Minutes of the Network meeting held 19th

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Minutes of the Network meeting held 19th March 2013 at Plymouth Community Healthcare, Mount Gould Local Care Centre, 200 Mount Gould Road, Plymouth, PL4 7PY
Present: Annette Morton (Peninsula Enterprise/Social Enterprise Focus), Jonathon Moizer & Jonathan Lean (Plymouth University), Carol Pothecary (Plymouth City Council), Anna Hoyle (DCFA), Rod Burnett (PLUSS), Richard Oates (BITC), M-L & Carole Demuth(Simply Counselling), Gareth Hart (Iridescent Ideas), Dirk Rohwedder (Dartington School for Social Entrepreneurs), Harriet Edwards (Plymouth Social Enterprise Network), Michelle Virgo (Plymouth Business School), Greg White (UPSU), Jo Shaw (NORPRO Training), Peter McNamara (Plymouth Community Homes), Ruth Simpson (Theatrebugs), Pauline Rooks (St. Luke’s Care), Duncan Currall & Steve Waite (Plymouth Community Healthcare), Rhian Edwards (Plymouth City Council-Translate Plymouth), Andrew Shadrake (Plymouth Energy Co-op), Kirsty Wick (KW Accounting Services), Richard Smith (Bright Solicitors), Dan Thomas (South West Trading Routes)

  1. Welcome, Introduction and Apologies

Michelle Virgo acting as Chair welcomed all present. The group introduced themselves individually. Harriet Edwards took minutes. The following apologies were received: Kate Smith, Julie Winkley, Ed Whitelaw, Dave Kilroy, Will Watts, Tim Culverhouse, Bernadette Chelvanayagam, Sarah Stevenson.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

  • December meeting minutes – Date and venue not changed from September meeting. HE change and update website.

  • Executive Committee still looking through membership policy.

  • Wonderroom film is available on website.

  • February minutes agreed as accurate.

  1. Membership applications

  • The executive committee recommended the following applicants for membership:

    • The applications for full membership from Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise, St. Luke’s Care, Relate, Groundwork and Widening Participation CIC were passed.

    • The applications for associate membership for Francis Clark, Bright Solicitors, Emma Jane Lewis, ThinqTanq and KW Accounting Services were passed.

  • New members St. Luke’s Care, KW Accounting Services and Bright Solicitors talked a bit about who they are.

  1. Get Involved in the Festival 2013

  • Enterprise week is 18th-25th November 2013.

  • Enterprise day takes place on Thursday 21st November. PSEN have pre-booked Roland Levinsky building.

  • We want to continue and develop the Social Enterprise City ‘brand’.

  • Aiming for a high media profile – last year: local newspaper, radio advert, Guardian

  • Chair asked members to think about activities to incorporate into the festival week.

  • PSEN are applying for Awards for All grant and are looking for sponsors to fund the festival.

  1. Development day proposals

  • Stay member-led – adapt and grow to needs and wants of members.

  • Executive committee need to be something members contribute to.

  • There is a need to introduce membership fees; tiered and based on turnover.

  • Need more participation from members.

  • Members asked to consider what fees would be acceptable to their organisation. What would be a sensible fee?

  • Executive committee asked to let members know what the network costs to run.

  • Financial benefits to joining-discounts. Festival-discounts on stands and entry.

  • DR asked when the fees would come in? Decision by September, possibly before.

  • Themed groups/subgroups: social media & education sub groups started. Mental health/health? Trading? Social value/procurement? Members to send a short paragraph to HE to go on the website and newsletter for themed/sub group proposals.

  1. AGM – executive committee positions

  • MV will be standing down as Chair from AGM.

  • DK will be standing down as treasurer from AGM.

  • Procurement link vacancy in executive committee.

  • MV asked if any members would like to part of the committee.

  • Nominations must be in by 14th May, AGM is on 21st May.

  • Members can nominate themselves.

  • There will be a form available on the website.

  1. Presentation from Dirk Rohwedder – DSSE

  • Dirk Rohwedder gave a presentation on who SSE are, what they do and plans for Plymouth.

  1. Presentation from Jonathan Moizer – S-Cube (Plymouth University)

  • Jonathan gave a presentation on the S-Cube project so far.

  • Jonathan’s presentation can be found by clicking here.

  1. Presentation from M-L – Simply Counselling

  • M-L gave a presentation on counselling for sexual abuse in Plymouth.

  • M-L’s presentation can be found by clicking here.

  1. Date of next meeting

  • The next meeting will be the AGM held at Devonport Guildhall on May 21st. The time will be 3pm – 5pm.

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