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As required by Section 9.12 of chapter 44 of the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) hereby gives final notice of a decision to award funding to the Crescent Beach Association (“Applicant”) for a project to repair and stabilize an existing walkway, fence, and revetment that was damaged during “Super Storm Sandy”. The Crescent Beach Association Bluff Walkway runs approximately 840 feet along the shore, north to south, from Crescent Ave. to a parking lot at the intersection of Beach Ave. and South Washington Ave., in the Borough of Crescent Beach, East Lyme, CT. The revetment is a sloping structure on the ocean side bluff that is designed to absorb the energy of incoming water, e.g. tidal flow and waves.
Project Description: The revetment will be repaired and stabilized by re-armoring the embankment at the toe of the bluff with 5,200 tons of 4-6 foot diameter armor stone. In addition, 142 linear feet of reinforced, poured-in-place concrete retaining wall, anchored into the ledge/bedrock, will be installed to stabilize the armor stone in areas with limited space above the high water line.
The final approved scope of work repositions the previously-approved vertical cast-in-place concrete wall 7 to 10 feet seaward and extends the length from 128 linear feet to 142 linear feet. Additional stone will be added to the area between the concrete wall and the walking path along the top of the bluff. The approved scope of work also adds 30 linear feet of concrete wall to protect an existing stone wall.
The Applicant will also repair and replace 540 linear feet of pedestrian walkway using 3,500 tons of gravel base, and a “Grid Tech” system with underlying geotextile fabric and 81 tons of stone dust. The margin of walking path will be repaired by pouring a concrete curb three feet below grade and filling with 960 tons of topsoil, 24,000 square feet of coir matting, and 24,000 square feet of erosion control plantings. The Applicant will also replace 540 linear feet of 3½ foot-high chain link safety fencing on the seaward side of the path and restore electric lighting service.
Program: FEMA Public Assistance program funding associated with presidentially-declared disaster DR-4087-CT; also known as “Super Storm Sandy”.
Statement of Why Action is located in Floodplain: This project will repair and stabilize existing infrastructure (the revetment) that was designed to disperse the energy of wave action to protect property on top of the bluff. In addition, there is no practicable alternative site outside the floodplain that will restore the function of the ocean-side walking path.
Alternatives Considered: 1) modified beach, 2) bulkhead/seawall, 3) stone and bluff, 4) breakwaters, 5) artificial barrier island, and 6) vegetative cover.
Applicability of State/Local Floodplain Standards: Funding is conditioned on project conformity with all applicable state and local floodplain standards and a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit.
Affects to the Floodplain: The project may have short-term limited water quality impacts to the floodplain during construction. Long term impacts are expected to be beneficial. The project will restore and enhance protection of the property on top of the bluff, and restore the use of the walkway.
Responsible Official:

Robert Grimley, Division Director

Public Assistance Division

Federal Emergency Management Agency

(617) 956-7634


Further information can be obtained by contacting the responsible official. All comments should be submitted to the responsible official within fifteen (15) days of the start of this notice publication.

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