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Mustaqil ta’lim topshiriqlari

Bajardi: Hasanov S.

Tekshirdi: Kulakhmedova G.

A healthy diet


  1. What are the staple foods of each deat?

  1. What diffirences and similarities are there between the two diets?

  1. Are ther some foods which are better for you?

  1. Which food contain mainly…?

What are the staple foods of each diet?

Staple foods are derived either from vegetables or animal products, and common staples include cereals (such as rice, wheat, maize, millet, or sorghum), starchy tubers or root vegetables (such as potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes, yams, or taro), meat, fish, eggs, milk, and cheese.

In the 21st century, with the furtherance of food processing technology,variety of packed food items are available to general public. Easy to eat packed foods also known as fast foods, are popular choice of public due to their fast availability and prolonged shelf-life. In this essay reasons for the trend of increased consumption of less nutritional and fortified foods to that of, the earlier times is put forth.

The native staple diets are getting replaced by junk items by due to fast pace and industrial culture. it has been observed that industrial culture making life busier hence, working class prefers time-saving options for food. The time-saving items are pre-mixed items, ready to cook, ready to serve packets and beverages for snacks and main meals. such variety of snacks and lunch options replace home-made food as well as tiffins at work as well.So with the modern life style and multiple meal options it is noted that the diet have become more unhealthy than past.

With the food processing to meet extended self-life and enhance convenience, orignal diet traditions are vanishing along with health. First, food processing makes natural food stuff to lose nutrition content during processing and this produces food with empty calories, such as potato chips. Secondly various processes make food less organoleptic and this compensated by addition of synthetic additives and pigments such as dyes and salts.Together empty calories and supplemental chemicals cause harm to vital organs as well as weight gain. With the more and more inclusion of such non-conventional in the diet it has become for common reason of health problems.

2.What diffirences and similarities are there between the two diets?

Latin Americans can learn a lot from the way people eat in Asian countries. The traditional Asian diet is simple and healthy; it is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, and one-dish meals. In Asian cultures, meals are occasions for friends and family members to come together and enjoy each other's company. WebMD turned to the experts to learn more about the Asian diet. We've compiled some tips to help you dine the Asian way -- including ideas for how to improve on the not-so-healthy aspects of modern Asian cooking.

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