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Gull Lake Middle School Señora Hammond

Spanish 1

¡Bienvenidos al mundo hispanohablante! You have made a wise choice by choosing to learn the Spanish language. Spanish is officially spoken in 21 countries and it’s the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world. Also, with a large number of Spanish speakers here in the USA, there are numerous careers where knowing Spanish is beneficial.
Course Description:

The purpose of this class is to familiarize the student with the Hispanic culture and to help students gain a mastery of the fundamental building blocks of the Spanish language through grammar and vocabulary. In Spanish 1, students will be introduced to the basic skills of a second language through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Spanish culture is introduced in each lesson and is further emphasized through various media and student projects.

** Spanish 1 is a high school course. You are in a class with the same content, assessments and work load as a high school student. You must maintain an 80% B- average across the three trimesters to earn the high school credit and move successfully into Spanish 2.

You will be evaluated on speaking, listening, writing, reading comprehension and class participation. Your grade will be determined in the following way:

  • Daily Participation 20%

  • Class work / Homework 40%

  • Quizzes / Tests / Projects 30%

  • Trimester Exam 10%

*Please note: The trimester exam will be worth 10% for tri 1 and 2, but will go up to 20% for tri 3.
Resources and Materials:

Required Materials: The following items must be with you every day. Failure to bring these items may result in the loss of participation points.

  1. 3-ring binder exclusively for Spanish class with 5 dividers labeled tarea (homework), vocabulario (vocabulary), verbos (verb charts), apuntes (notes), pruebas (quizzes/tests)

  2. Así se dice textbook

  3. pencil

Suggested Materials:

  1. Spanish-English pocket dictionary

  2. Textbook cover


Help yourself by checking Synergy often to monitor grades. I have an open door policy before school and after school, so please feel free to come anytime for help! The best way for parents (or you if you’re not in school) to reach me is through email at If you need to reach me by phone, leave a message including a call back number and I will be happy to return your call. I also use my Schoolwires teacher page to publish important dates and other information. I will hold a tutoring session every Tuesday from 2:40 to 3:20pm for those needing extra help completing assignments or preparing for tests.
Passes are not a right but a privilege. You will be allowed 4 passes per trimester.
Late work will be accepted for ½ credit until the end of the chapter it was assigned from. After the chapter test, any missing work (mi) will become a zero.

¡Ojo! 3 late passes will be given at the beginning of each trimester. With a late pass, a late

assignment may be turned in without the score penalty.
Make-up work is described in the crate labeled SPAN 1 on the supply table in the corner of the room. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed while you were absent and turn it in within 2 school days. When make-up work is completed, write ABSENT at the top of the paper and place it in the green basket labeled “absent work”. Make-up work will also be available daily on my Schoolwires website. Whenever possible, electronic versions of this information will be posted also.
Missing quizzes/tests must be made up upon your return to class. If the quiz/test was announced before your absence, you must be prepared to take it on your first day back.
Extra credit comes in the form of Toro cards. You can earn Toro cards for participation in certain activities, winning games or other positive contributions to our class. Save these cards and redeem them on tests or quizzes for 1 bonus point each.
Tardies will be given if you are not in class when the bell rings. If you arrive late, please enter quietly, give me pass (if you have one) and go to your seat.
When you arrive, read the information labeled Bell work on the board or screen and begin your warm up.
At the end of class:

1. Please clean up after yourself.

2. Read the information labeled La Tarea.

3. Listen for closure, final instructions, homework information, etc.

4. Remain in your seat until I dismiss you! I will excuse you, not the bell.


A. Use appropriate language. No swearing or hurtful words. Say por favor and gracias.

B. Wait until it is your turn to speak. Please raise your hand!

C. Clean up after yourself and make sure supplies are put away neatly.

D. Do not disturb others.

A. Bring your binder, pencil, textbook, and any other material necessary for your full

participation in class.

B. Attend to restroom and drinking fountain needs BEFORE class.

3. NO GUM Because you are here to learn to speak Spanish, you must have your mouth free

of gum so that it can work on these new sounds and words.

¡Ojo! I will gently remind you for the first 3 weeks of class about this rule. After that

time, gum chewing can result in a loss of participation points.
4. All items not mentioned will be in accordance with the student handbook.

First time………………………….verbal warning / 4 questions

Second time………………………parent meeting (in person or over the phone)

Third time………………………….SRC for the hour and referral

Severe disruption / major disrespect ……. immediate trip to the SRC and referral

September 6, 2016

Dear parents & guardians:

In your student’s Spanish 1 class educational videos are sometimes used to enhance learning objectives and explore the cultures of the Spanish speaking world. The 2008 film Under the Same Moon offers the opportunity to discuss and explore all sides of the topic of immigration. Under the Same Moon is rated PG-13 for “some mature thematic elements”. This movie and its complimentary activities will take place towards the end of the first trimester. The use of this movie will address two important Michigan World Language educational standards and/or benchmarks:

  • Understanding the role of family and community within the target culture.

  • Demonstrate understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons of the culture studied and the student’s own.

As a complimentary activity students will write a reflective essay about an important character or theme of the movie. The assignment will be clearly described before the movie so students are able to take helpful notes and watch for specific information.

If you have any questions about the movie or wish to preview it, please contact me at or (269)-548-3661. If you determine that your student will not view the video, an alternative assignment will be provided in the library or other study location.
Thank you,

Mrs. Renee Hammond

Cut on the dotted line and return bottom portion 


Student’s name: ______________________________________________ Class hour: ______

please print

My student has shared the Spanish 1 course syllabus with me. I understand it and will support my student to be successful in this class.

What is the best way to contact you?

Phone #:


___________________________________ _________________

parent or guardian’s signature date

My student has permission to watch Under the Same Moon.
___________________________________ _________________

parent or guardian’s signature date

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