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C.J. Mosley of Alabama Wins 29th Collegiate Butkus Award®
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – (December 8, 2013) – University of Alabama senior linebacker C.J. Mosley has won the 29th annual collegiate Butkus Award® in a surprise presentation at a team banquet this evening. The Award was presented by its namesake, Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus, along with his son Matt Butkus.
Mosley, a 6-2, 238 lb. senior linebacker, is the third Alabama linebacker to win the Butkus Award, joining Rolando McClain (2009) and the late Derrick Thomas (1988). Mosley finished third in last year’s voting.
Mosley finished with 70 points, followed by Buffalo’s Khalil Mack (52), UCLA’s Anthony Barr (44), and Ohio State’s Ryan Shazier (22). Also receiving votes were Wisconsin’s Chris Borland, Stanford’s Trent Murphy and Shayne Skov, Florida State’s Telvin Smith, and Michigan State’s Max Bullough.
Mosley leads the Crimson Tide this season with 102 tackles, including 56 solo stops, nine tackles for loss and a safety, eight quarterback hurries and five pass breakups. He received two SEC defensive weekly honors and 11 such Alabama honors. His 313 tackles rank fourth in Alabama’s storied history, just 14 shy of the record, and among just seven who have reached the 300-tackle milestone. He was the Defensive MVP in Alabama’s National Championship Game against Notre Dame last season.
The 51-person selection committee stated, “This year's college linebacker class was among the best in history. Mosley's combination of instincts, range, playmaking ability, on-field leadership and work ethic distinguished his performance. His selfless contributions on special teams and in the community speak to his strength of character and support the Butkus Award mission.”
The Butkus Award inscription reads: "When a player receives the Butkus Award he will know two things. First, he is recognized as the best of the best linebackers in America. Second, and in the long run most important, he will understand that this recognition brings a responsibility to serve others by giving back.” – Dick Butkus
Mosley succeeds Manti Te’o of Notre Dame (now San Diego Chargers) who won the 2012 Butkus Award. High school and professional Butkus Awards will be presented soon.
The Butkus Award® draws attention to the I Play Clean™ campaign, which encourages athletes to train hard, eat well, and play with attitude instead of using performance-enhancing substances. Butkus encourages athletes, coaches and fans to pledge their support at or on Facebook at I.Play.Clean.
Considered one of the greatest football players in history, Butkus was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1979, following an illustrious career with the Chicago Bears, University of Illinois and Chicago Vocational School. Meanwhile, his son Matt was a defensive lineman for the University of Southern California. More information is at or on Facebook at 51.butkus.
The Butkus Award is part of the National College Football Awards Association, a coalition of the major collegiate awards. More information is available at

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Butkus Foundation, 18920 NE 227th Ave., Brush Prairie, WA 98606

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