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BURSARIES 2015 - 2016


Plymouth University is committed to helping students to develop personally and enhance their employability skills through a wide range of extra-curricular experiences.

The Nancy Langhorne Astor Scholarships Trust is providing generous financial support in the form of bursaries for up to eight students each academic year undertaking a course of study relating to young children (0 - 8 years) within Plymouth Institute of Education. Students studying on the following courses are eligible to apply: BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies, BEd (Hons) with Early Childhood Studies, PGCE Early Years and Early Years Initial Teacher Training.


Nancy Langhorne Astor entered politics in 1919 and was the first woman to sit as a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons serving as MP for Plymouth Sutton until her retirement from politics in 1945. In 1939 her husband Waldorf was elected Lord Mayor of Plymouth and supported by Nancy they served the city for five years during the Second World War.

During Nancy’s parliamentary career she gained attention as someone who championed temperance, women's rights and benefits for children. Nancy supported the development of nursery schools for London's poor children, a project organised by Margaret McMillan. In addition to her usual philanthropic fundraising, she led ministerial delegations for the Nursery School Association, made speeches in Parliament and in 1934 published a memorandum calling for the universal provision of nursery schools.

At the heart of her ‘women’s’ politics was a concern with poor households, a subject on which she was far more radical than most in her party (Conservative) at the time. She was passionate about housing and with Waldorf’s capital, built model homes for the poor of Plymouth (Mount Gould). She was also preoccupied with the education of the poor, sharing the McMillan sisters’ vision of nursery schools as a route out of ill-health and poverty. As well as establishing several nurseries in Plymouth, she helped the McMillan sisters to establish a training college for nursery school teachers.


The Trust was set up by her children following her death in 1965 and has been used to support the higher education aspirations of Plymouth citizens ever since. The current Trustees are pleased to be working in partnership with Plymouth University and wish to encourage and support students wanting to work as professionals within the early years.


1. Read the application form in full before completing it to ensure you are eligible for a bursary.
2. Complete all the fields on the application form as fully as possible.
3. You should inform your Personal Tutor well in advance of your application and request that they send a short statement supporting your application to before the application deadline.
4. Submit your completed application form to by the application deadline of 5.00pm on Thursday 12 November 2015. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
5. Application forms will be reviewed by a selection panel (the Trustees and/or their representatives) and applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications by Thursday 14 January 2016 via their university e-mail.
6. A one-off payment of up to £500 will be made to successful applicants towards costs associated with the activity being considered. The sum awarded will normally be credited to a nominated bank account.
7. Submission of a completed application form indicates that the applicant accepts that the selection panel's decision is final. No further correspondence will be entered into regarding the panel’s decision.
8. In the event that applicants receive a bursary but do not complete the year of study, or are unable to complete the proposed activity by the end of the academic year, the trustees may require the money to be returned to them.


First name(s): Surname:

Date of birth: Student no:

University email: Personal Tutor:

Home address (inc postcode): University address (inc. postcode):

How many years have your family lived at the above address?

Last secondary school attended:

Last college or sixth-form attended:

Please indicate which of the following income brackets your gross household income falls into? £0 - 25,000, £25,001 - £42,500, £42,501 - £65,000 or £65,001 - £100, 000


Course of study:
Year of study:

(a) Why did you choose to study a course relating to young children?

(b) Why did you choose to study at Plymouth University?

(c) Please describe your ‘educational journey’ to higher education, eg. What qualifications did you study prior to university? Are you the first member of your family to go to university? Have you had to overcome any personal or financial difficulties to get to university? How has being at university developed your personal interests further?


(a) Title of the activity being considered.

(b) Short description of the activity including proposed dates, location and anticipated costs.

(c) How will participating in the activity support your academic studies?

(d) How will participating in the activity enhance your personal development?

(e) How will participating in the activity enhance your employability?

(f) You should use the space below to provide any other relevant information you feel the selection panel should be aware of in support of your application.

(g) You are required to disclose details of any other applications for funding you have submitted or intend to submit in support of this activity. If you are not applying elsewhere then please write ‘NONE’.

Should I be awarded a Nancy Langhorne Astor Scholarships Trust Bursary, I will provide a brief written report about the activity to the trustees upon my return.

The information provided on this form is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ___________________
Submitting false information or omitting relevant information on this application will be considered to be a major offence in terms of Plymouth University discipline.

Should you require any assistance in completing this application form, or need further information about the bursary in general, please contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office on 01752 588020 or at

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