Left after stoplight. Go about 4 blocks and you will run into the baseball field

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The address is 5904 N Villa. From the north take Broadway Ext to NW 63rd St. Go west on 63rd to Villa (between Penn and May). Go south on Villa to the school. The school is between NW 63rd and NW Expressway on the east side of the street. From the southwest off eastbound I-44 take the NW Expwy exit. Turn right (east/southeast) on NW Expwy. Go to Villa (between May and Penn). There is a light at Villa and the Belle Isle library is on the corner. Go north on Villa to the school. From the southeast off westbound I-44 take the NW Expwy exit. Go west on NW Expwy to Villa then north on Villa to the school. The baseball fields are behind the school.


The Bethany Schools baseball fields are not located on the school campus.  To get to Bethany’s baseball fields you should go west on 39th Expressway/ US 66 from I-44.  Continue west through Bethany to Council.  Turn right or north on Council to NW 50th.  Turn left or west on NW 50th.  Go west on 50th till it dead ends at Stinchcomb.  Turn left or south on Stinchcomb.  Go past SNU football fields on left then you will see the baseball fields also on the left.


Head East on I-40 to the Dale/Bethel exit.  (Hwy 102). Go south (right) on Hwy 102 (approximately 5 miles) to the FIRST stop sign. Turn left (east) at that stop sign. Go east to the next stop sign (approx. 2 miles).  Turn left at that sign.  The school is on the north east corner of that intersection and the baseball field is behind the gymnasium on the northeast corner of the school campus.


Take I-44 like you are going to Lawton to the Newcastle/Blanchard exit. This exit should also say Hwy 62; it is right before you get to the turnpike. Stay on Hwy 62; go through Newcastle and continue on to Blanchard. Go through the stoplight in Blanchard. Turn left (south) on Jefferson St (3rd or 4th left after stoplight.) Go about 4 blocks and you will run into the baseball field.


The address is 2009 S Post Rd in Midwest City. From OKC take I-40 east to Midwest City. Exit Douglas Blvd North. Go north on Douglas Blvd to SE 29th St. Turn right or east on SE 29th to Post Rd. Turn left or north on Post Rd. The high school will be on your left. The baseball fields are behind the high school (west side). You will need to take the farthest northern entrance into the school parking lot to get to the field.


Casady School is located at 9500 N Penn Ave. From Broadway Ext take the Britton exit. Go west on Britton to Penn. Go north a couple hundred yards to the first possible right which is the entrance to Casady school. Go into the parking lot immediately on the left. The baseball fields are behind the building on the east side of that parking lot.


Take I-35 South to Norman. The C.C.S. ball field is right off the highway on the west side and can be seen from the road. You can either exit Indian Hills and follow the service road south or go passed the ball park while on the highway and exit Tecumseh road and come back north.


Take I-40 east to Exit 178/Hwy 102 exit. (This is the exit by the new casino on the north side of the interstate.) Take the exit and turn left (north) on Hwy 102. Go approx. 1mile north and turn right on Westech Rd. Go a half mile and turn right on Smith Ave. It will curve around to the school entrance. The ballfield is on the far southern edge of town.


They are approx. 6 miles north of northwest expressway on Morgan Road.  The easiest ( and best roads) will be to take County Line road north to 178th (Edmond Road) and go west 1 mile to Morgan Road, go north 1 3/4 miles to Matt Drive.  They are in the southwest corner of Morgan Road and Matt Drive.   You can call the home phone if you need help 373-3183.


Deer Creek High School is on NW 206th (Covell in Edmond) just west of MacArthur.  If traveling from OKC come north on Hefner Parkway which turns into Portland until you reach 206th.  Turn left on 206th.  Go a little over two miles west, just past MacArthur, and the school will be on your right.  The baseball fields are on the west side of the school.


The address is 1900 S Sunnylane Rd. Take I-40 to Sunnylane Rd in Del City. Go south on Sunnylane Rd past SE 15th St to the High School on the East side of the road. Enter off Sunnylane on the south side of the high school. The baseball fields are behind the school and behind the football field and the tennis courts.


Dolese Park is on the north side of NW 50th St between Meridian and MacArthur about 1/4 mile west of Meridian.  It is located directly across the street from Putnam City "original" High School.  The Dolese fields are not the same as the PCO fields which are at the back of the park (the north end).  The Dolese fields are the first ones you come to on your left as you are passing the lake on your right.

There is no gate fee for our team as we rent the field. If you are asked to pay, say you are with the Broncos.

Edmond Central plays their games at Mitch Park in Edmond.

Follow directions for Edmond Cheyenne.


Edmond Cheyenne Middle School is on the northwest corner of Kelly and Covell north of Edmond. They play their baseball games at Mitch Park, next door, on the west side of the school. There are a few options in getting there. If you come I-35 to Edmond, exit Covell. Go west 4-5 miles, just past Kelly pass the school then turn right into Mitch Park. If you take Broadway Ext. to Edmond, turn left or west on 33rd St, the first stoplight in Edmond. Proceed west 1 mile to Kelly. Turn right or north on Kelly. Go 4 miles north to Covell. Turn left or west on Covell and right into Mitch Park. If you come Hefner Parkway keep going north as it turns into Portland/US 74. Take that north all the way to Covell/NW 206th. Turn right or east on Covell/NW 206th and go east almost 5 miles. Mitch Park will be on your left between Santa Fe and Kelly.


Edmond Cimarron Middle School is on the west side of Bryant between 33rd and Memorial.  Fields are behind the school.  Use the entrance on the north end of the school to access the baseball fields. For those coming from the south take Broadway Ext to Memorial and go east on Memorial to Bryant then north on Bryant.  Or if you prefer I-35, exit on Memorial going west to Bryant then north on Bryant.  



The address is 1901 W 15th St. From OKC take Broadway Ext. north to Edmond. Go north to 15th street and turn left or west. Go approx. 1 ½ mi west. Santa Fe High School is on the right hand side of the street before you get to Santa Fe Ave. The ballfield is at the back of the campus.


Edmond Summit Middle School is at 1703 NW 150th.  NW 150th is the same as 33rd in Edmond which is one mile north of Memorial.  The school is between Penn and Western on the north side of the road.  The fields are on the west side of the school. 


Take I-40 west to Country Club Road, turn right (north) and follow to the dead end. Turn left and take the first right into the fairgrounds. Ballpark will be on your left.


From I-35 take NE 23rd St in OKC east to Harrah, about 15 miles.  In Harrah they have two stoplights: the first one is at 23rd and Luther, and the second one is at 23rd and Dobbs; they are about a mile apart.  When you get to Dobbs, turn right or south.  Go about 1/2 mile to Elm St.  Turn left or east on Elm St.  Go 1/4 to 1/2 mile on Elm St and you will start seeing the athletic facilities.  The road will curve back to the north, go to the first street that goes back to the east, Walker, and turn right.  You will be on the north end of the football field.  The baseball field is on the east side of the football field.  You will access it from Walker.


From the north or south take Broadway Extension (US 77) to NW 122nd.  Go west on 122nd.  Heritage Hall is on the south side of NW 122nd between Western and Pennsylvania (closer to Penn).  It is a large entrance.  I am told when you enter the campus you proceed a couple of blocks south and the baseball field is on the west side.

You could also take Hefner Parkway (US 74) to NW 122nd and go east on NW 122nd.


From I-35 in OKC go east on Britton Rd approximately 9 miles. As you get close to Jones you will cross the railroad tracks twice. After the second time you cross the railroad tracks take your first right on SW 4th St. Go south about 6 blocks and the field will be on your left.


From NW Expressway go NW to Okarche (NW Hwy. turns into Hwy. 81)  Go N. on 81 about 8 miles to downtown Kingfisher.  At the four-way stop intersection of 81 and Hwy. 33 turn right or East. Go about half a mile.  Cross the creek and turn right at the golf course. The baseball park is south of the golf course.

From I-35 go north to Guthrie. Exit Hwy. 33 and go West until you get to Kingfisher about 25 miles.  The golf course is on your left before you cross the creek going into town.

From the South: From I-35 take I-240 east to Anderson Rd.  North on Anderson Rd.  Cross over the highway and you will see the school on the left hand side (west side). From the North:  take I-40 East to Anderson Rd.  Go South on Anderson Rd to Life Christian.  It will be on the West side just before you get to I-240.

The baseball complex is just north of the school.


I-40 east to Harrah/Newalla Rd.  This is Exit 172 and is 9 or 10 miles east of Anderson Rd.  Go North to SE 29th St.  East about 4 mi to McLoud.  As you're coming into town there is a Mazzio's on the left.  Turn right at that intersection.  Go south about a mile.  You will start seeing the school at that point.  Turn east at that intersection, Seikel Rd.  You will see the softball field first, then the football field, then the school. Turn in by the flags. The baseball field is in the northeast corner of the school campus.

 Optional alternate directions from the north: NE 23rd east from I-35 through Harrah. After you go through Harrah the road curves to the south and becomes US270. Continue south on US270 to SE 29th.

The address for Mt St Mary’s is 2801 S Shartel. Off I-40 go south on Western to SW 25th St. At SW 25th St turn left (east). Go two blocks east to Shartel. Turn right or south on Shartel and the baseball fields will be right there on your right.


From OKC take I-35 South. In Norman take exit 108A-B for OK-9 E toward Univ. of Okla./Tecumseh. Go 4 miles east on Hwy 9 and turn right (south) at 12th Ave SE. Go about 4/10 of a mile and turn left (east) at E Cedar Lane Rd. Go 6/10 of a mile and turn right (southeast) at Classen Blvd. Classen turns into N Main St; continue about 3.5 miles. Turn left on Maguire by “Terry’s Market”. Go a couple of blocks and turn right into a gravel drive just before the United Pentecostal Church. This is the parking lot for the baseball field.


OCS is on the campus of LifeChurch East (the one with the big cross) on the southeast corner of I-35 and 2nd St/US 66 in Edmond.  Take I-35 to Edmond.  Take the Edmond exit for 2nd St/US 66.  You can access the campus from US 66 just on the east side of I-35 or from the service road on the east side of I-35.  The baseball fields are behind the church and school buildings or on the south side.


Take NW Expressway Northwest until it meets up with 81 Hwy.  Continue traveling N.W. until you come into Okarche.  The only stoplight in town is at Oklahoma and 81Hwy.  Turn left or West on Oklahoma and go 3 blocks to 6th St.  Turn right or North and go about 2 blocks.  The field will be on your right or East side of the street. 


Take hwy 4 (piedmont road) north from northwest expressway (hwy 3), the high school is on the left side of the street. Take the street immediately following the elementary school and turn left, follow road around to parking lot by softball and baseball fields.


The ball field is located on 50th St between MacArthur and Meridian. It will be on the south of 50th St next to the football stadium.


The address for the school is 11800 N Rockwell Ave. It is just south of NW 122nd on the east side of Rockwell. From the northeast take Kilpatrick Turnpike west to Rockwell Ave. Go south on Rockwell, past 122nd, to the school. (If you are eastbound on Kilpatrick be aware there is not an exit for Rockwell so you will have to exit before Rockwell but I’m not sure of the exit.) From the south take Northwest Expressway northwest to Rockwell. Go north on Rockwell approximately two miles to the school. There is a road on the south side of the school. Go east on that road to the baseball field behind the tennis courts.

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