Flint Hill Farm Summer (horse & farm) Camp Registration 2017

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Flint Hill Farm Summer (horse & farm) Camp Registration 2017

Age 7-15




DOB______ Phone____________Email___________

Father’s Name_________Mother’s Name__________

Main Contact Number(work/cell)______________________

Doctor’s Name______________MD office #__________

Emergency Contact_____________________________


Medical Conditions/Mental or Phyiscal limitations. Prescription Meds either now or during school yr?

Please circle week or weeks desiring attendance.

June 19-23, July 17-21nd, Aug 7-11 Farm Camp dates

July 3-7, July 24-28, Aug 14-18 Horse Camp dates

Hours 8:30AM-3:00PM daily. Extended care available from 3pm-5pm-additional charge. Cost $350.00 per week with a $25 discount for registration prior to April 1. $10.00 gift certificate presented for Farm Store or toward lessons for each validated referral. NON REFUNDABLE deposit $100 required per child per week to reserve space, as space is limited. Balance due 2 weeks prior to start date. As the goal of our camp is to teach children in a safe environment, we reserve the right to cancel summer camp for any child who refuses to follow safety rules. Campers should wear appropriate attire for riding, long pants, and shoes with heel. Riding helmets are required. If needed, campers can rent for $2.00 per day. Additional outfit should be provided(shorts, sneakers and rain slicker) and water bottle.

Make checks payable to Flint Hill Farm Educational Center.

Visa/Mastercard accepted

Parent’s signature____________________________Date__________________

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