Individual Counseling

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Center of Hope Counseling

113 West Broadway Suite 115

Mt. Pleasant MI 48858

Phone: (989) 954-HOPE (4673)

Eating Disorder Program Description
Individual Counseling

Individual counseling focuses on the psychological spectrum of eating disorders. Goals of treatment will be understanding and resolving the underlying issues that contributed to the development of eating disorders, building healthier relationships, improving self- worth, gaining ability to utilize effective coping strategies, regulating emotions and reducing fear. Client will then be equipped to work on returning to normal eating patterns. During the assessment process the therapist and the client will discuss additional services as listed below that may be an important part of the treatment plan.

Group Counseling

Center of Hope Counseling offers four different group experiences. The groups are intended to meet the needs of individuals struggling with emotional regulation, symptoms of eating disorders and/or those struggling with body image issues. The groups may be taken solely or may be taken in sequence to build skills and move clients further towards recovery and self- acceptance. Please refer to the attached Group Counseling Form for more details.

Dietetic Services

Although many eating disorder clients are their own “experts” when it comes to calories and food information, dietetic services can be an important addition to treatment as a whole. Our program refers to Kati Mora, R.D. to provide dietetic services for our clients. Kati is experienced in working with eating disorders and provides services out of our office at 113 W. Broadway St. in Mount Pleasant. Please call her @ (989) 400- 1478 for scheduling or inquiring about dietetic services she provides.

Medical Professionals

To ensure holistic treatment, clients may be referred to a medical professional to address needs in the areas of physical health, medication, biological history, etc. Although the Mount Pleasant area does not have a medical facility that specializes in eating disorders, referrals will be made as appropriate to trusted and reputable professionals in the area that have experience in working with anxiety, depression, mood disorders and/or eating disorders.

Case Consultation

To ensure effective treatment, the treatment team as mentioned above will hold regular consultation meetings. Although medical professionals will unlikely attend these meetings, consultation will take place as needed via phone or face-to-face contact.

Bariatric evaluation and treatment

Center of Hope refers to Jeremy Moggenberg, PsyD located at 215 W. Broadway St. in Mount Pleasant for Bariatric Evaluations, to schedule or inquire about evaluations call (989) 317- 3188. Individual and group counseling are available to increase the probability of a successful outcome.


We accept and are able to directly bill several insurances companies. If you do not have insurance, we offer a sliding fee scale based on income. A counseling intern is also available to provide services to low income individuals whom are appropriate to work with a counselor in training. Please call Center of Hope to inquire about insurance coverage and fees.

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