Minutes of Priory Avenue Patient Participation Group 14 September 2016 Present

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Minutes of Priory Avenue Patient Participation Group 14 September 2016
Present: Francis Brown FB (Chair), Anthony Hughes, Barbara Kendall, Geoffrey Million, John Haigh JH (OMG), Julie Pammenter JP (OMG) and Sue Lloyd.
Apologies: Bernard Dominic, Carole Coles-Ranson (OMG), John Flinn, Linda Eberst, Raymond Guthrie and Sylvia Page.
Abbreviations and acronyms

CCG Clinical Commission Group for North and West Reading

FFT Friends and Family Test: “Based on today’s experience, would you recommend this surgery to your friends and family?”

HWB: Health and Wellbeing Board (Reading)

OMG One Medial Group, provider started 1 Sept. 2016

PCCC Primary Care Commissioning Committee

PPG Patient Participation Group

PVG Patient Voice Group (all the chairs of surgeries in North & West Reading CCG)

Item 1 – Welcome

The Chairman declared the meeting open and welcomed John Haigh One Medical Group’s Implementation Lead, Julie Pammenter, Deputy Practice Manager and members of the Priory Avenue PPG Management Committee.

Item 2 - Minutes of the last meeting


Item 3 – Update by One Medical Group

OMG are now 1 ½ weeks into a ten year contract. The work force is stable though it is not feasible to continue for an extended period with locum staff. A number of candidates are being interviewed for various roles. There are now 2 nurse practitioners (one permanent and one locum).

Carole Coles-Ranson is the Business Manager for both the Priory Avenue and Circuit Lane surgeries. Previously she was the Practice Manger for our surgery. Julie Pammenter continues as Deputy Practice Manager at our surgery.
There was no further information about how and when social prescribing would be introduced or the start date for a Patient Advisor. No further information was available about the timing or nature of future public and patient engagement events. The PPG is keen to support these events. At a later date, Luke Minstall the service development lead and Nichola Groom, Head of OMG South, will share the plans for the future.
Item 4 – Operational Feedback

In the past it has been the practice to share operational information with the PPG for inclusion with the scorecard as input to the monthly PPG meeting. The data for August has not been shared. The PPG was disappointed with the way this change had been handled. It was agreed that a special meeting should be held to explore this matter. The PPG would suggest 2 dates before the next meeting and JH would arrange for suitable members of the OMG to join him for the meeting.

ACTION 1 FB to agree dates with PPG members. (Wed 28 Sept or Wed 5 Oct)

ACTION 2 JH to select one of the dates and liaise with staff.

It was also agreed that the data for August would be made available and incorporated in the minutes if delivered before the target publication date (one week after the meeting).

ACTION 3 JH to progress the release to the operational information.

ACTION 4 FB to append the scorecard to these minutes.
The FFT data for August was not shared with the PPG.

Item 5 – Staffing, Building and Facilities

The layout of the main reception area is to incorporate a new initial contact place for the Patient Advisor. New notice boards had been delivered.

Concerns were raised about calls not being answered in 10 minutes. A written request for information on the number of abandoned calls at peak demand times and the average waiting time is still outstanding. The new telephone system automatically accumulates this sort of information.
In prior months the number of appointment slots available online for the next two weeks typically were in the range 10 to 20. In the days prior to the meeting this had fallen to 3 or 4. The reason for the change was not known.

ACTION 5 JP to investigate and share findings.
The iPlato system automatically dials a proportion of patients with registered mobile phones. They are invited to give an opinion on their recent visit to see a doctor or nurse. The number contacted seems to be too low.

ACTION 6 FB to progress with the CCG who fund the service.
Item 6 – Surgery website

This will now remain a free standing site for the meantime.

The PPG minutes for July and August have been taken down.

ACTION 7 JH to investigate and advise.

ACTION 8 FB to send replacement documents.
Item 7– GP Patient Survey results from Ipsos-MORI

As vice-chair of the PVG, FB trawled through all the NWRCCG GP Patient Survey data for all surgeries in our area and noted that overall 45% of patients in the area did not know that their surgery offered any form of online access and 81% had not used any of the online services such as booking appointments, ordering repeat prescriptions or looking up test results. NHS England is counting on a huge increase in the next 3 years.

For all the surgeries in the area FB identified survey responses which were both 10% below the national average and 10% below the CCG average. If we are to retain a “Good” CQC rating we need to be sure we can demonstrate that the following historic issues detected by the survey are addressed in the meantime:

  1. Experience of making an appointment below both averages

  2. The overall experience below both averages

PPG Internal matters
Item 8 – proposed PPG plan for the next year

  1. Support specific CCG projects including improved Bowel cancer test and the living well project.

  2. Support the Social Prescribing Project funded by CCG and organised by the Reading Voluntary Action group.

  3. Raise awareness of the importance of addressing the two big issues in the Ipsos MORI survey, see item 7.

  4. Identify ways to assist OMG in building a strong local identity

  5. Run a survey just prior to the next CQC visit to fairly represent the position at that time with a focus on issues picked up in the prior GPPS survey.

Review and discussion deferred to the next meeting.
Item 9 – Reports regarding other organisations

  • New 111 provider: an announcement is expected in October with a start date

of 01 April 2017. The preferred provider is Care UK.

  • RBH open day on 17 Sept. FB will be on the CCG stand encouraging patients to use Patient Access services like EMIS.

  • Healthwatch Reading will publish its report on ED (A&E) at the end of the week. Our PPG assisted in this survey.

  • PVG focus of last meeting was on where the PPGs could assist in championing some of the CCG local objectives, such as reducing unplanned admissions.

Item 10 – Role of PPG in the context of STP (Sustainability and Transformation Plan)

This matter is still unresolved. Plans to go for review by NHS England in October and open for consultation in November, a month later than previously announced.

Item 11 – Any other business

Agree two possible dates for a special meeting, as noted in item 4, Action 1.

Item 12 - Date of next meeting

Wednesday 12th October 2.30-4.30 at the latest

Meetings open to the public

CCG: 20 Sep 2016 12:45-16:45 & AGM, North and West Reading CCG

PCCC: 21 Sep 2016 13:00-16:30

HWB: 7 Oct 2016 14:00-16:00

For more information about the Patient Group ask at reception or e-mail us at

prioryavenuePPG@gmail.com or leave message at Reception.

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