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Florida Strawberry Festival


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Photo Contest Winners Chosen at Florida Strawberry Festival
PLANT CITY, Fla. (Feb. 27, 2014) The Florida Strawberry Festival announced the winners in its 2014 photo contest today.
Participants can enter nine categories of competition in the annual contest that is sponsored by Spivey Concessions: animal, black and white, human, miscellaneous, place, plant, theme, youth under 15 years of age and youth under 19 years of age.
The highest award, best of show, was awarded to a photo taken by Richard Falter.
In the animal category, Shawn Speaks won first place, Mike Goodwine won second place, Keitha Hall won third place and Debby Doremus and Lynn Lessmiller won awards of merit.
In the black and white category, Kevin Pyfrom won first place, Allen Dixson won second place, Heather Tate-Turner won third place and Elizabeth McIntosh and Kevin Pyfrom won awards of merit.
In the human category, Ashley Schunemann won first place, Steve Johnson won second place, Larry Bagley won third place and Richard Falter and Heather Tate-Turner won awards of merit.
In the miscellaneous category, Sarah Walton won first place, Hannah Wall won second place, Tina Connell won third place and John Dasher and Matthew Williams won awards of merit.
In the place category, Sarah Walton won first place, Kenneth Buschbacher won second place, Richard Bell won third place and Alexis Fugisand and Cyndy Johnson won awards of merit.
In the plant category, Marian Kingry won first place, Jessica Vick won second place, Priscilla Davila won third place and John Downey and Steven Edwards won awards of merit.
In the theme category, Rhonda Roberts won first place, Beatrice Crowell won second place, Courtney Hall won third place and Priscilla Davila and Jason Tkach won awards of merit.


In the youth under 15 years of age category, Tachlor Wells won first place, Virginia Wallnofer won second place, Elijah Fulford won third place and Madison Smallwood and Sarah Smith won awards of merit.
In the youth under 19 years of age category, Kiersten Dunny won first place, Megan Kirkland won second place, Garrett Connell won third place and Morgan Gaudens and Katelin Jenkins won awards of merit.
All photos are displayed for patrons to view in the Parke Building on the Florida Strawberry Festival grounds all 11 days of the event. They are located on the west end next to the Queen’s Hall.
About the Florida Strawberry Festival
The Florida Strawberry Festival is an 11-day community event celebrating the strawberry harvest

of Eastern Hillsborough County. Each year, over 500,000 visitors enjoy the Festival’s headline

entertainment, youth livestock shows, exhibits of commerce and, of course, its world-famous

strawberry shortcake. The 2014 Florida Strawberry Festival celebrating “Florida’s Best Family Recipe!” will be held Feb. 27-March 9, 2014 in Plant City, Fla. For more information, visit, Facebook and Twitter (#berryfest2014).


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