New Rail, Ski & Stay Package Revives Decades-Past Luxury for Ski Enthusiasts

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New Rail, Ski & Stay Package Revives

Decades-Past Luxury for Ski Enthusiasts
Gore Mountain Snow Train partners with Prime at Saratoga National and premier hotels through March 31
SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY (January 18, 2012) – Winter enthusiasts can now enjoy a luxurious weekend ski experience with a new Rail, Ski & Stay package aboard the Gore Mountain Snow Train that includes lift tickets, an overnight stay at one of four premier Saratoga hotels and brunch at one of Saratoga’s finest dining establishments.

The unique, full-service passenger rail train operated by the Saratoga & North Creek Railway will provide round-trip transportation for two, departing Saratoga Springs on a Saturday morning at 7 a.m. to North Creek with shuttle service and two lift tickets to Gore Mountain. After returning on the 4:30 p.m. train, guests will stay at one of four hotels of their choosing for their overnight visit to Saratoga Springs. The weekend culminates with Sunday brunch for two at Mazzone Hospitality’s Prime at Saratoga National.

The Rail, Ski & Stay package is available weekends through March 31. Friday night overnight stay can be added, based on availability, at additional cost.

Packages are with the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs Hotel, Courtyard Saratoga Springs by Marriott, Residence Inn Saratoga Springs by Marriott, and the Hampton Inn & Suites Saratoga Springs Downtown, starting at rates of $315.

All packages are subject to availability. Reservations are necessary, and unless otherwise noted, taxes and gratuities are not included. Packages cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion and can be purchased through Empress Travel and Cruises at 800-653-0231.

The Gore Mountain Snow Train is the first passenger snow train service between Saratoga Springs and North Creek since 1942. Designed for skiers and sightseers alike, the Snow Train offers an enjoyable winter travel experience for those heading to the slopes or looking for a day-trip to the Adirondacks. The round-trip from Saratoga Springs to North Creek includes conveniences not typically found in today’s rail service, such as complete ski and snowboard equipment handling and storage from Saratoga Springs to the base of Gore Mountain; tableside breakfast and dinner menu with wine offerings and bar service; and picturesque views of the North Country.

Skiers can check their equipment before climbing on board for the relaxing two-hour ride through the heart of the Adirondacks, and transfer from the North Creek Depot to the direct shuttle service to Gore Mountain, where they will find their ski equipment waiting for them.

The Snow Train offers a choice of either vintage coach car or dome car seating. The coach cars are roomy and comfortable, ideal for family traveling, while the dome cars offer uninterrupted views of the winter landscape through large dome windows that wrap overhead.

For more information about the Gore Mountain Snow Train, please visit

About the Saratoga & North Creek Railway

Now in its inaugural season, the Saratoga & North Creek Railway is offering visitors a unique way to experience the Adirondack region. With seven stops between its destinations in North Creek and Saratoga Springs, the rail line provides easy access to many friendly towns in the region complete with dining, museums, shopping and special events. Those wishing to find more information on schedules, events, depots and pricing should visit or call 877-726-RAIL (7245)
The Saratoga & North Creek Railway, a subsidiary of Iowa Pacific Holdings, LLC in Chicago, Illinois, is the first privately operated, for-profit, regularly-scheduled intercity passenger rail service in the United States in over 40 years. While there are numerous privately operated tourist railroads, Saratoga & North Creek Railway is operated as a true passenger railway, meeting a stronger set of regulatory requirements for equipment and operations. Iowa Pacific is a privately-held company that owns seven railroads in seven states, plus two railways in the United Kingdom.

Mark Bardack or Norreida Reyes

Ed Lewi Associates 

6 Chelsea Place • Clifton Park, NY 12065

P: (518) 383-6183  

C: M. Bardack (518) 867-7943 or N. Reyes (518) 362-6430

E: or

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