History of Andijan Andijan: History and Present Days

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History of Andijan
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History of Andijan

Andijan: History and Present Days

Ancient Andijan, surrounded by picturesque hills, is situated on the south-east of the Fergana Valley. This city is proud of its venerable age (2000 years) and of the fact that it is the hometown of Muhammad Zahiruddin Babur - the famous poet and commander, representative of the great dynasty of Tamerlane, the founder of the Mogul Empire in India. Today tourists can visit the house of Babur, remained in Andijan.

Historical records say about the large city on this site, which has grown up on the track of the Silk Road. It served as the eastern gateway of the Fergana Valley. On the whole route along the river of Karadarya there were caravanserais.

For the first time Andijan is mentioned in records of the 9th century. In the 9-10th centuries Andijan became a part of the Samanid State. In the 14th century, during the reign of Amir Timur, Andijan experienced rapid growth in all areas.

In the 16th century, Andijan was conquered by the Sheibanids, later it became a part of the Kokand Khanate. Since 1876, the territory of the Kokand Khanate, including Andijan, was included in the Russian Empire. At this time, the city produced a wonderful silk and cotton fabrics, which were famous not only in the Ferghana Valley, but far beyond its borders. In 1902 Andijan suffered from an earthquake, which destroyed a lot of ancient monuments.

The only main architectural monument - surviving a catastrophic earthquake in 1902 is the huge Jami Madrasah. Built in the late 19th century, this building is very impressive. Its length is almost 123 m. The complex occupies the area of 1.5 hectares, and includes a madrasah, mosque and minaret.

Modern Andijan is the large city of Uzbekistan, the largest center for engineering industry. Andijan has the automobile production plant, a number of other major companies: engineering, canning and dairy factories, flour mill, cotton mill, textile factory.

This beautiful sunny city becomes more attractive from year to year: new modern buildings are built, range of entertainment and shopping centers is growing. Andijan abounds in green gardens, parks and alleys.

Thirty kilometers away from Andijan there is the ancient settlement Ershi - the capital of the ancient state of Davan. Andijan region is well-known for its holy places. So-called Teshik-Tash boulder reminds straddling giant at the foot. Among other famous shrines Imam-Ota, Tuzlik Masar, Ok Gur, spring Shirmanbulak should be mentioned.

Our country does not duplicate each region not only with its natural climatic but rich historical heritage, peculiarities, lifestyles and even turf traditions. As it is, these puddles of jungle, breath of air, and a number of tourists from all over the world are welcomed. In particular, the tourism sector is not a big step in the development of local and foreign visitors from Andijan region.

According to the "People's Suzu", the Ferghana Valley is located in the eastern part of the province and contains 14 fogs and 11 cities with a total area of ​​4.2 thousand km. square. Normal weather. Hot sour, barren. It is now possible to offer tourist services during the year, and surfing can be updated with new routes.

There are more than 370 cultural heritage sites in the territory. Each of them is an unmistakable page of victory. "Jome" and "Ahmadbek pilgrim's hotel" magazines, "Qutayib ibn ibn Muslim", "Shirmonbulok", "Imam Ota" shrines, history of Andizhan as well as many of them, "Mingtepa", "Mingtepa". The mosquitoes left the world. Specialists from many countries, including France, Japan, China, and other countries are working hard.

Cuisine in the Old Town part of the city is full of crafts with guests. The reason is that the artisans live in the country, the Otameros professional businessmen. This time the tourists will be able to witness the destruction of national handicraft products and become a participant in the uniting.

In order to provide high quality services to tourists, modern hotels are being built in the region. There are 20 hotels in the city of Andizhan - "Bogishamol", "Andijan", "Andijan elite", "Caravanserai", "Afrosiab", "Hamkor".

"Following the implementation of the directives and resolutions outlined in the Decrees and Decrees, our state has taken steps to reduce the volume of export of tourism and tourism services in the region," said the Commissioner for Tourism Development Andizhanli. - According to it, the work on reconstruction and improvement of tourist facilities, improvement of quality of service, development of tourism and tourism infrastructure is in full swing.

Caravanserai rented cars for the purpose of adding more conveniences to tourists, as well as the purchase of airline tickets worldwide.

The tourists are keen on attracting tourists, familiarizing them with national traditions and customs. For example, the construction of a 1,000 tequila teapot with the Mirpustin Ota mansion also serves the region's tourist discretion.

The journey liberates the mind of the mind

Visitors to Andijan are familiar with the work of museums and libraries. After all, this culture is the home of the Great Succulent Bridge. Today there are 5 museums in the region, and there are many visitors to the museum, especially the local museum.

More than 30 thousand pieces of artifacts are selected at the museum, which was established in 1934, and they tell the people of the Fergana Valley's history and way of life. The valley's natural, natural encyclopedia exhibits, historical documents and literature, 300 acres of fine art, and over 1,000 applied art items are intrigued by the guests. At present the museum also has branches from Asaka, Shahrihon, Kurgantepa, Ulugnor, Jalakuduk.

The Jumeirah Madrassah, which was built on the adjacent territory of the National Museum, was one of the historical monuments, it was built in 1883-1890. The total length of the palace, consisting of a mosque, madrassah and tower, is 123 meters. Madrasah was built to the east. The stove was raised. Ungki snips and minaret minarets. In the beaches, there were two classrooms, the Ucarning house, the two most powerful houses.

The western part of the Ascension is part of the mosque. The wing consists of a cobblestone triangle design and three rows of rows of pillars and a cobblestone ceiling. The height of the tower is 32 meters.

The Andijan Region authorities are now giving new life to the massacre, which is now under way. After all, the region will become the main place where cultural and educational activities are implemented.

Andijan Hilali

In order to develop tourism in the region, historical monuments have been renovated and sacred shrines flourished. In particular, the” Devonaboy " mosque, whose history is closely related to the past, value and lifestyle of the region, is changing to an unrecognizable level and acquires a new appearance. Its ornate minarets, the luxurious building of kadgan, on the basis of a project harmonized with modern and Oriental architecture, four gates, one room, four balconies, the magnificent walls of which are dignified from each other are reconciled like the city husniga Crescent.

Another of the settlements that attracted foreign tourists is the Mingtepa archaeological location in the District of Marhamat. It has a history of two and a half thousand years and is included in the UNESCO list.

Sources quoted him as saying that Mingtepa was the capital of the state of Davan (Fergana). As a result of the research carried out in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan for five years,a large city was destroyed here under 2-2.5 meters of soil. Defense walls, internal and external roads, fortress location, various facts that tell about the lifestyle of the population, tell the story from the unexplored page of history.

— The fact that the walls of the defense were built of clay baked in a unique style is a warning from the architectural art of that period, — said Professor Bakijan Matbobayev. — How many thousands of years have passed, but the fact that the walls were kept in good condition, solid ceramic materials, building materials were found indicates the development of craftsmanship at that time.

At present, Uzbekistan — China joint international archaeologicaleksex expedition is conducting search work in the ruin of the largest ancient monument in Fergana Valley – the city of Mingtepa. The excavations were actively attended by specialists of the Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Samarkand), the Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Social Sciences of the people's Republic of China (Beijing), the international public fund of Babur, as well as students of the Faculty of history of Andijan State University, professors and teachers.

Excavations indicate that Mingtepa was a developed Azim city, in which caravans were settled from the II century BC to the V-VI centuries, when the Great Silk Road began. Archaeological research continues in this settlement, which has hidden the wisdom and secrets of centuries.

Both visiting and traveling

The abundance of sacred shrines on the territory is becoming more accessible at a later time to develop another type of tourism — pilgrimage tourism. The” father of philanthropy " sanctuary is one of such sacred places. In this step, conditions have been created for visiting and reciting the Qur'an.

Another remarkable aspect of the mask is the presence of a fountain of virtue. It is said that he has more than 600 years on his eyeball. Since then, it is the main water source of the population of the territory. It is recommended to treat more than a dozen diseases due to their healing. And the 56 Bush maple trees around the spring grow centuries old, and the poppy grows with dignity.

The philanthropist also attracted the attention of foreign guests. Therefore, the number of visitors from countries such as Italy, Germany, China, UAE, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, etc.is increasing year by year.

Switzerland of Uzbekistan

The head of our state visited Andijan on June 2-3, 2017, during which he visited the city of Khanabad and gave instructions on how to convert this large “Uzbekistan Switzerland” to a tourist destination. The kangaroo-style activities that have been gaining momentum now show that the city is becoming one of the tourist attractions.

Honabad - the valley's most luxurious home. As a result, the city is the fifth largest river and canal, and the third largest in the country, the "Andijan canal warehouse", provides stability of the region's climate.

Minister Mahkamasing July 28, 2017 In accordance with the decision "On the development of the city of Honabad in Andizhan region for 2017-2019 years", the next three years will be completed 434 billion 600 million sums.

"In Khanabad, the work done on the internal and eco-tourism competencies has made the residents of Andijan feel very strongly," says Mansurbek Rahimov, a city imam. - As a result of the good work, the 200-lb Hononabad sanatorium will be put into operation on the eve of the event. The area of ​​150 acres, which is covered by 150 acres in the municipality, will be converted into a residential area, and will also include grapes, pistachios, almonds, gardens and vineyards.

It is worth mentioning that the construction of the bridge over the Kadarya river in Dushanbe-Bishkek-Termez highway, which was built in 2003, will be completed by the end of the year. Most importantly, the electrified electrified "Andijan-Honabad" commuter train will be interrupted. The current construction of the OJSC “Uzbekiston Temir Yullari” is enriched with the aim of bringing the current project to a single end. It is important to note that the bar is aimed at making Uzbekistan Switzerland the most luxurious tourist destination.

When it comes to eco-tourism prospects, it is worth noting that projects in the ponds around Pakhtaabad and Ulugnor have already been implemented. In Balikchi, in the fog of Khojaabad, gastronomic tourism has been widespread.

Such places have been created so that foreign tourists can directly participate in the preparation of our national dishes. Naturally, the royal cuisine is very interesting for everyone.

Development of tourism in the region is shaped by activities of hotels. Andizhan State University Andizhan College of Consumer Services in the city of Andizhan are preparing professionals for hotel services. There are 7 additional classes for Ishlarning, many of which are organized in modern hotels. Such reforms, as well as the bright pearl of the Golden Valley, have been a success in the tourism industry, and the tourism industry in Andijan has been a boon to success.
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