Lantz Bar Structure and Area Description Property Description and Ownership

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Lantz Bar
Structure and Area Description
Property Description and Ownership
Lantz Bar is an Administrative Site of the United States Forest Service located within the FC-RONRW. This site is managed by the Bitterroot National Forest. The site is located 70 miles NE of McCall, Idaho along the Main Salmon River.
The site consists of 3 structures, 2 cabins and an outhouse. There is a water tank also located on site. This is a very remote site and access is only by boat or helicopter. The apple orchard is the only area to be protected at this site. The builds do not require structure protection.
The Bitterroot National Forest has management responsibilities, the Krassel Ranger District on the Payette National Forest assists in the protection of the structure during WFU fires on the South side of the Salmon River.

District Ranger

Quinn Carver


District FMO

Sam Hescock


District AFMO

Alexis Martin


Forest Dispatch Office

Gary Murphy


Forest FMO

Gary Brown


Bitterroot Nat. Forest

Jacquie Parks


Topography and Fuel Modeling

The administrative site is situated on a large gassy flat along the Main Salmon River in the valley bottom. Topography of the river canyon is characterized by extremely steep slopes bisected by numerous secondary ridges and draws resulting continuous subtle aspect changes. Fire behavior will be locally influenced by changing aspects but historical large fire movement, burning over an extended period has been toward the northeast.

Fire Behavior Models (H.E. Anderson): The dominant over story structure of the Salmon River Canyon is Ponderosa Pine, Douglas fir pockets can be found dispersed through out the Basin depending on aspects, elevation, and water availability. Fuel modeling locally is an extensive Ponderosa Pine with grass sagebrush under story, representing FM-2 with numerous pockets of large woody downfall, FM-8. The Bear WFU of 2005 burned the west side of the river. This has left many snags in the area, while reducing the fuel levels at the same time.

Wilderness Considerations
The Lantz Bar site is located within the FC-RONR Wilderness. Suppression and protection efforts on Federal Wilderness lands will have constraints, concerns, and special needs that will have to be resolved or mitigated depending o the situation before implementation. In the event of structure protection implementation, a district Wilderness Resource Advisor will be notified and assigned to the protection overhead cadre. Listed below are primary items that an Incident Commander will need to consider when implementing structure protection on Federal Wilderness lands.

  • Hydrology

  • Soils

  • Fisheries

  • Archeology

  • Vegetation

  • Visuals


  • Hydrology

  • Soils

  • Fisheries

  • Archeology

  • Vegetation

Protection Implementation
The decision to implement structure protection will be based on current and predicted weather, fuels, and fire behavior. When fire(s) is burning in the vicinity, a Fire Behavior Analyst should be assigned the responsibility on monitoring the fire and keeping the District Ranger and Fire Staff informed on the fire’s behavior and progression. Protection provisions must be made well in advance of the fire’s burning into the fuels adjacent to the developed site. The plan should be implemented a minimum of three days prior to the fire’s expected arrival to the site. Previously ignited wildland fires burning to within a mile or new ignitions within the mile radius should be red flagged with daily monitoring and fire behavior predictions using the daily and three day forecasts. Personal observations and predictions by an experienced FBA during times of extreme fire conditions will be essential for the timely implementation of structure protection ground work.

Tactical Strategies

When the decision is made that protection is needed, crews and equipment will hike or pack string to the site. “Light Hand” tactics are preferred and advocated. On site evaluation should determine where, how much, and type of protection systems will be needed. Protection of the site may not require completely ling the sites perimeter. The IC should in applicable situations, get consensual agreement with the assigned incident Resource Advisor on the applicability of handlines, back burning, falling timber or other protection strategies that could result in long term damage to local resources. In the past, the only action taken in site protection was the use of structure wrap for the historic log cabin. With the heavy fuel loading in the surrounding area, firefighter safety is a concern and actually leaving firefighters at the site for structure protection might not be feasible.

Personnel/ Equipment List

Check List

Incident Command System



Incident Commander


Fire Behavior Analyst

Preferred on District

Resource Advisor

Preferred on District

Firefighter Squad



1 Preferred at Site


Mark III Pump


Hose 1 ½”

3 3a. 300’

Hose 1”

6 ea. 600’

Nozzles 1”


Reducers 1 ½” to 1”


Bladder Bags


Chainsaw Kits


Chainsaw Fuel/Bar Oil

5 Gallons/2Gallons

Drip Torches


Fuel-Drip Torch

10 Gallons


5 each


Structure Assessment Worksheet


Name: Lantz Bar

Lat:45 25.269

Long: 114 52.128

Legal: T24N R13E Sec.14


Slope: 0-10%

Position on Slope: Canyon bottom

Aspect: South/ Flat

Fuel Model: 3

Fuel Continuity: continous tall cured grass

Ladder Fuels:


Remarks: Building is surrounded by grass and apple trees. Some trees touch the metal roofs. There is a creek to the east 100 feet which would support a Mark III. South building basement contains some wood. See hard copy for more

Resources: Mark III, hose, fusees, 5 person hand crew, Yale key

Equipment on Site: none

Available Barriers: Salmon river to the south, creek to the east. Rock scree to the NW

Access/Egress: To the river by boat or helicopter LZ HOGE

Occupancy (number, type, etc.): 2 FS buildings with outhouse and a water tank no current occupants



No protection


Handline construction concurrent with threatening fire



Handline and burnout concurrent with threatening fire



Fire shelter or water system protection concurrent with threatening fire Hose Lay and or sprinklers


Fugitive retardant drops concurrent with threatening fire


Use of heavy equipment for fireline construction concurrent with threatening fire Site/Structure/Improvement


Site/Structure/Improvement pretreatment fuels reduction of unnatural fuels prior to fire event

A. Fuels Reduction

B. Flammable material movement (firewood, etc.)


Roof Construction Type/Condition: Metal in good condition

Siding Material/Condition: Wood stained or painted

Heat Traps: North building with over-hanging eaves, porch with stored poles. South building vent on north and south side overhanging eaves.

Foundation Type/Material/Condition: North building concrete fair. South building concrete and rock.

Windows: N building 2 on N side 2 on S side; South building 2 on west side 2 on north 3 on east side and 1 on the south side.

Type: Glass

Overhead Lines: none

Underground Lines: unknown

Fuel Storage (type/quantity/lines/shutoff): none observed

Outside Combustibles (firewood/deck/fences/etc.): North building boards of wood and poles on porch west side. South building wood benches and chair and kindling box; west side

Hazardous Materials: no observed but southern building contains lights run by propane.

Septic Tank Location: none

Working Space-Minimum Clearance Guide: there is none with the tall grass

Photos Taken: 24-27


Owner and Contact #’s: USFS Bitterroot National Forest

Attach a supplies list of critical equipment needed.

Attach a map of the site showing water sources, shutoffs, buildings, etc.
Completed by: Unaweep Fire Use Module
Date: 2005

Pictures of Site:

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