Foreign Governments’ Donations To Presidential Libraries/Foundations overview

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Foreign Governments’ Donations To Presidential Libraries/Foundations


  • There is nothing new or unusual about presidential libraries and foundations receiving contributions from foreign governments. And there is significant overlap between those that have given to the Clinton Library and other presidential libraries.

  • The libraries of Former Presidents George H.W.Bush, Carter and Reagan all took money from foreign governments and Former Presidents Carter and Bush continue to take money from foreign governments to fund their charitable work.

  • In fact, Former President George H.W. Bush received at least a million dollars from the Embassy of Qatar in 2004 while his son was president.


The following all contributed $1 million or more to the library:

Other nations that gave:

  • King Hassan II of Morocco,

  • The Amir of Qatar,

  • The Former Prime Minister of Korea,

  • The People’s Republic of China. [AP, 2/23/06; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 5/15/05; Christian Science Monitor, 11/7/97; New York Times, 11/7/97; Washington Post, 2/15/07]

For his 80th: Again donors were not disclosed…but this money was accepted while his son was POTUS…

  • The Embassy of Qatar was one of nineteen donors who gave one million or more to the “celebration.” [Washington Post, 6/13/04]


For his library Reagan received a donation of $2 million from Taiwan. [Washington Post, 6/27/91]


Donors to Carter’s Library included King Fahd Saudi Arabia.

There are 13 governments listed in the Carter Center’s 2007 Annual Report as having, cumulatively, contributed $1 million or more.
In the Carter Center’s Annual Report there is a list of “Donors with Cumulative Giving of $1 Million or More.” The list includes:

Those giving more than $100,000 in 2007 included:

  • HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Fun,

  • Kingdom of Belgium,

  • Government of Denmark,

  • Department for International Development-UK,

  • Government of Ireland,

  • Government of Japan,

  • Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development,

  • Government of the Netherlands,

  • Government of Norway,

  • The Saudi Fund for Development

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