Lincoln Park Elementary, April 2012

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Lincoln Park Elementary, April 2012

Dear Families,

On March 12, it was officially decided that Lincoln Park and West Wyomissing Elementary Schools will be closing at the conclusion of this current school year. During the coming weeks, I will be working with staff members, community members, and other administrators to help make the transitions to different elementary schools occur as smoothly as possible.

Lincoln Park and West Wyomissing students in grades K-4 have begun filling out “Book Wish List” information cards in library class. I am going to be using funds to purchase one new library book for each current Lincoln Park and West Wyomissing student who will be attending a different Wilson SD elementary school next school year. Our librarian, Mrs. Gutzler, and her aides, Mrs. Vath and Mrs. Parker, will be organizing these wish lists to make sure we are not sending more than one copy of any book to these libraries. A name plate will be placed on the inside cover of each new book stating, “This book was donated to the ___________library in honor of _____ (the LP or WW student’s name.)” In addition to adding a new book to a school’s library, I am hopeful this gesture will be a small step towards our LP and WW students beginning to feel at home in their new surroundings.

I realize this final marking period may be filled with a wide range of emotions and anxiety for the Lincoln Park and West Wyomissing Elementary School communities. It is understandable because our parents, students, teachers, and staff members have tremendous pride in these two schools, as well as many fond memories. However, it is important to remember the next two months will continue to be filled with many learning opportunities and educational challenges for all students. We will work together to keep all students productively on-task until the last day of school.


Mr. Matthew R. Flannery, Principal

c:\users\strden\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.ie5\nlp1uc72\mc900329307[1].wmfMark your calendars for the Lincoln Park, West Wyomissing, and Shiloh Hills Orchestra, Chorus, and Band Spring Concert, WHS Auditorium, on May 3rd at 7:00 p.m.

Notes from the LPSHA:

  • Monthly LPSHA meeting to be held on Wednesday, April 11th at 7:00 p.m. in the LP multipurpose room. Please come out and join us in the discussion.

  • EGG HUNT: 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 31st at Lincoln Park Elementary. Come out and join us for the hunt and breakfast goodies. All you need to do is bring your basket for hunting. We’ll have areas set up for each age group and prize eggs will be scattered throughout the areas, as well a designated area for the non-school aged younger siblings. See you at the HUNT!

  • MAD HATTER TEA PARTY: Don’t forget to mark your calendar for Saturday, April 28th. We will be having a Mad Hatter party at Lincoln Park. Details will come out in a flyer after the egg hunt. We will have crafts, food, raffles and prizes. It will be a great time for all!

  • Teacher Appreciation week will soon be here. Please remember during the week of May 7th to acknowledge and recognize your child’s teacher for all that they do. The LPSHA will be hosting a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon on Tuesday, May 8th for LP staff. A HUGE “thank you” to the Twiford Family and their restaurant, PRIME STEAK AND WINE (located at the Crowne Plaza) – for agreeing to provide lunch at the event. Please check out their menu and stop in for dinner. It looks great! While I’m sure Chef Tim behaves nothing like Gordon Ramsey, I’m sure the food is just amazing! Thanks again for all of your support.

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