Harvest 2016. Live it!

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We waited a year and we have it here. Live the harvest 2016 from inside at DOQ Priorat.

We invite you to know the harvest to discover how tradition and modernity come together to make the new wine each year. Know how DOQ Priorat wines are made with us.


We’ll go down to the vineyard, scissors in hand, to learn the secrets of the vintage at the Priorat. Back at the winery, we will closely follow the wine making process: grape selection, pumping over and pigeage, musts tasting...

After work, we will taste some of the best wines of the cellar with 100% Priorat appetizers while we enjoy the exceptional views of the vineyards from the terrace of the tasting room.
When? From September 24th to October 30th

Schedules: Book in advance.

Choose the day and time that suits you and make your reservation. Send us an email to info@ametller.com or call us (+34) 663 456 696 and live the harvest 2016 with us.
Book in advance is essential.

Celler Joan Ametller – Priorat at your fingertips

Celler Joan Ametller

Carretera de la Morera a Cornudella, km 3,2

43361 La Morera de Montsant (Tarragona)

www.ametller.com / 977 098 100 / 663 456 696 / info@ametller.com

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