Good Day Great East Windsor Chamber Business/Board of Directors meeting this past Tuesday at Main Street Grille. Discussion was had on the a possible roundabout at the bridge over the river on Bridge Street and the Warehouse Point Fire District

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Good Day-

Great East Windsor Chamber Business/Board of Directors meeting this past Tuesday at Main Street Grille. Discussion was had on the a possible roundabout at the bridge over the river on Bridge Street and the Warehouse Point Fire District Tax.

A Big Thank You to Jim Barton SR for attending & providing the Business Community information on the Fire District Tax. He emphasized that the Two Fire Depts are still working closely together will continue to do so to provide the best they can in Fire Protection.(Both Depts are looking for Volunteers-maybe You are the Right Stuff.)

Jim Barton SR and 1st Selectman Robert Maynard also encouraged Businesses to support the Veterans Memorial Park being planned with the purchase of a “Paver”.(details below).

The East Windsor Farmers Market is open at the CT Trolley museum on Sundays/Be sure to stop by and see what East Windsor has to offer.

Several new Items about the Towns 250th celebration, Fire Truck Show and don’t forget next week is the Chamber’s “Open House “at our new location.
Have a Great Day ! Jimbo

James C. Richards

Executive Director

East Windsor Chamber of Commerce

107 Main Street Broad Brook CT 06016
The “East Winds”

East Windsor Chamber of Commerce’s Electronic Update- week ending 7/17/2016 issue

New East Windsor Chamberites-
CC Beauty Bar

Advanced Electrical Systems

EW Chamber Member News and Announcements

1) CC Beauty Bar will be at the East Windsor farmers Market this Sunday with a Chair Massage for$1 a minute. Formore info about CC Beauty Bar at .
2) Costo Wholesale is no exclusive to VISA. No Longer accepting American Express, The introductory offer for new applicants is 0% APR for 1st seven months. Earn Costco cash awards anywhere VISA is accepted plus no annual fee with Your Paid Costco Membership. You canApply online, at the Warehouse or by calling 1 800 970 3019. Questions contact Linette at 860 394 2000.
3) Be a Part of the Veterans Memorial Park Walkway-Pavers with an inscription only $35 (6 x 9 inches)- This Walkway will be part of the soon to built Veterans Memorial park (formerly Joe Tracys Veterans Memorial Green)- For more info contact a member of the East Windsor veteran’s Commission or email us at the Chamber and we will be glad to send a form/All monies from this will used to reach the $60,000 to complete the New Park- Donations can be sent directly to East Windsor veterans Commission PO Box 191 Broad Brook CT 06016.
4) “Meals on Wheels” Volunteer Drivers wanted to deliver meals to our less fortunate Seniors. If You have a license and a reliable car call Janet at 860 292 8279,
Calendar of Coming Events-(includes Community & Business)
Now-Oct 2nd (Sundays 11a-2p)-

Come and see what East Windsor has to Offer at the East Windsor Farmers Market held each Sunday at the CT Trolley Museum 58 North Road East Windsor CT 06088/ Newest member of the Chamber CC Beauty Bar is there starting this Sunday-Entertainment this week is Jazz Guitarist Kevin Jones-For more info about the Farmers market or to be a Vendor please call 860 292 1796.
July 15th-

250 Year Celebration” of East Windsor Planning Committee meeting at Scout Hall 58 Abbe Rd East Windsor Ct 06088 at 7pm- Great Chance to get informally involved(Those that want to be appointed contact Selectmen’s Office 860 623 8122). There will be a showing of video from 1968 bicentennial celebration.Light refreshments to be served- To know more contact Selectman Jason Bowzsa at 860 558 1705.
July 18th-

23rd Annual Golf Tournament to benefit the Network Against Domestic Abuse to be held at Twin Hills Country Club in Longmeadow MA. Only $130 per golfer includes fees cart, lunch social hour, dinner –To Register please visit /Sponsorships are available please call Luci Lawson 860 763 7430 ext 300 or email
July 19th-

Planning Committee for “Community Day “ /All are welcome- 6pm East Windsor Chamber of Commerce Office 107 main Street Broad Brook (Opera House Office Complex). For more info please email or .
July 21st-

Open House” at the East Windsor Chamber Office 107 main Street Broad Brook CT 06016 (Opera House Office Complex)-starting at 5pm Refreshments served-NETWOKING Please!

July 30th-

Fire Truck Show” at the CT Trolley Museum 58 North Road East Windsor CT 06088 (RTE 140) from 10am-4pm. This event will spotlight the Collection of the Fire Truck Museum and give and Opportunity to get up close. You will learn about the Fire fighting industry, Trucks on hand as well as a display of our Local Fire Depts. Vehicles. Sit in the trucks try on the gear.) Plus You also can ride the Trolley as many times as you want and visit the outstanding collection of items in the Visitors Center. Refreshments will be on hand for purchase. Cost is $10pp Seniors are $9 (62 and older) and ages 2-12 $$7. For more info call 860 627 6540 or visit .

Sept 24th-

East Windsor Community Day 2016-New Location- East Windsor Reservoir Park Over 25 vendors signed up Already- Parade to be dedicated to Nancy Fortin “Lady In Red” plus much more entertainment being planned for the entire family-

Major Sponsor this Year is Windsor Federal Savings

(You are going to want to meet them- Sponsors & Vendors wanted for Midway, Events, Entertainment etc. Please contact Jimbo Richards at or 860 221 8821for more info

**Vendor Booths only $25 / Non Profit Groups FREE

Parade 930am- Fair Opens at 10am-Free Admission
Town of East Windsor Board & Comm. Mtgs.

This service provided by Our Members of the EWCC and is taken from the Town website Community Calendar (agendas & minutes can be found there also)-Please note to check there for cancellations or changes.

** Location Key –

EWTH – East Windsor Town Hall 11 Rye Street Broad Brook CT 06016

EWTHA- East Windsor Town Hall Annex 25 School Street EW Ct 06088

EWPD- East Windsor Police Dept School Street EW CT 06088

WHPL- Warehouse Point Library 107 Main Street EW CT 06088

EWHS- East Windsor High School RM N4 / 76 South Main ST EW Ct 06088

EWMS – East Windsor Middle School 38 Main Street Broad Brook CT 06016
7/18 Economic Development Comm. 6pm EWTH

7.19 Board of Selectmen 7pm EWTH

7/20 Pension Board 6pm EWTH

7/20 Board of Finance 730pm RETH

7/21 American Heritage River Comm. 7pm WHPL

7/21 Special Board of Education 730pm EWHS


The “East Winds” is a Publication of the East Windsor Chamber of Commerce

and brought to You by It’s Members-For more info Please Visit: or email

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