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July 31, 2013

economy 2

Aggregate capital of Uzbek banks exceeds 6.3 trln. soums 2

Cement Foundation for Progress 2

Technology 2

ICT enterprises render services for 1.81 trln. soums in 1H 2


Rishton, the center of azure ceramics of Uzbekistan 3

Press-service of MFA


Aggregate capital of Uzbek banks exceeds 6.3 trln. soums

Aggregate capital of commercial banks of Uzbekistan made up 6.3 trillion soums as of 1 July 2013, which grew by 23.53% compared to the same period of 2012 (5.1 trillion soums), the press service of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan said. (Currency rates of CB from 31.07.2013 1$=2107.93 soums)

The regulator underlined that the capital adequacy level of the banking system reached 24.3%, which exceeds the minimal requirement of the Basel Committee on banking supervision by threefold (8%).

The current liquidity level has been exceeding 65% in last five years, which is also twice more compared to the minimal level.

The assets of the bank grew by 30.7% year-on-year in the reporting period and reached 37 trillion soums, the regulator said.

Total volume of loans, issued to real sector of economy, increased by 31% year-on-year in six months of 2013 and currently makes up over 21.3 trillion soums.

The volume of loans, allocated for investment purpose, rose 1.3 times year-on-year and reached over 3.4 trillion soums as of 1 July 2013.

Measures on financial rehabilitation of economically insolvent enterprises and modernization of the capacities helped fully rehabilitate activities of 123 enterprises, which were realized to strategic investors. They exported goods for US$601.5 million.

The commercial banks increased allocation of loans to small businesses by 1.3 times to 3.7 trillion soums in the first half of 2013. The volume of issued micro loans rose 1.4 times to 775 billion soums.

The Uzbek banks pay great attention to finance projects of youth, who graduated colleges. The volume of loans issued to them reached 54 billion soums, which rose 2.3 times year-on-year.

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan said that the volume of deposits of population rose 30.5% year-on-year to over 23.1 billion soums.


Cement Foundation for Progress

Two companies at once that are among the leaders of the domestic industry of building materials - Qizilqumcement and Ohangaroncement successfully implement programs of modernization and localization, allowing them to increase their production of finished products.

Ohangaroncement in the first half of this year issued 565.2 thousand tons of clinker and 739.5 thousand tons of cement, up respectively to 12.8% (64.3 thousand tons) and 1.4% (10.3 tons) more than last year. Now the company continues to work on the modernization of machinery and equipment. Since the beginning of this year, under an investment program a housing of the raw mill number 6, cement mills number 4 and 6, a grab crane truck in cement grinding unit were replaced; 3-stage system of satellite monitoring of transport was embedded. Total cost of investments in these projects amounted to 2.5 billion soums.

Another giant - Qizilqumcement in the first half of this year released 34.000 tons more cement compared to the same period in 2012. According to the investment program, the company continues to work on construction of seven mills for cement grinding. The start of this line will increase the annual production of quality products at 520.000 tons and fully meet the demand of customers. In accordance with a program of localization, the company expanded the scale of development of the raw materials needed for production. As a result, for the last period of the year US$2.56m were saved.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)


ICT enterprises render services for 1.81 trln. soums in 1H

Enterprises of communication, information and telecommunication technologies rendered services for 1.815 trillion soums in January-June 2013, which grew by 24% year-on-year. This was announced at the session of the Board of the State Committee of communication, information and telecommunication technologies of Uzbekistan.

The committee said that the volume of rendered services to population grew by 24.8% year-on-year to 1.168 trillion soums in the reporting period. (Currency rates of CB from 31.07.2013 1$=2107.93 soums)

The forecast on implementation of the projects with attraction of foreign direct invetsments and loans was fulfilled with 52% surplus.

Number of entities, which render data transfer and Internet services, made up 924 units and collective internet use points – 1,035 units.

Total speed on use of international information networks rose by 11% to 8.7 Gbps.

Number of installed broadband internet ports reached 459,700 units and number of used ports jumped by 33.8%. This helps to provide such services as IPTV, video telephony, broadband internet, data transfer and others to consumers.

Tariffs for ISPs to international internet channels fell by 14.1% compared to the beginning of 2013 to US$362.8 per 1 Mbps.

The project on construction of over 2,000 km of optic-fibre networks is underway. Currently, 1000 km of optic-fibre cables are laid.

Uzbekistan is introducing digital television across the country and currently level of digital television penetration reached 43.5%.



Rishton, the center of azure ceramics of Uzbekistan

While entering the courtyard of the Uzbek-Japanese Center for manufacturing ceramics, it is barely possible not to appreciate the splendor of this little world of azure ceramics.

Decorated with ceramic items - from small and unpretentious souvenirs to large openwork-painted vases of color of indigo, the courtyard is seemed glowing from inside.

Ceramic articles are everywhere here - on the walls, wooden tables, window sills, shelves, around a small fountain at the center of the courtyard… This is really a fascinating spectacle!

To get to the studio of a potter means to discover new facets of folk art.

A small room is entirely laid with different big flat plates, vases, cups, plates that are awaiting the next stage of processing.

The famous master Alisher Nazirov passes the secrets of pottery to his apprentices. In just a few minutes one of his apprentices made from a piece of clay an elegant pot. Then the product is taken to the next room for a day - to harden the clay. And only then it is sent for baking.

“When the clay hardens for giving it a smoothness we set it right with water,” explains Alisher Nazirov. “After that it becomes reddish. Then on the surface it is covered with a very thin layer of white clay. In decoration of Rishton traditional ceramics dominates turquoise color. We use the recipes of glazing that are passed from time immemorial.”

When asked about the secret of Rishton ceramics, the master replied:

“The history of Rishton ceramics has more than a thousand years. For manufacturing ceramic items we only use local clay, which has no impurities. This gives the clay a plasticity and firmness.”

He also told about how he got engaged in this craft:

“I have been dealing with pottery for 12 years, and considered a folk master. Basing on my experience I can tell that to learn the production of ceramic pieces it is needed about 10 years. A beginning master must know all the stages from clay mixing to baking. This is a very labor-intensive process.”

The elegance of ceramic products is beyond words - even photo shots can not reflect the uniqueness of all tints of sky blue.

It is rather difficult not to stay in this workshop that combines school for training pottery and gift shop at the same time.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)

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