North Haledon Cooperative Nursery School, Inc

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North Haledon Cooperative Nursery School, Inc.

200 Squaw Brook Road, North Haledon, NJ 07508


N. Haledon Coop Launches New School Year and New Website,

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excited for the start of school smiles after their first school experience!
New Site Provides a Vast Array of Rich Content and Easy Navigation
September 20, 2010, North Haledon, NJ. - The North Haledon Cooperative Nursery School is proud to announce the launch of its 44th school year serving the community, and the launch of its new and improved website, New and returning students are excited about the upcoming school year, as are the parents, teachers and staff. Coop members and staff are also thrilled about the novel website. The redesigned site was a collaboration between the Executive Board Secretary and digital dynamo, Michele Manning; and the Executive Director, Dana Petrie; along with in-put from many Board members, staff and Coop members. The site showcases the Coop’s commitment to its members and mission. This innovative website offers:

  • Easy navigation;

  • Information to the general public about the Coop’s programs, philosophy, events and info on how a cooperative works;

  • Members only access to rich content, such as member directory, staff, educational articles and links;

  • Online shopping and payments; as well as,

  • Up-to-the-minute news and updates.

N. Haledon Coop continued

Easy Navigation and an Introduction to the Coop

At first glance it is obvious that the website is easy to navigate. The site’s homepage welcomes visitors and gives a brief introduction to the North Haledon Cooperative Nursery School “Where Children and Parents Grow and Learn Together.” It has been serving the community for over 40 years. The school is a cooperative, which is owned and operated by the parent members.  It is incorporated and state approved as a not for profit, non-sectarian educational organization.  The Coop is fully licensed by the state of New Jersey to provide an early childhood education program. Classes are staffed by experienced, caring teachers who are professionally trained and state certified educators.

Information about Programs, Philosophy, Events and How a Coop Works

The internet site offers insight into basic information about the school, as well as more detailed info about the Coop’s educational philosophy and goals. What is a coop? Go to the website to find out more. “Coming soon” is an opportunity to meet the staff online. The “Programs and Events” portion offers a peek into “A Day at the Coop,” and information about special events, like the new Fall Festival, Family Reading Night, Read Across America and many more upcoming events. One can also contact the school via their website, receive a registration packet, check out the class schedule and tuition rates, and read more details about membership all online.

Members Only Access to Rich Content

Especially useful for members is the new “Parent Resources” area. Nearly all pertinent documents can be downloaded online. Current Coop members only have access to the school directory and other important information. Educational articles and links are available, as is email access to staff.

Online Shopping and Tuition Payments

The Coop is very excited to offer for the first time an opportunity for members to do some shopping online. Starting out the school year one can buy a personalized Coop tote bag or a Coop car magnet. KidStuff Coupon Books are available for $25.00 per book. For your convenience online tuition payments are also available.

Up-To-The-Minute News and Updates.

“New and Updates” offers up-to-the-minute information about the school, road work, school closures due to weather, etc. Find out about school fundraising activities. This is where generous donors, such as, Maggiano’s Little Italy and the Cheesecake Factory, are thanked for their tax-deductible contributions to help raise funds, improve the school facilities and/or advance the children’s educational experience.

About the Coop

Founded in 1966, the North Haledon Cooperative Nursery School is “Where Children and Parents Grow and Learn Together.” Two, three and four day classes for children ages 2 -5 are offered in a safe, caring environment. The program is developmentally appropriate, following a state endorsed play-based curriculum. There is a strong emphasis on early literacy skills. Music and movement, computers and Spanish are also included in the program. Enrollment is ongoing until a class is filled. “Tot Time” classes are available for children, ages 18 months and up with a participating adult. The Coop also offers enrichment classes, Stay & Play (a flexible extended day option), and Camp Coop in the summer. New afternoon “Young Explorers Club” will be offered soon. Details will be released shortly. Check out the new website for more details at or call 973-427-8709 to arrange a tour. The school is located at 200 Squaw Brook Road (off High Mountain Road and North Haledon Avenue), North Haledon, NJ 07508.

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