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The Meeting of the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway provides visitors with numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation, many of which are dependent on the natural and cultural elements of the corridor’s landscape. Camping, boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding, water attractions and adventure sports are all prevalent at points along the byway from Hartford to Pere Marquette State Park. Many of these sites are managed through a network of public entities including Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Refuge and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
The following section provides a context for the various recreational activities prevalent along the byway followed by the points of interest associated with each. These activities include: Hunting & Fishing, Recreational Boating, Paddling & Water Sports, Camping, Horseback Riding, Adventure Sports and Cruising.

The number of natural areas found along the byway easily lends themselves to opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as hunting, fishing and wildlife watching. The byway is filled with plenty of locations for fishing and hunting. During prime seasons, fisherman line the banks of the rivers and duck hunters hide in blinds deep in the river’s center. Additionally, many visitors are hunting just to see birds, deer, beaver and other wildlife.

Points of Interest:

Depending on the time of the year, sections of the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge and Pere Marquette State Park are open to sportsmen for hunting and fishing. Permits are required for those wishing to take part in these activities. Popular fishing areas along the byway include: Swan Lake, Long Lake, Stump Lake, Flat Lake, Fowler Lake, Twelve Mile Island, Hembold Island, Dark Chute, Hurricane Island, Pohlman Slough, Piasa Island Channel, Alton Slough/Ellis Island, the tailwater of old Lock & Dam 26, Maple Island side channel & the tailwater of Melvin Price Lock & Dam. (See the file on Wildlife & Nature Trails for full site details.)


Recreational Boating & Water Sports
There is no better place for water park fun, boating, waterskiing, canoeing and kayaking than on the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. Guided canoe and kayak tours are available, as well as canoe, kayak and boat rental in Grafton. Excursion boats are always welcome on the rivers, and marinas in Alton, Godfrey and Grafton provide necessary conveniences for leisure boaters. The Alton Pool (26) is one of the most heavily used pools on the Mississippi River by recreational boaters and provides a great location for fishing, boating, paddling and water sports.

Participation in paddle sports is on the rise in the United States. The Mississippi and Illinois rivers provide a unique paddling experience for visitors. Paddle sports encourage healthy lifestyles by providing a fun and exciting outdoor activity that is heart healthy. Paddling also provides a way to reconnect people to the river and the numerous cultural, environmental and historical aspects of the river and river communities. Guided canoe and kayak tours are available, as well as canoe, kayak and boat rental in Grafton.

Marinas & Boat Access Points

The region is home to three first-class marina facilities in the cities of Alton, Godfrey and Grafton, offering both long-term and transient slips.

Alton Marina
1 Henry St., Alton  (618) 462-9860

Grafton Harbor
215 W. Water St., Grafton  (618) 786-7678

Piasa Harbor
10815 Lockhaven Rd., Godfrey  (618) 466-7501

Public Boat Access Areas

City of Alton, Public Access (by the marina)

Lincoln-Shields Recreation Area (West Alton)

Teal Pond (West Alton)

Maple Island (West Alton)

Piasa Creek/Piasa Harbor


Pohlman Slough (Calhoun)

Godar-Diamond (Hardin/Calhoun)

Glades (North of Pere Marquette)

Hadley Ldg.(Calhoun)

Long Lake (North of Pere Marquette)

Pere Marquette

Swan Lake (Calhoun)

Boat Rental

Grafton Harbor
215 W. Water St., Grafton  (618) 786-7678

Rent a water vessel from Grafton Harbor. Pontoon boats are available with advanced reservation.

Situated in the bluffs overlooking the river and byway, Raging Rivers Water Park in Grafton provides hours of recreation with four waterslides, a wave pool and “lazy river” for floating. In Wood River, the Aquatic Center features two waterslides, diving boards and an Olympic size pool.

Raging Rivers Waterpark
100 Palisades Pkwy., Grafton  (618) 786-2345

Aquatic Center
670 Whitelaw Ave., Wood River  (618) 251-3110

Some people are just made to rough it. Whether “roughing it” includes a primitive campsite or stylish RV, there are plenty of options available for the outdoors crowd.

McCully Heritage Project
RR #1, Box 130, Kamspville  (618) 653-4687

Experience the great outdoors where Mother Nature is providing the perfect playground. Horseback riding, hiking, fishing and primitive camping are available seasonally. Contact the main office to make the appropriate reservations.

Pere Marquette State Park
13112 Visitor Center Ln., Grafton  (618) 786-3323

The Class A campground at Pere Marquette State Park has 80 sites, two of which are handicap accessible. Sites have electrical hookups, with a sanitary dump station, drinking water, and a shower building available on the grounds. Sites 2-30 are available for reservation from May through October. Within the Class A campground, the park offers two Rent-A-Camp cabins. The nearby Class B tent camping area also has access to the shower building.

The following sites offer tent camping, RV campsites with electrical hook-up, sanitary dump stations, drinking water and showers.

Town & Country Lakes
801 S. Neunaber Dr., Bethalto  (618) 377-8230

Village of Kampsville Campgrounds
210 Oak St., Kampsville  (618) 653-4421


Pere Marquette State Park offers about 20 miles of equestrian trails with a parking area for trailers on Graham Hollow Road. The trails to the west of Graham Hollow are open year-round. The trails east of Graham Hollow are open May through October. These areas are posted when closed. The McCully Heritage Project in Kampsville also offers equestrian trails to riders with their own horse.

McCully Heritage Project
RR #1, Box 130, Kamspville  (618) 653-4687

Pere Marquette State Park
13112 Visitor Center Ln., Grafton  (618) 786-3323

We have the adventure sports for thrill-seeking visitors that are looking to get the adrenaline pumping.

Grafton Zipline Adventures

800 Timber Ridge, Grafton  (618) 786-8439

Looking for a jaw dropping, heart racing experience? Try Grafton’s newest attraction – a zip line that affords those brave enough a stunning river view and hours of fun.

Captain Andy’s Parasail

215 W. Water St., Grafton  (618) 222-9000

Soar 400 feet above the air to see the scenic views of the Mississippi River on the only parasail that operates in Illinois.

Winchester Shooting Facilities
600 Powder Mill Rd., East Alton  (618) 258-2633

For visitors interested in a little competitive fun, the trap and skeet fields are open to the public year-round.

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