Ics competition winners are: Red Chili

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ICS competition winners are:

Red Chili:

1st place and $1,500 was awarded to Mike Freedman, Somers, CT, Mad Mike’s Politically Correct Chili

2nd place and $300 went to Rhone Carr, Mantua, NJ, Rhone’s Rangers Chili
3rd place and $100 went to Doug Johnson, Harrisburg, PA, Eagle’s Chili

4th Jack Cowell, Ansonia, CT, Bad Bandito Chili

5th place, Raymond Palazzo Jr, Somerset, NJ, Cross Eyed Chili

The ICS Chili Verde winners are:

1st place and $500 went to Linda McGrath, Weatogue, CT

2nd place and $200 went to Dave Lorenz, Marlton, NJ
3rd place and $100 went to Kurt Leithner, Avenel, NJ

ICS Salsa winners were as follows:

1st place and $400 to Damir Penava, Ridgewood, NJ

2nd and $200 to Mike Scranton, Edison, NJ
3rd place and $100 to Judi Omerza, Wilkes-Barre, PA

People’s Choice winners are:

1st place Red Chili and $1000 went to Felix Del Valle, booth #110, Lakewood, NJ, Latinos On The Loose

2nd place and $300 to Mary Miranda, Colonia, NJ, Pop Hots (Booth #111)
3rd place and $100 to Adrienne Merchant, Booth #130, Toms River, Red Headed Stepchild Chili

People’s Choice Salsa winners are:

1st place and $400 went to Frank Benowitz, the Mercer Co Community College, Booth #128, Somerset, NJ and

2nd Scott Cullen, Booth #116, Toms River, NJ

3rd place Michael Britton, Booth #115, Toms River, NJ

Best Booth/Showmanship award went to Pop Hots, represented by Mary Miranda who received $100 for outstanding efforts
Also announced were the winners of the children’s coloring contest, which was held prior to the Cook-off for children 3 – 12 years, age. Participants were encouraged to be as creative as possible when decorating their coloring page. Winners are: Nathaniel Jackson, Brick in the 6 – 8 year old category; and

Taylor Ketcham, South Toms River in the 9 – 12 year old category.

Winners were each presented a $25 AMEX gift card.

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