London, 20th May 2015

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London, 20th May 2015



New deal will bring 80 hours of football programming to Channel 5 each season
Channel 5 has awarded the contract to produce its forthcoming Football League highlights show to Sunset+Vine, part of The Tinopolis Group, after a tender process.
The three-year contract with Sunset+Vine covers the production of 46, 90-minute highlights shows to broadcast at 9pm on Channel 5 on Saturday nights throughout the season starting in August 2015. Each show will feature footage, including every single goal, from matches in all three divisions of the Sky Bet Football League.
In addition, Sunset+Vine will produce a further three one-hour shows covering each round of the end of season play-offs across all three divisions in the Football League, plus eight one-hour highlights shows covering the action from each round of the Capital One Cup. The shows will be produced for Sunset+Vine by Executive Producer Stephen Booth and Series Producer Pete Thomas, with match footage to be filmed, edited and supplied by the Football League’s new production partner ITN Productions
At the same time, Channel 5 has hired experienced sports TV executive, Mark Sharman, as a consultant to oversee production of the new highlights show on its behalf. Sharman is a former Director of Sport at both Channel 4 and ITV, as well as having previously worked as Deputy Managing Director of Sky Sports and Director of Broadcasting, Sky Networks.
Paul Dunthorne, Channel 5’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “Sunset+Vine has engaged sports fans for Channel 5 with its innovative, high quality coverage of Test Cricket and we’re excited by their proposed approach to bringing football back to the channel. Mark has been instrumental in some of the very best sports broadcasting on British TV; working in partnership with Sunset+Vine, we’re confident our Football League show could not be in better hands.”
Jeff Foulser, Sunset+Vine’s Chairman, commented: “We are delighted to have been entrusted by Channel 5 to tackle this hugely exciting opportunity and we want to create a show that connects footballers, fans and viewers together in the way that only football can. A programme that gets to the heart and soul of our national game.”
The first programme in the new series is scheduled to air on 9th August 2015.

Matt Baker, Greg Moore

VIMN (London) Sunset+Vine

020 3580 2101 +971 (0)55 885 4734
About Channel 5

Channel 5 launched as Britain's fifth public service channel in March 1997. It reaches 4 in 5 of the UK viewing public each month with a broad mix of popular content. Sister channels 5*, 5USA and Spike complement Channel 5 with a mix of original commissions, acquired entertainment and U.S. drama, while Demand 5 is a free catch up service available across multiple platforms and devices. In 2014, Channel 5 was the only major commercial free-to-air network to grow audience share across the most valuable TV audiences. Since September 2014, Channel 5 has been owned by Viacom International Media Networks.

About Sunset+Vine

Sunset+Vine is a leading independent supplier of sports programming to broadcasters in the UK and overseas. It has won over 40 broadcast awards including nine Royal Television Society awards and six BAFTAs most recently for “Best Sport and Live Event” in relation to its production of Channel 4’s ground-breaking coverage of The London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Sunset+Vine is a primary production partner for BT Sport and now produces the channel’s live English Premier League Football and Aviva Premiership Rugby matches and all support programming. The company was Host Broadcaster of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and is currently host broadcaster for the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015. In the Middle East, Sunset+Vine has been Host Broadcaster for the Dubai World Cup for 20 consecutive years. A leader in Advertiser Funded Programming, the company devised the world’s most watched weekly sports’ show “Gillette World Sport” (shown in 180 countries at its peak) which has recently been re-commissioned. Mobil 1 - The Grid is also amongst its extensive portfolio. The company is part of The Tinopolis Group.
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