture day is April 13th

  • Track Clinic @ LSHS April 22nd

(Parents pick up athletes at LSHS track at 4:35pm)

Practices: Monday – Friday 2:25 -4:30pm
Meets start at 3:45pm for regular season
Meets at Cavelero are drop off only. Parents are responsible for picking up their

athlete at the end of the meet.

Coaches: David Rothgeb, Head Coach

Steve Eacrett, Assistant Coach

John Coe, Assistant Coach

Directions to Track & Field Events

Cavelero Mid-High:   8220 – 24th St SE, Everett, WA  98205 425-335-1630

  1. From Highway 9 turn west on 20th (Cavelero Hill Road), which is south of Frontier Village.

  2. Go west to 83rd, turn left (south) and follow the road back to school.

Cedarcrest Middle School:   6400 – 88th NE, Marysville, WA  98270     360- 653-0850

  1. Take Highway 9 north to 84th (Getchell Road).  Take a left on 84th.

  2. Continue west on 84th  to stop sign on 67th Ave NE  Take a right on 67th.

  3. Go to stop sign on 88th.  Take left.  School is on left.

Centennial Middle School:   8220 - 24th St. SE, Snohomish, WA     360-563-4525

  1. Highway 9 to New Bunk Foss Road (just north of Highway 2).  East to Old Machias Road.

  2. Left to Machias Road. Left on Machias Road.  Continue north approx. 1 mile-school on left.  

Lake Stevens Middle School: 1031 – 91st Ave SE, Everett, WA   98205    425-335-1544

  1. Highway 9 south of Frontier Village to 4th Street.

  2. Turn right on 4th at Hillcrest Elementary going west to stop sign on 91st Ave.

  3. Left on 91st going south about 4 blocks.  School on left.

Lake Stevens High School: 2908 113th Ave NE, Lake Stevens, WA 98258 425-225-1515

  1. Highway 9 north to Highway 92 East.

  2. Continue on Highway 92 through the traffic (first of two) to 113th Ave NE.

  3. At the second traffic circle, merge right onto 113th Ave NE.

  4. Continue on 113th Ave to the second stop sign. School is on the right.

Post Middle School:  1220 E. 5th Street, Arlington, WA  98223                                      360-618-6453

  1. Highway 9, go east on Highway 530.

  2. Turn right on Arlington Heights Road.

  3. Turn slight right on Jordan Road.

  4. Go about 2.8 miles.

Marysville Getchell: 8301 84th Street NE, Marysville, WA 98270 360- 965-0000

  1. Highway 9 north to the traffic circle at 84th Street NE.

  2. Continue through traffic circle and exit onto 84th Street NE, heading west.

  3. Go to stop light, 83rd Ave NE, turn right.

Marysville Pilchuck: 5611 108th Street NE, Marysville, WA 98271     3609652000

  1. Highway 9 north to 108th St NE.

  2. Turn left on to 108th St NE.

  3. Continue downhill, stopping at the 67th Ave NE.

  4. Continue through 6th Ave NE to 55th Ave NE. Turn right.

  5. School is on 55th Ave NE.

Totem Middle School:  1605 Seventh Street, Marysville, WA  98270                               360-653-0610

  1. North on I-5 to the Marysville exit.

  2. Move to left lane.  Take a left on State Street.

  3. Go to Seventh Street, take a right.

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