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BOYAJIAN, DICKRAN H. Armenia: The Case for a Forgotten Genocide

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BOYAJIAN, DICKRAN H. Armenia: The Case for a Forgotten Genocide. xii, (2), 498pp., 16 plates. 4to. Cloth. D.j.

Westwood, New Jesey (Educational Book Crafters), 1972.

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London/New York (J.M. Dent & Sons/ E.P. Dutton & Company), [1916].

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London/New York (J.M. Dent & Sons/ Columbia University Press), 1958.

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London (George W. Jones/ At the Sign of the Dolphin), 1924.

229 BOZOYAN, A.A. Byuzandiayi arevelyan k‘aghak‘akanut‘yune ew Kilikyan Hayastane ZHB dari 30-70-akan t‘vakannerin. / Vostochnaia politika Vizantii i Kilikiiskaia Armeniia v 30-70-ye gody XII veka. 270, (16)pp. Buckram. Russian-language summary. Presentation copy, inscribed by the author.

Erevan (Haykakan SSH GA Hratarakch‘ut‘yun), 1988.

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Roma (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche), 197.

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New York (Armenian Prelacy of America), 1932.

235 BRONXVILLE, N.Y. SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE. ESTHER RAUSHENBUSH LIBRARY. Treasured Images: Armenians Through the Camera’s Eye. Vintage photographs from the archives of Project Save. An extraordinary effort devoted to the visual preservation of a people and their past. April 1989. (54)pp. Prof. illus. Lrg. oblong 8vo. Wraps.

Bronxville, N.Y. (1989).

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Bruxelles, 1980.

237 BUDAGOV, LAZAR’. Sravnitel’nyi slovar’ turetsko-tatarskikh nariechii, so vkliucheniem upotrebitel’nieishikh slov arabskikh i persidskikh i s perevodom na russkii iazyk. 2 vols. x, 810, 6, 3pp.; 415, (1)pp. Stout 4to. Cloth. Reprint, limited to 1500 copies, of the Sanktpeterburg 1869-1871 edition.

[Moskva (Izdatel’stvo Vostochnoi Literatury pri Institute Narodov Azii Akademii Nauk SSSR), 1960].

238 BÜTTNER, RUTH & PELTZ, JUDITH (EDITORS). Mythical Landscapes Then and Now. The mystification of landscapes in seach for national identity [...based on a conference at Yerevan State University, September 14-17, 2005]. 299, (1)pp., 21 plates. 4to. Wraps.

Erevan (“Antares” Publishing House), 2006.

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Fresno (The Press at California State University), 2000.

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244 CABLE, MILDRED, ET AL. The Challenge of Central Asia. A brief survey of Tibet and its borderlands, Mongolia, North-West Kansu, Chinese Turkistan, and Russian Central Asia. [By] Mildred Cable, F. Houghton, R. Kilgour, A. McLeish, R.W. Styrt, and Olive Wyon. 136, (2)pp., 2 folding maps. 4to. Cloth.

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Cambridge, 1966.

Enay/Azadi 485
247 THE CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF ISLAM. Edited by P.M. Holt, Ann K.S. Lambton, Bernard Lewis. 2 vols. in 4 parts. Ia: The Central Islamic Lands from pre-Islamic Times to the First World War. Ib: The Central Islamic Lands Since 1918. xviii, xiv, 815pp. IIa: The Indian Sub-Continent, South-East Asia, Africa and the Muslim West. IIb: Islamic Society and Civilization. xvi, xx, 966pp. 4to. Wraps.

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320 DADRIAN, VAHAKN N. Haykakan ts‘eghaspanutiwne khorhrdaranayin ew patmagitakan k‘nnarkumnerov. Hay eresp‘okhanneru meghadrakan eluyt‘nere./ The Treatment of the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Parliament and Its Historical Analysis. 147pp. 4to. Wraps.

Watertown, Massachusetts (Bair Association), 1995.

321 DADRIAN, VAHAKN N. The Historical and Legal Interconnections Between the Armenian Genocide and the Jewish Holocaust: From Impunity to Retributive Justice. (Reprinted from The Yale Journal of International Law, Vol. 23#2.) (58)pp. 4to. Wraps.

New Haven, 1998.

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