Greater egypt regional planning and development commission (greater egypt) minutes of the regular meeting of the commission december 10, 2013

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DECEMBER 10, 2013
A regular meeting of the Commission convened on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at Koko’s Restaurant at Kokopellis in Marion, Illinois.
Commission Members Present: Donna Sue Bozarth (Franklin County); Gary Kraft (Benton); Don Gass (West Frankfort); Robert Clodi (Rend Lake Conservancy District); Robert Hopkins, Julie Peterson (Jackson County); Kevin Baity (Carbondale); Steve Damron, Curtis Grothoff (Jefferson County); James Epplin, Fred Kelly, Sam Robb (Perry County); Eric Pflanz (Du Quoin); Brent Gentry, Darren Pulley, Jeffery Robinson (Williamson County)
Commission Members Absent: Mike Rolla, William Stark (Franklin County); John S. Rendleman (Jackson County); John Keele, Robert White (Jefferson County); Ron Neibert (Mt. Vernon); Brian Otten (Perry County); August Kellerman (Pinckneyville); Ron Ellis (Williamson County); Mark T. Krones (Carterville); Brian Chapman (Herrin); Robert Butler (Marion)
Staff Present: Cary M. Minnis, Executive Director; Margie Mitchell, Program Director; Jenny A. Richardson, Administrator
Others Present: None
Call to Order
Mr. Damron, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Ms. Richardson reported and Mr. Damron determined that a quorum was physically present. Ms. Richardson recorded the proceedings of the meeting.
Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Commission, Treasurer’s Report, and List of Bills
Motion was made by Mr. Robinson and seconded by Mr. Grothoff, approving the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Commission of November 12, 2013, as received. All members present voted "AYE". Motion carried.
Motion was made by Mr. Grothoff and seconded by Mr. Pflanz, accepting the Treasurer’s Report of November 30, 2013, as distributed. All members present voted "AYE". Motion carried.
Motion made by Mr. Robinson and seconded by Mr. Pflanz, authorizing the payment of expenditures over $500 on the List of Bills, as distributed. All members present voted "AYE". Motion carried.
Mr. Minnis announced that on December 4, 2013, the Executive Committee made a recommendation to request authorization allowing Mr. Minnis to execute a professional services agreement between Greater Egypt and Perry County. Greater Egypt was asked by Jeff Ashauer, Perry County Planning and Development Director, to conduct an economic impact analysis and report on agriculture as a sector in Perry County for an amount not exceed $5,000.
Motion made by Mr. Grothoff and seconded by Mr. Robinson, authorizing Mr. Minnis authorization to execute the agreement between Greater Egypt and Perry County to furnish Perry County an economic impact study for Perry County for an amount not to exceed $5,000. All members present voted "AYE". Motion carried.
Old Business - Administrative
Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting
Motion was made by Mr. Pflanz and seconded by Mr. Grothoff, accepting the Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting of December 4, 2013, as received. All members present voted “AYE”. Motion carried.


Nominating Committee Report
Motion was made by Ms. Bozarth and seconded by Mr. Robinson, accepting the Slate of Officers recommended by the Nominating Committee on December 4, 2013 as listed on the MEMO of December 10, 2013, as distributed. All members present voted “AYE”. Motion carried.
The 2014 Officers are as follows:

  • Chairman – Kevin Baity, Carbondale

  • First Vice-Chairman – Julie Peterson, Jackson County

  • Second Vice-Chairman – Don Gass, West Frankfort

  • Third Vice-Chairman – Jeffery Robinson, Williamson County

  • Fourth Vice-Chairman – Brian Otten, Perry County

  • Secretary – Curtis Grothoff, Jefferson County

  • Treasurer – Steve Damron, Jefferson County

  • At Large – Fred Kelly, Perry County

Old Business - Program

Staff Program Report to the Commission
Motion was made by Mr. Pflanz and seconded by Mr. Grothoff, accepting the Staff Program Report to the Commission of November, 2013, as received. All members present voted “AYE”. Motion carried.
Water Quality Management Planning
Motion was made by Mr. Pflanz and seconded by Mr. Grothoff, accepting the Minutes of the Meeting of the Regional Water Quality Coordinating Council (RWQCC) Executive Committee of November 7, 2013, as received. All members present voted “AYE”. Motion carried.
Mr. Minnis reported that EDA issued their annual federal funding notice on Greater Egypt is currently working on three (3) applications expected to be submitted in March.
Hazard Mitigation Grants (HMG)
Mr. Minnis announced that Greater Egypt, along with Southern Illinois University, have submitted applications to assist all five (5) counties with updating their Hazard Mitigation Plans.
Prior Hazard Mitigation Plans proved to be fruitful. Two (2) grant applications have been funded and two (2) applications are under review.

  1. Rend Lake Conservancy District – relocation for part of their water main;

  2. Jackson County – acquisition of the Reed Station Mobile Home Park located in the flood plain;

Under Review:

  1. City of Murphysboro – application submitted to apply for funding to build a new emergency road access to their water treatment plant;

4.) City of West Frankfort – application submitted to fund the relocation of several of their waste water treatment plant components to areas that do not flood.


New Business - Administrative
New Business - Program
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:43 p.m.

Memo Re: 2014 Slate of Officers

Copies of all background documents furnished to the Commission in connection with this meeting are on file in the office of Greater Egypt, Marion, Illinois.

Present at Annual Dinner:

Commission Members: Donna Sue Bozarth, Cynthia Johns, Georgia Moore (Franklin County); Gary & Debby Kraft (Benton); Don and Linda Gass ( West Frankfort); Robert Clodi ( Rend Lake Conservancy District); Julie Peterson, Bob Hopkins ( Jackson County); Kevin & Penny Baity (Carbondale); Steven & Kay Damron, Curt & Linda Grothoff (Jefferson County); Jim & Janice Epplin, Fred & Edrye Kelly, Sam & Myrna Robb (Perry County); Eric Pflanz & Pat Rayfield (Du Quoin); Brent Gentry; Darren & Lisa Pulley, Jeff & Tammy Robinson (Williamson County).
Others: Melissa O’Dell Olson, Scott Olson, Susan Watson, Senator Durbin’s office; Mayor Joel Fritzler, Carbondale; Mayor Jason Ashmore, Sesser; Kyle Harfst, SIU Economic Development; Jim & Janice Marlo, Williamson County Board.

Those receiving Awards: Steve Beal, NRE & RARE; Larry Miedlezis, Liaison; Rodney & Karen Cabaness, Black Diamond; Shad & Dana Zimbro, Black Diamond Harley Davidson.

Staff: Cary & Becky Minnis, Ming Ma, Beau Henson, Margie Mitchell.
Cary Minnis, Executive Director welcomed all to the meeting and Steve Damron gave the Invocation.
Mr. Minnis introduced those at the head table: Steve Damron, outgoing Chairman, and his wife Kay; Kevin Baity, incoming Chairman, and his wife Penny, and Cary’s wife, Becky.
Also introduced was Bill Stanhouse, DCEO; Melissa O’Dell 0lsen, Scott Olsen, Susan Watson, Senator Durbin’s office; Carbondale Mayor Fritzler; Sesser Mayor Ashmore; Benton Mayor Kraft. Commission members were recognized and asked to stand.
Dinner was served.
After dinner, Mr. Minnis announced the officers for 2014 that were elected at the business meeting:
Chairman - Kevin Baity, Carbondale

lst Vice Chairman - Julie Peterson, Jackson County

2nd Vice Chairman - Don Gass, West Frankfort

3rd Vice Chairman - Jeffery Robinson, Williamson County

4th Vice Chairman - Brian Otten, Perry County

Secretary - Curtis Grothoff, Jefferson County

Treasurer - Steve Damron, Jefferson County

At Large - Fred Kelly, Perry County

Mayor Gary Kraft and Robert Hopkins were recognized for serving 10 years on the Board; Robert White and Ron Ellis were recognized for serving 5 years on the Board.
Cary also recognized Donna Sue Bozarth, franklin County Representative to the Commission, who will be leaving after 23 years of service at the end of the year. She has served as Treasurer for the past several years. She was given a round of applause.
Mr. Minnis presented Mr. Damron a plaque in Appreciation for Leadership and Service as Chairman in 2013.
The Commission presents annual awards each year at its annual dinner. There were several nominations and members discussed who should receive the awards this year.
This year a special award the “Community Service and Corporate Citizenship Award” was presented to Steven L. Beal, for his significant contributions to local business and charitable organizations, continued investment in National Railway Equipment Company, and restoring the historic Fred P. Watson Building in order to open RARE Chop House.

Steven Beal is the President and CEO of National Railway Equipment Company which is headquartered in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. National Railway is a privately owned provider of new and remanufactured locomotives, locomotive products and wheel services. Along with his family, Mr. Beal and National Railway’s continued personal and corporate citizenship have enhanced Jefferson County and surrounding communities. In the summer of 2012, the Beal Family purchased the 100+ year old Fred P. Watson building in downtown Mt. Vernon and restored the building and opened a fine dining steakhouse.

RARE Chop House opened August 2013 and currently employs 45 employees.
Mr. Minnis asked Mr. Beal to come forward and accept the award. The award read “In Recognition of Your significant Contributions to Local Business and Charitable Organizations; continued Investment in National railway Equipment Company; and Restoring the Fred P. Watson Building to Open RARE Chop House. Mr. Beal thanked the Commission for the award and said it was an honor to receive it.
The Meritorious Service Award was established by the Commission to recognize an institution, organization, or others for significant contributions and service to benefit the citizens of Southern Illinois. This year the Commission recognized Black Diamond-Harley Davidson, Marion. Since opening in August 2007 the company has sold almost 10,000 motorcycles and is ranked near the top of all 700 Harley-Davison dealers in the nation. Their primary goal is to make sure every customer has an experience at Black Diamond that is second to none and customer satisfaction ratings are more important statistics than their sales ranking. Harley-Davidson would be a worthy recipient of a Business and Industry award, but the Commission has chosen to honor Black Diamond-Harley Davidson for their impressive Charitable Endeavors. The list of Black Diamonds charitable endeavors is truly astonishing. A few of the many highlights are:
Black Diamond Harley-Davidson Scholarships; Back to School Giveaways; Southern Illinois Together; Heroes in the Heartland-Free Concert for Active Duty Military and Veterans 2013; Black Diamond Employee Donation Program. Other charitable events include: Raffle for the restoration of Balk Knob Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Thrifty Shopper to benefit local good pantries, MDA Sale-A-Thon, Borrowed & Blue Ladies Only Event, Sundress & Sandals Ladies Event, First Responders appreciation Lunch, Hot Tub of Hope to benefit St. Jude, Marion Lincoln Elementary School Accelerated Reader Program, Sack Hunger Food Drives; and Trunk or Treat.
Mr. Minnis stated “While I think everyone in southern Illinois and perhaps the nation knows of Black Diamond’s business success, Greater Egypt felt that their outstanding charitable endeavors needed to be recognized as they have proven to be just as generous to our local community as they have been successful.”
Mr. Minnis asked Rodney Cabaness and Shad Zimbro to come forward to accept this Meritorious Service Award, which read “In Recognition of its Outstanding Charitable Endeavors in Southern Illinois”. They thanked the Commission and appreciated receiving the award, noting they are a people business.

Mr. Gentry congratulated Rodney and Shad on receiving the award and thanked them for all their contributions to the southern Illinois community.

Businesses/Industry Award recognizes an industry in the region which continues to contribute to the Region’s progress and economic growth. This year the award was given to Liaison Technologies, Inc., a thirteen-year-old data integration and data management technology company that helps over 7,000 customers around the globe seamlessly integrate and exchange business and operations information. From its Carbondale, IL office, Liaison’s Managed Services team provides hands on support for its North American customers across its suite of industry-leading integration products and services. Liaison clients include companies such as Merck & Company, Warner Brothers, Johnson & Johnson, Coke, International Paper, Post Foods, Morton Salt, Life Technologies, and Fisher Scientific.

The Southern Illinois Research Park provided a temporary “landing place” for Liaison, where they started three years ago with one employee. Since then, they have moved into the former School Center building in the Carbondale Business Park East and have quickly grown to 32 employees in Carbondale.

Mr. Minnis asked Larry Mieldezis to accept the award which reads “In Recognition of its Industry-Leading Integration Products and Services and for the Rapid Expansion of the Carbondale, Illinois Office.
Mr. Mieldezis thanked the Commission and said he appreciated the award. When he graduated from SIU he went to New York to work. Since he knew SIU graduates have good work ethics he recommended that an office of the company come to Carbondale. The company has been happy with the decision to come to Carbondale.

Mr. Gentry introduced Williamson County Board member, Jim Marlo and his wife.

The winner of the centerpiece was Commission member, Darren Pulley.

Mr. Minnis said this concludes the program and thanked everyone for coming and again congratulated the award winners.

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