Instructor: egamberdiyeva. M cause and effect essay

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There is no doubt that overweight children`s percentages rose by twenty percent in western world. There are several factors, which played role. Moreover, there are some effects of being overweight. I think that, there are major factors has contributed to increase in children`s weight is unhealthy food. A lot of children eating unhealthy food is on the rise, and lots of increasing fast food restaurants are responsible for that. These restaurant sell tasty food to attract children but these food contain unhealthy ingredients. For example, fat and salt. Secondly, some advertisements that encourage children to eat unhealthy diet. Lastly, children do not give time to out door activities because childrens spend more time watching television or playing games on computers at home. Which reason for sedentary lifestyle. As a result, children become overweight. In addition, there are some negative effects to children becoming overweight. First, children may catch chronic disease such as diabetes which was used to be uncommonly found in the young age. Besides, it`s treatment includes a certain injecton everyday. Second, according to medical science, fat children paradoxically have a low immunity. For instance, they can be the first one`s to catch cold or fever when the weather changes. Therefore, it goes without saying that gaining weight can led to several health problems.In conclusion, factors like poor diet. Sedentary lifestyle because of advance in technology has led to increase in overweight children, and these may cause serious physiological and psychological problems to children health.
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