Next General Meeting Monday November 3, 2014 Treasurer's Report Savings $505. 46 Checking $1945. 81

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Next General Meeting Monday November 3, 2014
Treasurer's Report  Savings $505.46  Checking $1945.81
 Our new director Antony Duncan has offered to sell us new tools. He may be helpful if we need and advocate for Naylor Mills.
Alex and Premier Flooring have donated 2 bikes with helmets to ESIMBA .
Matt Banks has volunteered his trail anytime we need to hall bikes or equipment.
 Mike Perry will make  an adaptor if we need one.
TAKMD went well. Coastal Kids came and built kites. Nice group of kids came and had a good time.
2nd Fri. Berlin Oct 10, Nov8, Dec 12
Oct 11 Bike Swap 9 am-12 pm  City Park Trail Maintenance 
Oct. 25 Trail Spinners Jamboree
Oct.20 WOC Advocacy Meeting West OC Bottle Shop 6:30 pm
Oct 27 Cycle Week Meeting  West OC Bottle Shop  6:30 pm 
Nov. 15and or 16  Trail Maintenance Pocomoke State Forrest 8 am
THIS DATE HAS CHANGED! Nov. 18 Assateague Bike Way Meeting Ocean Pines Library 5 pm-8pm 

Old Business

Order custom printed tire lever patch kits, water bottles, stickers
Work on Yard signs and Tee shirts, clean version of new logo 
Finish Trail and get signs in Salisbury Park.
Meet with Lawyer and Accountant, prepare taxes
Get volunteers for 3rd Fridays in Salisbury.
Respond to emails we received about Cycle Week.
WOC Advocacy group to meet.
New Business
Events Trail clean up/ Connections group
  Matt Banks has contacted Pocomoke and is in the process of contacting Stephan Secatur. He is setting them the forms and info they need to have volunteers for Trail Maintenance Pocomoke St. Forrest Nov 15-16
Mike Perry said we have to register With SU.
Cycle Wk/WOC Advocacy ideas include Bikini ride, ride from AGA to Assateague ride to school Nov. 4 Spring TAKMD in WOC. Bike friendly businesses .


Everything else is the same

Download 89.04 Kb.

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