Manufacturer’s Warranty – 2 years option for +1

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SyncMaster SUR40 (LH40SFWTGC) Service Procedure for In Warranty product

(Manufacturer’s Warranty – 2 years option for +1)
Source: Samsung Service Division.
At Samsung we want to let you know that should a problem arise, there is a team behind you that will get it resolved as quickly as possible, because at Samsung, we take pride in making sure that the service behind our products matches the high quality put into their manufacture. That is why we invest in having a dedicated, Samsung trained contact centre to answer your questions at the first stage and in the unlikely event that your product does need service, we’ll dispatch free of charge, one of our nationwide, trained, certified technicians to you.
This will be to the address of your choice, with a target of the technician being with you the next business day (this is further backed up with a product exchange service). There is a focus on getting the unit fixed on the first visit as this is in our interest as well as you the customer. This has been done through training and the knowledge built up on the products by the teams that are at the front end.
Whilst these teams are not direct Samsung employees many are Samsung ‘Exclusive’ and only work on Samsung product. This allows a greater flexibility when allocating out the work as there are none of the staffing restrictions normally found when a manufacturer uses its own internal team.
The service can further be enhanced by extending the warranty period or taking out the installation package through one of our preferred partners.
Initial diagnosis to determine the nature of any perceived issue should be undertaken by the customer / dealer. This should be undertaken to accurately determine the correct escalation path for the issue in hand
If the issue is related to 3rd Party Applications, the appropriate vendor or SI should be contacted.
If the issue is related to Surface 2.0 DSK, Microsoft should be contacted
If the issue is related to the Hardware functionality of the product or it is related to pre-installed Software such as Firmware, Bing, Shell etc then Samsung Corporate support team should be contacted and the call handled by one of our product specialists.
The following written process is to be adopted by either our Customers or Retailers with respect to generating a service requirement on the SUR40 product when contacting the Samsung Corporate support team. This is the generic process and can be tailored to suit an individual customer’s requirements within reason

  1. Customer on discovery of a faulty appliance outside of the 28 day DOA window should report this fault either direct to Samsung Call Centre on the following number or report the fault via their product dealer.

The Samsung Corporate Call Centre number is as follows.

Call number       - 0330 SAMCORP (0330 7262677)

  • Corp line is open 9am to 6pm 5 days a week

  • Secondary tier available 8am to 8pm Mon-Fri and 9am to 6pm Sat & Sun


    1. In the case where the dealer reports the faulty product, full customer and product information is required. The basic list of information needed to progress a Service Request is detailed below and should be discussed with the call centre representative to ensure that any such transaction goes through as quickly and smoothly as possible to prevent any possible dissatisfaction with the customer.

      1. Customers name

      2. Customer address inc postal code

      3. Customer Telephone Number

      4. Product model code

      5. Product serial number

      6. Date of purchase

      7. Fault description

  1. Samsung Call Centre upon receiving a service request will log the customer information as in (1a above). This is generated against a BP (Business Partner) number (10 digit number starting 210….), which will be issued to the customer/dealer, who should retain this for future use.

Soft call screening will be provided to determine whether a solution can be given over the phone to resolve the problem, or whether a service visit is required.

At this point if call screening resolves the customer’s problem the customer is advised that the call will be closed, with no further action taking place.
If a service visit to resolve the faulty product is necessary the customer will be advised of the call reference number (10 digit number starting 401…) and that the call will be forwarded to Samsung’s service provider, who will contact the customer to make an appointment.

  1. Customer details and the BP authorisation number will be sent via e-mail to Samsungs Service Provider, who will contact the customer by telephone to arrange a service appointment.

  1. On-Site Service:
    Service will be provided by a National Service Provider, Authorized Service Centre, or a Samsung Field Engineer unless specific providers have been contracted for selected accounts. The local service provider is to call the customer to schedule a visit for repair. Our service target is to have the service provider contact the customer within 24 hours to arrange convenient appointment times. If the service provider cannot repair the unit on the first visit to the customer’s location, the service provider will attempt to complete the service within (5) business days from the first phone call to Samsung reporting a defective product (*) If the repair cannot be finalized a unit exchange/replacement may be approved.

  1. Collect Repair and Return:

This option is a Pick up solution, where a courier is despatched to the stated location of the unit. The unit will be collected and delivered to our central repair location, where it will be diagnosed and repaired and returned to the address of your choice.

Instructions regarding packaging the unit to an acceptable date for collection will be provided by Call Centre and / or the designated Service Centre

  1. Exchange:

If On Site Repair and / or Collect Repair and Return option fails to address the reported issue, Samsung can provide you with a replacement unit in exchange for the reported defective unit (**). Stock will be housed at our centrally located Service Centre. The expectation is that customers will be contacted next business day to arrange convenient appointment times. A replacement can be despatched with the collection of the removed unit undertaken at the point of replacement delivery – if convenient.

If a unit requires exchange, a replacement unit will be scheduled for delivery. Prior to issuing an exchange and if not done so during the course of an On Site Visit, Samsung may elect to have a service provider dispatched to the customer’s site to verify the problem and the need for an exchange(***).
The instruction to ensure the faulty unit is removed will be advised by both the call centre and the service partner. Failure to comply with this request will result in a small charge being made to cover the failed logistic costs.

(*) Prior to the Engineers visit the faulty unit must be de-commissioned, this applies to screens that are for example wall mounted or ceiling suspended, unless otherwise advised e.g. Need to analyse the fault with screen in position

(**)This is done on a like for like basis and is subject to stock availability. There is no guarantee replacement will be A grade stock and in some cases, refurbished units may be utilised.
(***)The engineer(s) attending will not perform any de-installation work of the unit (or any installation after the unit is repaired). The expectation is that the unit will be presented ready to be worked on. There may be cases where the unit is requested to remain in its installed state for the purposes of diagnosis. In these instances the expectation is that a designated engineer from the customer (or customer’s representatives) is present to de-install when the unit is deemed ready for any further diagnosis and/or repair. The scope of the engineers repair function is as per the warranty card provided with the unit, in so much as it being a hardware fix. There will be instances where the operating system will be re-installed to rectify a fault. Any customer images requiring to be installed will require the input of the customer engineer or representative. The engineer attending may offer advice on the use-age of the machine and give guidance on how best to utilise the display.

  1. Escalation Process:

All queries with regards to delays in service or poor service satisfaction should follow the policy process:

1st Line Samsung call centre

2nd Line Samsung call centre VOC team

3rd Line Samsung Account Manager

4th Line Samsung Service Manager

Responses will be given within a timeframe of 5 working days.

  1. Non Warranty Associated Faults:

Failure of a repair being carried out due to the fault diagnosed as being:

    1. Due to either Customer misuse or

    2. Customer abuse

will be subject to a customers refusal to accept costs will be dealt with via the escalation process.

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SyncMaster SUR40 (LH40SFWTGC)
Customer Service Process

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