Journey To Mecca

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Name: Zoha Siddiqui

Date: April 2, 2013
Journey To Mecca
Please answer the following questions based on the movie. You must answer in complete sentences.

  1. What surprised you about the physical environments you saw in the film?

For me, I have had much experience with most of the physical environment in the film, so nothing really popped out to me. However, I did think that it was a little strange when I saw the beautiful, grazing mountains right in front of the dried up, sandy desert.
2. In what ways do you think Ibn Battuta might have been shaped by the people, events, places, and ideas he encountered?

I think that Ibn might have been shaped by the way that everyone was so willing, like him, to fulfill Allah’s request of the Hajj. I think he had expected this, but had been even more shaped when they walked around the Caaba to become one with each other.

Event wise, I think that Ibn was surprised by the help of his friend, who traveled with him, secretly or beside him, just to protect Ibn.

  1. In what ways do you think Ibn Battuta might have shaped the people he encountered?

Ibn might not have shaped others during the Hajj, but he sure shaped one man drastically. This man was his “body guard”, who had recently jumped him, and now was traveling secretly behind him just to protect him.

  1. How did Battuta's Muslim faith influence his life?

Ibn Battuta had much Muslim faith and religion living inside of him. He had used all of this faith to push himself and pursue his “life-long dream” of completing the Hajj.

“If I am to die, let it be on the journey to Mecca.” This excerpt from the movie clearly states how much he wants and how longing he is to complete the Hajj.

  1. In what ways did the Five Pillars of Islam affect his travels?

The Five Pillars of Islam affected Ibn’s travels because Ibn was constantly trying to keep up the first three; which are belief, worship, and charitable giving. The fourth pillar, fasting during the month of Ramadan, did not completely effect his travels, though. The fifth pillar no doubt given did: the pilgrimage to Mecca.

  1. What surprised you about the Hajj?

I was not so surprised about the Hajj, since I am familiar with it, but I never knew white was the color of purity. I also did not know about the circling of the Caaba.

  1. What are some similarities or differences between some of the fundamental beliefs of world religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam?

They are all monotheistic religions, for one. Second off, they all come from the same root and same beliefs. Abraham was a huge influence in all of them, and all religions have certain requirements.

All though these similarities and many more, these religions also have many differences, such as: only Islam has the requirement to complete a journey once in a person’s lifetime, Christianity is the only religion that began with the birth of a child, and Judaism has a huge influence on Christianity: for Jesus was a Jew.

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