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Constitution and other laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan guarantees that persons suspected of committing a crime or endured a punishment for the crime, must not use torture, cruel and commit other acts infringing human dignity and to obtain forced confessions. However as in other society’s spheres these issues are absolutely not following to the law. Especially in recent times we have seen that the obtaining of confessions by force, torture in prisons and the obtaining of confessions by force becomes the usual norm. The chronicle of the numerous appeals to the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan “Ezgulik” shows exactly similar situation.
► For example, several times extended time a term of punishment for the ex-deputy of the Parliament of Uzbekistan Jurayev Murod who has been convicted in 1994 year by verdict of the Supreme Court to long prison terms. A political prisoner has a term of punishment was extended though a variety of excuses. On 10th of April of this year he was again thrown into isolation ward located in Zarafshan agencies 64/48 relating to the Directorate General of punishment of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan. At the last time a term of punishment was extended by Almalyk municipal court in the establishment of the city Almalyk for 3 years. He should go at large on 14th of August.
His wife Jurayeva Holbeka arrived in Zarafshan for another date with her husband, but administration of the institution said that she waited a day, after which they will have the opportunity to three-day visit. She was also told by that she would be able to tell her husband had brought with them food and clothing. However Jurayeva Holbeka by calling the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan “Ezgulik” argued that on the orders arrived from Tashkent the special commission Jurayev Murod imprisoned for 10 days in a cell for the punishment. Her meeting with her husband did not take place and brought food was not accepted. The agency head Lieutenant Colonel Shamsiev Bobokul not received Jurayeva Holbeka and not listened to her statement. Development of affairs showed that the establishment of pretend play and Jurayev Murod re-add the penalty for violation of the domestic regime. In the month of August it was happened. Navoi city court on criminal cases had accused Jurayev Murod in violation of the domestic regime institutions and had added three more years of punishment. He is daily subjected to torture. This continues for nearly 14 years.
► The Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan “Ezgulik” received a petition from a group of convicts serving sentences in the establishment of 64/51 the Directorate General of punishment of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan. Message written on a napkin and secretly made by persons outside the agency were released. The initiative of the establishment of Lieutenant Colonel P. Kosimov was subjected to torture against several persons who tried to read namaz in the establishment. They have been applied to various forms of torture. Thus, in a letter stated that on 31 January and 28 February, they tied naked in the yard. In this way they tried to break the moral (in the jargon of the establishment of "breaking" - approx. of “Ezgulik”) and threatened to turn into a physically handicapped people.
Chief of the operations department of agency Sh. Rajabov said to response for a complaint severely beaten prisoner B. Yuldasheva by the use of torture to him and threatened with the words “I'll be with all the skin lowered”. The letter also states that the believers convicted deliberately put in a cell with AIDS patients in order to infect them with the disease. At the end of the treatment the prisoners write: "We need your help. Bring information about our state to Radio Liberty, BBC, please post on Internet sites. Let them know that our lives are in danger. "
Of course, studying the dynamics of the torture of personality research on the subject shows that the use of torture are not guaranteed not only religious-minded persons or prisoners of conscience but and free citizens or state employees.
► For example, listen to the statement of former policeman who was beaten by the prosecutor for a simple complaint. A ex-lieutenant of the security of the Regional Department of Internal Affairs of Yunusabad district of Tashkent city Parikov Shukurullo wrote in a statement addressed to the Society “Ezgulik”: “On February 16, 2009 year I was summoned to the investigator for particularly important cases the prosecutor's office in Tashkent Khusanov Khusan who said: “You, cop, will still complain to any authorities? Your supervisor told me to speak with you.” After these words he hit me with his fist. I felt dizzy, dark eyes and I was on the floor. I have information that the Center of Neurosurgery.”
In examining the documents and details of the events revealed that on 15 March 2007 year an ex-policeman in the illegal procedure was prosecuted and dismissed from the police. However after this provocation he was exposed and acquitted. In his statement to our society Sh. Parikov reported that despite the above it can not be restored to work for the Interior and asked to defend his rights. An ex-police officer was beaten by Investigator precisely because it appealed to the Society of Human Rights to protect his rights.
Currently the police officers who become the object of torture governmental bodies themselves become not only participants but also the performers of such violence.
► Mother of ten children, 55-year-old Ergasheva Guldor says: "On 27th of May in this year, these bektemirov policemen threw my things and me on the ground, even did not spare me as a woman. They beat me at random with their batons. If I had paid for the days that never came the policemen Oybek Ernur and Akhmedov Sulaimon would not beat me." The neighbors called for an ambulance when Ergasheva Guldor collapsed because of cruel beatings. Therefore Ergasheva Guldor appealed to the prosecutor of Bektemir district. She made statement with the attached medical reports, witness statements and other documents. Legal proceedings were brought an action against policemen. Then the policemen began to beg her. They said that after his discharge from the police, it will not take them at work again. They even offered her money, but it failed. After some time the case has been suspended under the pretence that in this case there is not evidence of a crime.
Once again (July 6, 2009 year) dispersed entrepreneurs in front of everybody of premises employees of the Regional Department of Internal Affairs of Bektemir district was beaten up a woman by named Shamatova Guzal. Her neck bent down to the ground and forced to collect goods spread out on the ground. People who wanted to help to woman were insulted and beaten by policemen. Kosimova Nadira who could not care to look at happening tried to free battered women from the hands of policemen. But the police began to beat already Nodira. Next Kosimova Nadira during for 21 days of being treats in hospital for bodily harm as a result of beatings. The attending physician gave her a medical certificate stating that she had damaged the brain concussion and the body has a lot of bruises.
After a short time Kosimova Nadira applied a statement of beating to the Regional Department of Internal Affairs employees. Kosimova Nadiras’ relatives arrived at the hospital and told her that her subpoena called to the prosecutor.
As it became known Kosimova Nadira at that day beat and hit bodily harm to the Commander of the Regional Department of Internal Affairs of Bektemir district are Akhmedov Sulaimon and three police officers. As noted in the medical report, the unfortunate policeman damaged soft tissue of the back of the head, chest and hands scratched skin (!). The clothing of policemen (around 30 years old) was torn. He is morally crushed by the fact that he beat by a middle-aged woman. On 13th of July the prosecutor's office Bektemir district has decided to institute criminal proceedings by Article №219 (The resistance to authority or person in the performance of civic duty) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan regarding to citizen Kosimova Nodira. Without shame and conscience the Deputy’s prosecutor H. Ahmed after 20 days has added to the criminal case charge to this woman by Article №109 (The bodily harm) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan. So far as he knows that the charges against the police by N. Kosimova will not be confirmed. Can you imagine it, how the only woman might beat four police officers? The local government which must obey the law was fabricated unlawful reference and as result the captain became the victim.
► The Society “Ezgulik" was received a complaint of Abdusattorova Umida, she living in the Akaltinsk area in Syrdarya region. In statement has written that at 12th of November, 2008 year the policemen of Akaltyn’s department staff of Syrdarya region have caused her serious injuries using torture. As it became known at that day she went to visit friend G. Mavlanova. Before leaving out from the room, she unaware of own actions, took from pocket hanging on rack coat of mistress A. Umbetova where were money in the amount of 400 USA dollars. And at 11.30 pm she came to the house of friend G. Mavlanova and fell asleep. After that, the next day, on 13th of November at 04.00 am, the staff of Regional Department of Internal Affairs of the Akaltin district brought her to the Office. She returned to A. Umbetova as evidence 400 USA dollars. However the "aggrieved" A. Umbetova began to claim and alleging that she had pulled out of her pocket 1000 USA dollars. After that, the first deputy head of the Akaltinsk’s Regional Department of Internal Affairs Jahangir Khaidarov and one of his subordinate officers, who not involved in this processes of inquiry, investigation and trial, the policeman had put a torture Abdusattorova U. in a separate room on the second floor. With a punches and kicks they inflicted injuries on her head, left eye, legs, abdomen, hips and kidneys. In addition, they tried to undress her.
(A complaint included X-ray images, the conclusion of a neurosurgeon, an ophthalmologist, as well as diagnosis and recommendations for medical procedures in a designated clinic № 4 in the city of Gulistan, where she is currently undergoing treatment).
In despite of the fact that the suspect-injured U. Abdusattorova confessed that she was while drunkenness and got socked out of her mind, she inadvertently took 400 USA dollars and returned the money to owner. But J. Khaidarov and his partner (?) have continued to toture U. Abdusattarova during for 3 days (13th, 14th and 15th of November). They are placed her to the half-starved condition in a cold room, didn’t inform for her relatives, have damaged to her health. Thus, they have committed a criminal act by several articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan. They have committed criminal acts to come to the contrary to accepted rules and principles of international human rights.
► According to saying Zoirov Hojiakbar has been applied to the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan “Ezgulik”, the operating authorized of the criminal investigation of department’s Yunusabad district, used inhumane torture regarding to crime suspects have done robbery, theft, seizure with a robbers ways the documents of institutions. The prisoner H. Zoirov’s mother already was bereft of all hope. One year ago she has gave her son to the investigators Regional Department of Internal Affairs of Yunusabad district. The widow has been raise single son without a father is pleased to have the fact that her son not died. The operational authorized of Yunusabad district there Fahriddin, Akbar, Nadir, Otabek, Avaz, Bahram, Davron and an investigators Murodov Oybek, Mashrabov Aziz are so much beat Hojiakbar. He received injuries and bruises are still visible. According to prisoners the investigators are going even at their rape. Those who endured beatings became hostages of their male honor and the lives of their loved ones. The defendants in the courtroom were forced to confess to crimes which they did not commit. And it’s shocked the audience.
► The advocate Jumaboev Alisher spoke up that after beating the condition of his client was so poor, that pre-trial prison and Tashkent prisons and the Tashkent city police department refused to accept his. In fact, proving this fact, there is also a respective reference clinic of Tashkent Medical Academy. However the court not only declared legally acquired under the pressure of a confession, but he himself went to the defendants in prison and threatened them with the words: "If you talk about torture, then I will appoint you redouble punishment." The public prosecutor even made a request to initiate criminal proceedings against police officers, but the petition was not granted.
► In the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan “Ezgulik” turned Ortikova Mohira is wife of a member of the British Embassy in Uzbekistan Ortikov Kayum which at one time repeatedly mentioned in the mass media. In address she was worried about the future fate of her husband. The Chilanzar District Court on criminal cases on January 29 this year convicted Ortikov Kayum by article №135 (Human trafficking) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan and sentenced to six years' imprisonment. He is currently serving a sentence in a Tashkent prison and tortures them. He has been four months do not show the family and they are demanding from Kayum that he testified against embassy staff Ibodullaev Umid.
Ortikova Mohira residing at the Tashkent region Chirchik city, Bahor street, house 18, in her statement concerns about the fate of her husband and claims that he was the victim of injustice. She said that Kayum to help some villagers who arrived from Kasbiy district of Kashkadarya, where he was born and raised, he advised them to contact the company “Vesta-Lemax”, where works his younger brother Ortikov Samandar. After an interview with head of manpower company Ekaterina Izometsova, his fellow villagers went to work in Russia. After some time the villagers who did not receive wages for their work, came back and turned to law enforcement. Once across the country began hunting for those who traded in human beings, on December 2008 year Kayum was arrested. Within one month had been investigated, a trial was held and Kayum taken the rap.
Victims are caught in the awkward position (!) have been received help from their fellow-villager and asked to release Kayum. A criminal case on appeal was transferred to the Tashkent City Court on criminal cases. However after an appeal the sentence is remained unchanged. During at this time the leaders of the firm "Vesta-Lemax" fled the country and disappeared. It surprising is the fact that innocent convicts Kayum has been working as a security officer at the British Embassy, has not been guarded in the zone yet. On the contrary he was being tortured in the Tashkent prison and forced to testify against Ibodullaev Umid.
► Abdurasulova Rano made an application to the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan “Ezgulik”. She is residing at the city of Tashkent, Mirzo Ulugbek district, street Airfield, Building 43. She said in a statement: "After the bombings in February 1999 year my son was beaten within an inch of son’s life. After the 3 months of severe torture of son’s, I barely have managed to try of his acquittal. But now as for the issue of assassination of Anvar-Kori I had not strength or health. The last hope is just for you.” As it became known her eldest son Abdurasulov Odiljon has been cooking and selling hamburgers at the Parkent capital market. Apparently, he is in the suspect’s list in the assassination of Anvar-Kori Tursunov. Anvar-Kori Tursunov is a chief Imam-Khatib of the Tashkent city.
During the conversation with Rano and statements of relatives-witnesses revealed that their whole family in the day of the assassination of Anwar-kori participated in a memorial event. On July 30-31st they participated in the regular funerals of deceased relatives in a row. On August 1st Odiljon together with their children went on vacation in the mountains. On August 2nd after he was informed by telephone that the police came to their home and questioned about his younger brother Orifjon, he returned home and together with his father went to the Regional Department of Internal Affairs of Mirzo Ulugbek district. In the Regional Department of Internal Affairs they have not been adopted. In establishment the recording was made of the fact that he came there. There he disappeared. On August 5th he called his mother and said that as in 1999 year he was afraid that his calumniated and be tortured. He also said that after the disclosure of assassination and brings the perpetrators to punishment he would return home. Then he said goodbye.
After that about Abdurasulov Odiljon no news, whether he is alive or dead, is unknown. The most important thing that his wife who had not told to the policemen where her husband and thus incurred the wrath of them. As a result at present time of she is in serious condition. In her statement On 9th September the Regional Department of Internal Affairs of Mirzo Ulugbek district kept her until midnight, verbally abused by different shameless words, beat her on the head with thick books (the Code). They showed her baton and threatened with lascivious words. A man named Abdurashid is an employee of the National Security Council gave the telephone number (244-74-64) and told her that she was secretly informed him of everything that happens in their house. He told her also that if this telephone number of someone learns something he cuts out its entire genus and no one will find her corpse. On return home from fright she contemplated to had suicide.

► To the “Ezgulik” Society have been asked the invalid of 2-nd group Anortoji Alimova who lives at Syrdarya, Havast District, Barrow Havas, House 9. In her statement she alleges that her son Erkin was subjected to severe torture by employees of criminal investigation department of Havast district of Regional Department of Internal Affairs. As indicated in circulation that on March 27th her son Alimov Erkin was arrested and given to the police department of the city Yangiyer where the Criminal Investigation Department officers beat him and broke his legs. According to various parts of the body’s Erkin suffered serious injuries. As a result of applying gypsum by unskilled traumatologists clinics of Yangiyer City and lack of prompt medical assistance the state Erkin was heavy.

After studying the activists of the Society of detailed the circumstances of the case became known that Alimov Erkin suspected use and possession of drugs. It is contained in the remand prison of Havast district. So, Alimov Erkin couldn’t to walk. Under these circumstances, an investigator of Havast district Kurbonov Temur was in a difficult position. Only after his authorization and immediate action of parents Erkin the local sorcerer Pardaev Hasanboy had a treatment procedure. Now Erkin can move on crutches.
Alimov Erkin managed to convey a letter from the detention facility. As at our disposal the letter described how he was tortured, that he is in cell №49 "infirmary" and he is taking in the hands of agency staff to the toilet and bath. However in the Syrdarya to this no one pays attention. Do not even say what is formally charged Alimov Erkin. A preliminary examination of his blood has not confirmed the use of drugs. Despite this he is under arrest in order to eliminate the effects of torture. About the fate of Alimov Erkin who was interrogate under torture in the manner of the medieval inquisition were sent repeated requests to the regional prosecutor Ergashev Azimjon, previously worked as first deputy Prosecutor General of the country. But so far no response has been received to them.
► The journalist Dilmurod Said’s (Saidov’s) level of health is grave. He was charged on fraud and forgery by Taylaks District Court in criminal cases, and he was sentenced for 12.5 years in prison. The human rights activist was a hidden form of an acute attack of chronic tuberculosis. Right now he detained in the establishment of 64/49 ( Kiziltetownpa , Navoi region) of the Main Department of Corrections Ministry of Internal Affairs. About this fact told to Society’s “Ezgulik”. She has met before with him in prison. According to Barno, Dilmurod Said is very thin and feels completely bad. After the checking of prisoner’s condition, administration of the institution and the doctors are determined his healthy (app. It’s only diagnosis which put in prisons - Note by Society’s “Ezgulik”).
► As for the ex-chairman of Angren City Branch’s Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan “Ezgulik” Hudoynazarov Abdurasul, last year as a result of torture and punishment he cells in the establishment of 64/21 which is located in the city Bekabad, allegedly attempted on own life and fortunately he survived. And now the torture is still continuing. Hudoynazarov Abdurasul is convicted of an incident of fraud and bribery, devoid of the benefits as a several amnesties taken by the Government since 2005 year. He served again in solitary confinement for another violation. This was reported by his wife Turonova Gulchekhra, referring to the sister of convicted Hotamova Mamlakat who recently returned after a brief meeting with Abdurasul. A member of the Society “Ezgulik” said to Hatamova M. that another amnesty was not extended to the defender under the pretext of “When it was found a knife!”. However the part of the administration he is under moral pressure saying: “Nobody wants you to be released. No one organizes claims or petitions”.
All of the above it is only a small episode in the overall picture that prevails in the country. In reality torture is becoming the norm. Especially it should be noted that the transformation of torture in the norm is the product of a repressive government policies and corruption.
► In recent years, it’s all has become accustomed that reports about the shooting of civilians in public places, schools and even in kindergartens come mainly from Western countries. But people don’t know that is happening in Uzbekistan too. One of these horrific incidents occurred on 19th February Chelek town of Payarik district of Samarkand region. That evening in a cafe "Rustam" which is located on Sh.Rashidov Street, the tragedy was occurred. Suddenly has arise a quarrel between a group of people has been sitting in the cafe. It would seem okay. Inebriated people sometimes have quarrels, but as a rule, it’s end up getting the usual: "Do you respect me? If so, let’s take the next portion of alcohol."
But this time one of his drinking companions drew his pistol and shoot partner’s head. Not reassured at this, he was wounded more three people, and then, gunman was able to disarm by the police action. The wild story in the spirit of "Wild West" that has been occurred in a quiet and peaceful provincial town. But it turned out the details of the incident give the event a terrible color. The enquiry is that a drunken disassembly with shooting was made are not bandits and criminals, but an employers of law machinery.
The gunman in a drunken frenzy has shoot to his drinking companion is a Lieutenant Jamalov Aziz held the post of inspector Prevention Department of the Interior Department of Internal Affairs of Payarik district. His victim was Jumanov Sanjar, he was a senior Inspector of Payarik district court. Also injured two workers and another cafe visitor have been quietly dined at this point of catering.
The fact that people who should be always and everywhere take up the cause of citizens are becoming a source of direct threat to the health and lives of innocent townsfolk, it’s really horrifying. And when an employer of law machinery can free to apply the service weapon goes beyond the scope of common sense and gives reason seriously think again. And everything is okay in the ranks of our police, which call to protect law order in the streets of our towns and villages. Where to watch leaders of Directorate of Internal Affairs of Samarkand region?
► On the night at 26th of July 2009 year in the apartment 2, house 13, street Yangibogich Djarkurgansky district of Surkhandarya was a terrible event occurred. The Scout Sapper of military part №11506 located in the area barrow Kakkaydi, Holmuminov Khudoyberdi murdered five women. They are Khasanova Gulbahor, Nikitina Christina, Mustafokulova Nilufar, Karshiboeva Dilfuza and Berdiev Dildora. Four women died at the scene of the crime, and the fifth woman is fighting with death in the reanimation department of the Central Hospital of Djarkurgan.
Under with the preliminary investigation Khudoyberdi was born in 18th of September, 1981 in Muzrabot district, Surkhandarya region, he was graduated the two sergeants school. On October of this year should to be hold his wedding. However, he is accused of brutal murder and taken into custody. The circumstances and causes of the unfortunate murder is following: the owner of the flat 34-year-old Khasanova Gulbahor contained in herself flat a brothel. Permanent client of this house, Khudoyberdi owed to the prostitutes around 300 000 soums (roughly 170 USA dollars - approx. Society “Ezgulik”). When Gulbahor required paying the debt, the soldier struck her multiple knife wounds. The same fate was overtaken of four young ladies of easy virtue, who were witnessed of this event.
According to neighbors about the existence of the bawdy house knew police officers and activists’ mahalla. In addition, at this place were a lot of scandals, but the conflicting parties for little money found common language with the policemen. In the mahalla administration during six months have not been a chairman of the community center committee, but the Head of Administration of this district is not worried this question.

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