In the focus of child's successes is the inclusive education

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In the focus of child's successes is the inclusive education...

Argishti Israyelyan is eight years old and studies in the No. 5 secondary school (SNCO) of Sisian. Argishti was born with cerebral palsy. Argishti started to walk when he was 2,5 years old and he was walking very hardly. The child which was very active and optimistic with its nature, was feeling embarrased because of his gait and became very self-contained and unsociable. The mother, Mrs. Alisa, says that the child was mostly affected when the children in the yard were asking why he was walking like that. “When the time to take Argishti to school came”, -says Mrs. Alisa, “A big struggle started in me. I was very frightened that Argishti will not be able to overcome the surrounding oppresive athmosphere, and the thoughtless questions and attitude of his agemates. Before that the children in the yard wee always asking him why he was wlking like that and was worried that the same question will be aked him in school. Nevertheless, the decision was already made; my child had to go to school and be educated just like other children.” In the first year were emerging many difficulties related to writing, painting, but due to the teacher's, Sona Karatyan's, right works, everything slowly was salved. Due to the finesse, pedagogical and phsychological correct approaches, application of teaching new and elastic methods of comrade Kharatyan, in short amount of time my child again became blite and active, and started not to differentiate himself from others, started to walk more confidently and started to even run, which he couldn't do before. And the most important for me is that the children at school don't ask him why he is walking like that.”100_1803

The teacher of the second class, Sona Kharatyan, says that “Argishti is child with a peaceable phsichology and is very kind and forgiving. I have never seperated Argishti from others and never showed that I am working with him in a specific way. I always ensured the involvement of the whole class. In the first class it was a bit more difficult, because the child was not even able to wirte a straight line and he was embarassed becaus of it. I never made him to finish his tasks right at that moment and I was letting him to finish the main works at home with the help of mother. This was very useful, becasue the presence of the mother was kind of encouraging the child and he slowly started to work by himself. Today, he is the best logical student in the class and during the classes of mathematics he is very quickly making decisions. During the breakes he is equally running with his classmates and is not being differed from them. Argishti’s successes in the issues of education and well interaction with the classmates are conditioned by the collaborative and caring work of the teachers, his mother and classmates. I am sure that Argishti will graduate this semester with honor.” Comrade Kharatyan has shown to us the notebooks of Argishti for the first and second years; the difference was obvious... 100_1810

The tangible successes of Argishti in field of education once again proved how important and effective can be the parents', teachers' and suroundings' correct and combined efforts in the child inclusion process.
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