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LANXESS at the ILA 2006 from May 16 to 21 on Stand 1205, Hall 1
The “Blue Miracle” makes manipulations to ground surfaces visible and provides effective site security.
A highly innovative product that reveals manipulations to ground surfaces
Leverkusen/Berlin – At the Berlin Air Show (ILA) that runs from May 16 to 21, 2006, LANXESS, in collaboration with security experts from Security Services & Consulting (SCC) in Alzey and RECON Technology in Königstein im Taunus, Germany, will be presenting an innovative site security system that brings to light manipulations to ground surfaces . The system, dubbed AGES (Air Supported Ground Emerge System) enables laser-assisted monitoring from the air, using a luminescence detector developed by LANXESS Textile Processing Chemicals Business Unit that is applied to the ground directly, or from the air, at sites requiring protection.
Employees of LANXESS have developed an luminescence indicator which, when installed in a new surface surveillance system, helps to effectively and reliably detect even small-area manipulations of ground surfaces from the air.
The weather-resistant indicator is sprayed over the area under surveillance. Under normal conditions, the substance is invisible to the human eye on a treated surface. However, when exposed to the radiation of a appropriate source of light it exhibits easily detectable luminescence. Ground areas manipulated after marking are revealed under this special light by non-luminescent blue spots caused by unintentional movement of stones or soil.
The advantages of the new system are quite obvious: thanks to spray application, even fairly large areas can be secured quickly, easily and economically. Surveillance of the protected area is also inexpensive, but no less effective: it can be performed day or night from a helicopter, for example, using a fully automatic imaging software application developed specifically for this purpose. The self-teaching software compares, in real time, images of the area directly after spraying with current ones taken during fly-over, and it can even detect ground changes the size of a postcard from a height of some 100 meters. If a disturbance to an area is registered during a routine surveillance flight, it can be specifically examined by trained personnel, thus eliminating the need for foot patrols, which are associated with a high error rate. Incidentally, the software automatically classifies railroad construction work or wildlife tracks as non-critical.
A key aspect of the system of course is the formulation of the weather-resistant indicator dispersion from LANXESS Deutschland GmbH. Its components are only available from a few manufacturers and difficult to obtain for purposes of unlawful use. Even subsequent spraying of a manipulated spot on the ground would be reliably detected. In other words, a recently re-sprayed area would reveal itself by higher-level activity. It goes without saying that the components of the product have passed in-depth ecotoxicological tests.
The new surface surveillance system has already proven its technical readiness for full-scale use in trials. The new system is capable of significantly enhancing the security not only of railway tracks and pipelines, but also of power plants and airports.
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Leverkusen, May 16, 2006

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