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In case of discrepancies between the French and English version of this form, the French version takes precedence.
Applying for winter maintenance

of private roads
Here are the steps to follow when submitting an application for winter maintenance of a private roadway:

  1. Obtain the name of the road owner.                  

For help with this, contact Julie Quesnel, assistant director of the Finance Service, at 819-457-9400, ext. 2303, or at:

  1. Obtain the consent and authorization of the road owner(s), as required under in Article 4.3 of Bylaw 782-16.

  1. Obtain the consent and authorization of the majority of property owners along said the road. For help with this, including a confirmation of the minimum number of signatures needed, contact Julie Quesnel, assistant director of the Finance Service, at 819457-9400, ext. 2303, or at:

You must also complete Form VM-16-12-306-10, Section 2 Application by adjoining property owners for winter maintenance on a private roadway, page 2 and beyond. Do follow the instructions carefully, especially under Note 1, which stresses the need to include the road owner’s signature if he or she is also an adjoining property owner.

On the application form, be sure to get a signature for section 1 on page 1: Consent of the roadway owner.

  1. The road must be accessible from a provincial or municipal public roadway, or from another private roadway already maintained under By-law 782-16.

  1. Your access point must have a clear width of at least five metres.

  1. Your access must also have a clear height (no obstructions) of at least five metres for snow-removal vehicles.

  1. You also need an area with a radius of at least ten metres so that snow-removal vehicles can easily turn around.

In dead ends, private roadways must have a roundabout at least 20 metres in diameter at their extremity, or an area allowing for three-point turns; if the roundabout or three-point turns encroach on private property or entrances, written authorization from the owners is required, specifying that the Municipality cannot be held responsible for damage caused by snow-removal work and the spreading of de-icing compounds.

  1. You must have a good-quality surface so that maintenance can be performed easily.

  1. Your roadway must be at least 100 metres long and have at least four residences.


  1. The deadline for submitting a private-roadway winter-maintenance application is   at 4 p.m. on August 31, 2017. Send it to the office of Mrs. Patricia Fillet,   General Director.

  1. Form VM-16-12-306-10 is available on the Val-des-Monts website at:

  1.  Anyone having completed a winter-maintenance application in 2016 must repeat  the process to get this service in 2017.




The Municipality has learned that a number of citizens would like to have their private roads maintained in the summer.

If you’re interested in this arrangement, please complete the short survey below to tell us what level of maintenance your road might require so we can adjust our services accordingly. You can submit your survey

  • by fax at: 819-457-4141

  • by email at:

  • in person at: 1 du Carrefour, ValdesMonts, Québec J8N 4E9.

  • Tree branch clearance

  • Surface levelling

  • Granular fill

  • Paving

Survey completed by: ____________________________________

(Full name)
Civic address: ____________________________________

Email address: ____________________________________

Phone number:  ____________________________________

Name of private roadway: ____________________________________


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