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Interested Supplier Business Information

Fresh Beef Products

DeCA East and Central Areas

1. Provide the following:

Business Name:

Business Address:

Point Of Contact Name:

Business Telephone:

Business Cell Phone:

Business Facsimile Number:

Business E-mail Address:
2. Identify your company’s type of business:

[ ] Manufacturer

[ ] Wholesaler

[ ] Distributor

[ ] Broker / Agent

[ ] Other _________________________________________________

If you are a Broker, provide information about the company you will be representing.
3. Is your company registered in the System for Award Management (SAM)?

[ ] Yes provide CAGE Code _______ and DUNS Number _______________________

[ ] No (proceed to the site and register)
4. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for this acquisition is 311611 (Animal Slaughtering, Except Poultry). The size standard established by the Small Business Administration is 1,000 employees or less. The number of employees is the average employment of a business concern (including employees of its domestic and foreign affiliates), based on the number of persons employed on a full-time, part-time, temporary, or other basis during each of the pay periods for the preceding 12 months. If your company employs 1,000 or less employees (including all of its affiliates), your company is considered a small business.
Based on the above information, what is your business size?

[ ] Small Number of employees: __________

[ ] Large Number of employees: __________

5. If your company is not the manufacturer / producer of All of its products, is the manufacturer of the products a [ ] SMALL or [ ] LARGE business?

6. Small Business Socio-Economic Programs (Check one, if applicable)

[ ] Hubzone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone –, file://>)

[ ] Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (owned AND controlled by service-disabled veteran)

[ ] Veteran-Owned

[ ] Woman-Owned (SWOB)

[ ] Small Disadvantaged Small Business (SDB)
7. Listed below are groupings (and the stores within each group) and the estimated tonnage for the proposed acquisition. Identify which group your company would be interested in servicing. You may choose more than one group.
[ ] GROUP 1. Fort Buchanan, (PR) and Guantanamo Bay (Cuba). Estimated Annual Tonnage: 413,280 Lbs.
[ ] GROUP 2. Pittsburgh Area, Wright Patterson, AFB, Great Lakes, Harrison Village, Fort Campbell, KY, Fort Knox, KY, Selfridge ANGB, MI, Scott AFB, Fort Leonard Wood, MO, Whiteman AFB, MO and Richard Gebaur, MO. Estimated Annual Tonnage: 4,886,286 Lbs.
[ ] GROUP 3. Fort Eustis, VA, Fort Lee, VA, Langley AFB, VA, Little Creek, Norfolk, Oceana and Portsmouth, VA. Estimated Annual Tonnage: 6,834,237 Lbs.
[ ] GROUP 4. Patuxent River, Bolling AFB, Forest Glen, Dover AFB, Aberdeen PG, Andrews AFB, Annapolis, Fort Meade, Fort Belvoir, Fort Myer, Quantico, Dahlgren, Fort Detrick, . Estimated Annual Tonnage: 6,093,939 Lbs.
[ ] GROUP 5. Hanscom AFB, MA, Fort Hamilton, NY, Mitchel Field, NY, Saratoga Springs, NY, West Point, NY, ARDEC-Picatinny, NJ, Carlisle Barracks, PA, New London, CT, Bangor, ME, Lakehurst, NJ, McGuire AFB, Fort Drum, NY, Tobyhanna, PA, Newport, RI, Portsmouth NS, NH. Estimated Annual Tonnage: 3,594,719 Lbs.
[ ] GROUP 6. Kings Bay, FL, Mayport, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Key West, FL, MacDill AFB, Patrick AFB. Estimated Annual Tonnage: 5,105,372 Lbs.
[ ] GROUP 7. Fort Stewart, GA, Hunter, GA, Robins, AFB, GA, Shaw SC, Fort Gordon, GA, Charleston AFB, SC, Charleston NWS, Fort Jackson, SC, Parris Island, SC . Estimated Annual Tonnage: 3,736,294 Lbs.
[ ] GROUP 8. Moody AFB, GA, Fort Rucker, SC, Tyndall AFB, Whiting Field, Hurlburt Field, FL, Albany, GA, Eglin AFB, Pensacola. Estimated Annual Tonnage: 3,082,791 Lbs.
[ ] GROUP 9. Gunter, Maxwell AFB, Redstone Arsenal, Fort Benning, GA, Columbus AFB, Arnold AFB. Estimated Annual Tonnage: 3,277,355 Lbs.
[ ] GROUP 10. Little Rock, Memphis, New Orleans, Barksdale AFB, Fort Polk, Gulfport, Keesler AFB, Meridian NAS. Estimated Annual Tonnage: 2,894,305 Lbs.
[ ] GROUP 11. Camp LeJeune, NC, New River, NC, Seymour-Johnson, Fort Bragg (North), NC, Cherry Point, NC, Fort Bragg (South) NC. Estimated Annual Tonnage: 4,125,085 Lbs.
8. Do you have any concerns about the groupings listed above? [ ] Yes, [ ] No

If your answer to question 8 was Yes, provide additional information?

9. What is your company’s method of shipping/transporting fresh beef products to commercial customers?

10. Will your company be able to provide beef products within the USDA guidelines as stated in the Meat Buyer’s Guide? [ ] Yes, [ ] No

11. The Government utilizes the pricing structure of weighted average price per pound as published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) listed in the Weekly National Carlot Meat Report?

Will your company be able to utilize this pricing structure? [ ] Yes, [ ] No

12. Describe your company’s pricing structure used for the commercial market?

13. What is your company’s market share of beef product in grocery chains (supermarkets)?

Thank you in advance for your expeditious response.

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