Kyle L. Zinn 413 Nilan Hill Rd. Point Marion, pa, 15474

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Kyle L. Zinn

413 Nilan Hill Rd. Point Marion, PA, 15474



The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Major: Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Wildlife Option Expected 2016

GPA: 3.03

Relevant Coursework

  • Field dendrology

  • Wildlife and Fisheries Measurements

  • Descriptive Statistics, Frequency Distributions

Work Experience

Planet Fitness, Member services, Uniontown, PA June 2013 – August 2014

  • Provided excellent customer service

  • Oversaw new employees

  • Processed and handled bank accounts with membership forms

Mclanahans Penn State Room, Cashier/Stocker, State College, PA January 2015-present

  • Work registers

  • Take inventory and re-stock supplies


Wildlife Society – Penn State

National Wild Turkey Federation

Quality Deer Management Association

Penn State Club Cross Country

Penn State Spur Collectors- Treasure


Running tractors- intermediate

  • Know gear shifts

  • Parts that run land management equipment

Know how to operate equipment associated with land management

  • Brush hog

  • Rota tiller

  • Disking

  • Seeders

  • Boom sprayers

How to set up, fill, and run protein feeders/corn feeders

  • Installing

  • Setting the times and rate of feed

Have managed my white tailed deer property for 6 years now

  • Food plots

  • Habitat restoration

  • Feeders

  • Game cameras

  • Wildlife fruit orchards


Raymond Malone Scholarship Fund- 2012

Fayette County Conservation District- 2012

UMWA /BCOA Training and Education Fund -2012-current

Jerret Dotson Memorial Scholarship-2012

Fayette Striders Running Club Scholarship- 2012

J C Burns Scholarship Fund- 2014

Kyle L. Zinn

413 Nilan Hill Rd. Point Marion, PA 15474



Butch Chandler

1647 Fairmont ave.

Fairmont, WV, 26554

757-404-6936 (cell)

No email available

Manager of Planet fitness

Year’s known- 2 years

Geno Tiberi

1399 McClelland town rd.

McClelland town, PA, 15458

724-880-5400 (cell)

No email available

Owner of Tiberi Trucking Company

Year’s known- 5 years

Keith Yauger

1544 Grossbeak Court.

Woodbridge, VA, 22191

703-878-8232 (home)

703-254-8732 (cell)

No email available

Naval communications officer for the White House

Year’s known- 15 years
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